So Long Sweet Summer of 2017: Staycation Weekend

Technically the season isn’t over, but it is the time for newly sharpened pencils, pumpkin flavored everything, and college football kicking off in full force (Go Hokies!). I welcome fall with open arms. But before I kiss goodbye to this sweet sunshine season, I had to seal it up with one last sweatastic weekend.

A leisurely long weekend is always a favorite of mine. This one did not disappoint. It turned into an unexpected staycation that offered up the perfect mix of running, resting, shopping and eating at some of my favorite local spots. And while I swore off of the Rock n Roll a couple of years ago, I was excited to share my love of running  and social media for Brooks in an amazing opportunity.

FRIDAY EXPO FUN: Did you happen to catch my @BrooksWomen insta-stories takeover?

RACE DAY: 5 am wake up and it’s pouring. But guess what…it was also cool. I woke up feeling good and ready to go. Nothing like a little Rage Against the Machine as we headed to the drop off. I was so relaxed that my mind was already planning my post race coffee.

Easy parking with port o potties and the perfect warm up distance away from the start. Before heading off I took time for drills and some pics with friends.


7:00 coral 1 and the race goes off. Just about 10 blocks in and I see Coach Jerry on the sidelines. I grab a frosty high five and some cheers to move me north. I was completely comfortable at 8:10 pace. I could see the parallel flags and knew I would face some resistance once we changed directions. I settled into a mantra of “quick feet, same effort” I know better than to work to hard against the wind. Pace dropped to 8:30 by mile two but I knew I was running smart and would have plenty to spare for the final mile. It was there I saw more friends and grabbed hold of a little more motivation heading into mile 3. The wind didn’t let up, but feeling strong I knew I had plenty left so I gradually upped the push and pace, dropping into finisher mode. I predicted the last 3-4 blocks would serve me up a nice tail wind and push me in. I was able to drop to sub 8 for the finish and it felt completely fantastic. I even finished smiling 😉


POST RACE: The thing about a 5k is it leaves you with plenty of time for a leisurely morning. Warm coffee in the ViBe District (Three Ships) and a failed attempt at the Old Beach Farmer’s Market…will try again next week (opens at 9:00am). But this beautiful bagels and lox platter from DISH was earned and appreciated.

Lax Platter, SweDISH

The rainy afternoon provided an empty schedule and an amazing nap. It makes such a difference to know you have an entire extra day in your weekend and you are absolutely able to relax and not rush through your day. By Saturday evening, I was craving a craft cocktail. Check out this fabulous pineapple jalapeno margarita the talented bar tender at Hot Tuna whipped up for me on demand. Cheers!

Jalapeno Margarita

SUNDAY: I put down my running shoes and opted for barefeet. Planting them right on top of a paddle board, soaking up the sunshine with absolutely no time schedule to abide to. No shoes, no shirt, no problem! All the running and paddling brought on a huge appetite. I took to the grocery and to the ABC for my own attempt to mix that spicy cocktail I sipped the night before. Except I choose watermelon to mellow out the heat. Pretty in pink and perfect pairing for the monster nacho tray and Virginia Tech game. Nachos

MONDAY: The cooking continued with a pot of white chicken and loaded veggie chili, egg bakes, and breakfast muffins. This silicon muffin pan I ordered from Amazon is my latest kitchen obsession.

The pans have the quickest and easiest clean up and I get the perfectly shaped muffin every time. These egg bakes are ideal for weekends at home or a grab and go weekday breakfast.

And just because fall is practically here, I went all in on these pumpkin|cranberry|chocolate muffins.

Pumpkin Muffins

Though my body is rested and my belly is full…I find myself longing for cooler temps, longer runs, and crisp fall days ahead! We take time to carve out the ideal life our spirits crave, how often do we really get to just stay put and enjoy it. Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself and all your city has to offer this season. So long sweet Summer of 2017, hello Fall!

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