Cleaner Craft Cocktails

If you know me well, then you know I love a good craft cocktail. Especially the ones with simple, local, clean ingredients. I love them so much, I featured two favs at our wedding this month.

I adore these custom bar signs from our wedding, Hazel and Grace Illustrations. The perfect way to showcase our cocktails!

Now, I am sharing a few at home bar staples to keep you prepped for your next bar slinging session.

At home bar supplies…

Include any other fun seasonal produce you may have, get creative, get crafty! Have fun! (If you post, remember to tag me and share the recipe)

Cocktails are always a part of a well rounded nutrition program. We are a social tribe (cue a girls night) and swishing around a short glass with ice is relaxing and refreshing.

How to sip smarter…

  1. Ditch the mixes! Wine coolers and frozen daiquiris are so 1990’s! Stock your kitchen with flavored waters, fresh fruit, and crystalized fruit powders like these True Lemon flavored packets. They are ideal for a quick cocktail or even when traveling. They make for a nice compliment to your trusty tap water or those stand by La Croix as well.
  2. Keep it clean and clear. Vodkas and tequilas are the cleanest when it comes to summer sipping. Lower in calorie too, under 100 to be exact. I always have a bottle of Tito’s and Casamigos Blanco chilled in the freezer. 
  3. Need a sweeter option. Agave or local honey is optimal for sweetening those bevy’s. Not too mention, hold healing powers that inflammation inducing sugar can’t match. Did you know honey packs a wellness punch with benefits like: antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal.

By learning about what ingredients you like, you will be able to order like a pro at your next outing. Many local restaurants in VB offer amazing farm to table offerings, which includes craft cocktails. Check them out on yelp!

Also, feel free to order exactly what you would like if you don’t see it on the menu. Our resort in Bermuda became familiar with my nightly number and mastered it on the first try.

Tequila, extra limes, a tiny dash of triple sec (I would have used agave at home) well shaken and over ice. That’s it!

From a pier to a party, you can take control of how you sip and enjoy the good stuff without extra calories, ingredients, or headaches. Cheers to that!

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Virginia Beach: It is possible to be both sad and strong

While I didn’t personally know any of the victims from the tragedy that took place in my city, the event did personally shake me. Even as details come to light, the why will never make sense. 

I have loving parents and a large extended family. I spent 37 years as a single person. Now that I have a family of my own, events like these engage me differently. I can’t seem to wash the sadness off, even during the most blissful time of my life. I can never fully imagine the pain these families of the Virginia Beach tragedy are feeling. The loss. The love that was shared. The dreams and hearts shattered. The plans forever altered. I find compassion when reading the stories and feel comfort as I learn about their Christian faith.

It is hard to proceed as usual during this time. I feel as though if I’m not sad or silent, I’m not honoring the lives lost, or the first responders who are healing from what they saw, or the VBPD who carried out the returning fire and ultimately saved countless others.  I’m beginning to understand that while it is necessary to grieve, we must have gratitude alongside it.

The paradigm of emotions isn’t one that seems natural. Sadness and strength? Should we not celebrate that friend who just got promoted? How about the one who is pregnant? Does celebrating a loved ones graduation seem appropriate? Even our own wedding?

Life will continuously serve up an ever changing dynamic. In turn we must be able to have faith in something that is steady. A place to anchor our hope to.

Recently I attended a funeral for an individual who was more like a member of my in-laws family. A long lasting decades old relationship. The circumstances of the death were tragic. But the service that was held was a true celebration. Singing, rejoicing, praising, and remembering. While many are still angry and what seems to be an unnecessary death, we search for hope and  found joy from a his life lived.

Ultimately what I have come to learn is this.  All of our lives hold value. We coexist  simultaneously. Some days, months, seasons, or years are full of joy for many while others are in their deepest sorrow. I believe it is important to honor where each of us is while respecting and meeting our neighbors where they are. The gratitude I have felt the past few days seems to mirror melancholy. Humans by nature are compassionate. Also we are persistent. Let us use those strengths for ourselves while propping up our neighbors.


Quality of Life: Room For Burgers

One question no one will ever ask is how much did you weigh at your wedding? That’s because it’s a dumb question and no one cares. They may ask about your colors, your cake, and probably your honeymoon.

