The Influencer of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can absolutely benefit the influencer by providing content for reviews, giveaways, swag, etc…but it most definitely impacts the brand and allows them to get deep into the trenches of where their demographic is.

Brand loyal…you bet I am!  I was championing brands on my site before it became a thing. My first brand ambassador experience came in the form of a Racing Company. It was the first ever ambassador program that J&A Racing launched…and while I like to think I certainly did help promote their races through my social media audience, being a part of that influencer team absolutely changed my life. It brought me an entire runner family. You may have heard me mention them here before…once an ambassador…always an ambassador. Their ambassador program is a healthy one that is in practice today. Individuals work race expos and share social media posts in exchange for sweet gear and race entries. A win win for everyone!

Over the years, I have had to opportunity to pair up with other local and national brands to work in partnership to promote services, goods, or experiences. While I do get a tad bit excited when those new product boxes show up on my porch (official Run Influencer for Brooks Running), let me assure you…that is just the beginning. Companies and influencers must be strategic when choosing to work with each other.

Things for brands to consider when selecting a brand influencer:

Who is the influencer talking to? What are their followers like? Is their audience likely to be your customer?

Is there social network larger than yours?

How often and where do they post content?

Is there online language representative of your brand?

Is a high quantity audience or high quality one more important for your brand? This is especially important if you are a niche industry. Do you want to reach the masses with a broader message? Do you want to reach a targeted group, less people but more likely to need what you are posting?

Things for influencers to consider when working with brands:

Does this company represent my platform, my values, my personal brand?

Does this brand have a good reputation? Customer service?

Am I willing to endorse this product publicly?

Is the payout worth it? Your audience, experience, and style will dictate your worth when working with companies. Be realistic about your ask.

Are there influencers that could help you leverage your brand identity? Is it me? Submit your inquiry here.

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