76th Street Tote: North End Bag Company

I am always on the hunt for the perfect bag. One that can handle all my goods and hold up against my busy lifestyle. I have gathered quite a collection of totes over the past few years and only a couple are able to handle what I throw in them. The latest bag to my collection is reaching the top spot on the list.

In My Bag
Scentsy, Headbands of Hope, Brooks, Fitness Journal, Arbonne

Virginia Beach based, North End Bag Company is a local company with a great product.  Their one of a kind bags are taking the marketplace by storm. You may have read about them in Distinction last month. Local artisan Aaron McLellan spends countless hours in his studio handcrafting, designing, and sewing each bag. The quality in the material and the combination of leather and canvas looks like something you would find on the streets of Cape Cod and we are lucky enough to have this gem here.

76th Street Tote, Wearing the Side Sling Option

As a local business owner, I am always looking to support, collaborate, and promote other local business owners who share a similar passion for their craft. A few weeks ago I was fortunate to catch up with Aaron in his studio as he broke away from his sewing machine for a few minutes. As I admired the fine leather and canvas that filled the room, we spent the time talking business, bags, the beach and beyond. As the conversation developed, I shared with him that as someone on the go I am always on the hunt for just the perfect bag. As a chick, I want a bag that can take me from the gym to lunch and be equally impressive in both settings. He began asking me what style and features I found appealing in a bag. Immediately I answered with the explanation of pockets. Keeping things organized in my busy life is partitive. Before we knew it, a new item in the North End Bag Company collection was being conceived. Their latest addition proves to be functional, durable, and a lot more.

I am thrilled to announce exclusively  for a first look at The Fit Petite ,the 76th Street Tote. The 76th Street Tote is multi-functional and unisex. With pockets and handles galore, the bag can make it through the workday, travel, or leisure. I am proud to bring you the first looks at this amazing piece. The bags found at North End are high quality works of art featuring the finest stitching and woven fabrics.

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76th Street Tote w pockets and handles

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