My hope while planning this entire thing, is for people to say how much fun it was and remark on just how much love was shared between Jason and I with all of our guests. To see beyond the wedding and see into the life we are building and have tremendous gratitude for. 

The same goes true for the social media audience I’ve built on my platforms. I want any visitors who stop by to see a true love for fitness here. Not simply a love for my physique, but instead a true love for my body and how I treat it. I hope it is clear the love I have for smart products, do-able workouts, and conscious food choices. I’ve been on a mission to cultivate a true platform for living well. A new standard. That is why my page features more recipes and workout pics than selfies. 

PRO TIP: When you are invited to a dinner party, offer to bring the salad. Arrange the toppings in this manner to account for dietary preferences for guests. Top with quality ingredients. You are sure to have a fabulous side of fresh veggies on your plate!

Life is constantly happening and is extremely unpredictable. You need more ways to incorporate sustainable healthy habits into that well crafted life you’ve built for yourself. The two must compliment each other. The clients or readers who are the most frustrated or the most desperate are the ones who have trouble making that distinction. They are so busy trying to force an eating style or rigorous workout program into a life that simply doesn’t have room for it. They would be better served adopting a plan that makes sense for their personal schedule and goals. 

How that’s looking currently for me…

Yes! I’ve stepped up the upper body weight training for the big event…wedding/honeymoon. It is similar to how I would step up speed while training for a big race. To accomplish new goals, we must try new things. It is a simple rearranging process. I spend the same time working out, but my time spent is divided differently. I love adapting and adjusting my workout regimen to reflect new challenges. It’s where I find tremendous success both as an athlete and a trainer. By changing and shifting things from time to time, change happens. Daily prayer and meditation anchored by wellness is necessary. It’s also a great way to round out a comprehensive wellness program.

My clients never get the same workout twice. Currently, we are spending a lot of time with build-able HIIT Workouts. Great for strength building, fat burning, and building cardio capacity. Want to know more, come sweat with us

Taking breaks, and enjoying your favorite splurge foods like burgers is also part of the program I recommend. If you think it’s strange for me to encourage my clients and readers to eat burgers, you haven’t been paying attention or this blog isn’t for you. 

Shake Shack, burgers are made with 100% all-natural Angus beef—vegetarian fed, humanely raised and source verified

My tribe reflects a vibe that showcases quality of life. That includes dinner parties, restaurant openings, date nights and weddings.


Dinner Party at my clients home, complete with a clean dessert option.

We are all trying to be the best versions of ourself. The best wife, the best mother, the best business owner, or the best bride we can be. It’s up to each of us to decide and determine what our best looks and feels like.

Date Night at the Shake Shack

Quality of life for me is finding a way to live stronger and sustainable in all things wellness, fitness, and nutrition. I love the word sometimes.  It is another word for occasionally. Sometimes workouts leave us depleted. Sometimes we binge on never ending chips and salsa. Sometimes we run a double digit run route. Sometimes we take a day off….Sometime it rains…that doesn’t mean we live in a rainforest. 

Exclusivity and restrictive eating isn’t something I’m interested in. Routine is.

Make room in your day, week, life for wellness and living well. While we CAN’T out-train poor daily eating habits, we CAN develop a program that includes for our favorite things.

A solid weekly schedule that includes workouts, meditation/prayer, and meal planning must be part of your program and is crucial for success. Set yourself up for a win by learning how to navigate your way through a vacation, a festival, or a traumatic life event. Ask me for help! Trendy workouts or fad diets aren’t the answer. The key to it all is finding a style that works for you and your needs and by joining a tribe that supports that. 

Nutrition and Wellness: One Month Before Wedding

It’s a month before our wedding. The best way I can describe it is to compare it to a race. All the excitement, emotions, and prep! Just like before a race, the wedding dreams have started. Mostly it’s where a hairdresser, musician, or the dress is not to be found. Luckily in my dream, I’ve laughed it all off and smiled my way down the isle regardless. Because, if the programs don’t get ordered who really cares?! All I can think about is Jason’s smile and being surrounded with our nearest and dearest. And of course the amazing honeymoon we have carefully planned to follow.

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