Welcome! I am thrilled you came to this page while researching your personal fitness options.

My goal is help you move closer to the sweatfilled, soulful life you deserve. When we will feel our best, we give our best to others and projects we care about! There is more than one way to practice living healthy. There is more than one place to practice physical activity. You and I will work closely to develop your own fitness and wellness identity. I have found that when individuals have a say in how, where, and when they workout they are more likely to stay with it.

I hope to help you become more active day to day, making fitness a part of your lifestyle. I will educate and guide you through proper form while introducing new exercises. Using a combination of cardio and strength training, I will build a plan to best suit your goals and abilities. We will dip into my repertoire of high and low cardio, including dance/running/circuits on this journey. If sand and sweat is your thing, I have you covered there too!  I love the feeling of getting stronger and believe it can be achieved by working out with our own body weight, although I will bring many of my favorite fitness toys along from time to time. No one workout will be like the other. If this is in line with what you are looking for, I would love to have you join the journey of this fit tribe! Contact me today! 

Mobile Training

Available for one on one personal training or small groups. I come to you at a time that works best for your schedule. No in home equipment needed! I come complete with my portable gym. You will also gain access to the TFP private Facebook community where I share my favorite tips and tricks for healthy living!

Virtual Personal Training

Available for individuals. An ideal option for those who have limited time or live outside of the mobile training area. This can also be a great strength training compliment to any running program. Your program is sent virtually at the beginning of each month.  Along with weekly skype/phone check ins you will acquire access to the TFP private Facebook Community where you will get a heads up on the latest trends and tips.




Bachelor’s in education from Radford University


Personal Training Certification from ACE , American Council on Exercise



         Running Coach Certification from RRCA, Road Runners Club of America