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Purple Is The New Black: Purple Cabbage

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One of the world’s healthiest foods…that’s right. This cancer fighter high in color and high in crunch packs the punch. In a recent search for cancer fighting foods, I stumbled across the long list of benefits this pretty plant has to offer.



Reduces Inflammation

Packed With Antioxidants

Detoxifying Properties Aiding in Stomach and Colon Health 

Benefits The Skin 

I am calling it now…setting the trend. Greens are out….purple is in.  Instead of a green salad base, I’m opting for the rich purple shade. It’s gorgeous and unexpected. When making a veggie pinwheel appetizer for a girl’s night happy hour, I added in the purple cabbage for a pop of bright. They turned out beautifully. Consider making a swap in any recipe that calls for greens. Add it on tacos, pasta salads, or even roasted. Check out my Pinterest board for some amazing recipes I am trying.

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Cabbage is the star with carrots, peppers, & mangos in this salad…tossed in a lime yogurt dressing !

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Mango Chicken Salad


Nothing says summer than a big batch of chicken salad. This delightful dish is not something you have to give up. You can keep healthy habits and fuel up on this easy must have dish.


4 ounces of roasted chicken ( Pre-cooked from the market works fine)

2 heaping tablespoons of plain greek yogurt

1/4 cup chopped mango (Trader Joe’s is stocking bags in the freezer section. That is what I used)

1 tablespoon freshly grated and chopped ginger



2 tablespoons of chopped roasted, unsalted almonds 

drizzle of honey 

Makes 2 servings

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and chill. The longer it sits, the better. I served mine on Mango Ginger Crisps from TJ’s. This little treat may make an appearance at an upcoming happy hour! The chicken salad is high in protein and low in calories. 180 calories for the salad. Only 90 calories for 11 crisps!


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Determine Your 5k Pace

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For the runner, training is different than any other sports. We are challenged enough by ourselves. We are fierce competitors, but equally respectful ones.  We are high achievers off of the track too. We are not looking to be the best in the sport, but we are looking to be the best versions of ourself. We intentionally love our sport and choose to log the miles. We are inspired by many internal factors such as our health, our happiness, and our desire to push. With that comes the respect for the run and the choice for challenge. One such challenge is that of the 5k. It is a race distance that can be adapted for walkers, runners, or elites.

The best way to determine your 5K pace is to go out and run one. There is a difference in your current 5k pace and your 5k PR.  If your 5k PR is 25 minutes but your most recent 5k was run hard and you landed at 28, that would be the 5k pace you are at currently. That would place you at 9+ minute per mile, that is your pace. Running a 5k can provide a baseline for where you are, what your speed fitness level is, and help you determine how much you need to hurt to accomplish your goal. Yes hurt…5k’s hurt!

There are so many 5k’s this time of year in the area. Now thanks to J&A Racing there will be 5k’s on the boardwalk every Wednesday! Last Saturday I opted to put my little legs to the test. With another 5k coming mid July, I took this opportunity to get an idea of how much work I have to do for a good showing. The race went extremely well and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome.  I ended with a 7:53 average pace. Now when building speed workouts over the next few weeks I have a pace to gauge off of.

Thursday morning brought my first speed workout since before Shamrock. No need to come out of the gate to crazy, I decided to go with a workout I knew I could nail. It is time to build speed, but build confidence as well.

1 mile warm up

5×2 minute at 5k pace with 90 second active recovery b/w each

1 mile cool down

Knowing I needed a 7:53 pace or better  to be on my current 5k pace for each 2 minute segment, I was up for the challenge. Despite the heat, the workout went as planned and left me feeling hot, soaked, and satisfied. I learned I need a little work on pacing and a little work on speed to land closer to 7:00 min pace I am after. The workout was a success. Paces landed as follows.






It might make sense for you to run faster not further for a while. Establish your summer goals, plan accordingly. I know I will be getting plenty of miles this fall with half marathon training. But with no distance races on the calendar until October, summer leaves me a few weeks to play and sharpen up some skills. I have recruited some of my training partners to commit for weekly speed sessions this next month as well. It is always more fun with a buddy! Moral of the story….go out and hit a 5k. Know your current mile pace. Line up some speed workouts that challenge you just enough…nail them!

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Summer Fitness Events You Will Want To Try


Summer Running…Had Me A Blast

How amazing is it that J&A Racing will be having boardwalk 5k’s on Wednesday mornings in the summer? Winning! This is a major accomplishment for our city and for the fitness industry. Not only have we embraced Virginia Beach for what it is…a fit city! Leaders in the city are encouraging others to do the same. Virginia Beach is a wonderful place to enjoy fitness, run alongside the ocean and sweat til your hearts content. Congratulations J&A Racing and The City of Virginia Beach. To register click here.


In other Virginia Beach running news….head to Mt. Trashmore for the Sunday RUNday event in July. They are hosting this is conjunction with their Sunday FUNday event.  The 5K is just $20 and they are offering a free Kids Fun Run and a Family Fitness Walk/Run as well. J&A is also offering FREE training sessions to get you ready for the big event! Click here for details.


Up The Bay…With A Paddle

Paddle boarding has been something I have enjoyed leisurely the past few years.  I never thought I could paddle board for more than an hour, but it turns out that when I am with great friends and headed for happy hour, I can go for  3+ miles!  I spent Sunday afternoon barefoot and floating down Back Bay on a board where we finished with dinner at Blue Pete’s. Special thanks to Surf & Adventure Company for hosting our group.  I recommend reserving boards and setting sail towards a happy hour on the picnic tables for yourself. It is a summer must do! If a more competitive environment is what you crave, then check out the Cape Story Paddle Race. All levels welcome, distances from 2-10 miles!  Thanks to our friends at Cape Story Paddle Board Race for this amazing deal exclusive for Fit Petite readers.


Channel your inner frog for The Navy Seal Foundation 

Run or swim your way along the boardwalk for a great cause. The Allen Stone Braveheart Memorial 5k or Run-Swim-Run benefits the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad and the Navy Seal Foundation. This will be the third year I participate in the event as a swimmer. I have run the 5K many times but for the past two summers. I have challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and get into the ocean. If you would like to participate or learn more about the event, click here. Use discount code FITPETITE when registering for $5 off.



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Running & Writing: Fearful Start To A Faithful Finish


Running a 5k…seems like something usually simple for me…but why have I been holding out? Am I still scared and suffering from PTSD post traumatic shamrock disorder?! When you don’t do something for a while, it is scary. Inside I knew I needed a good butt whooping to nudge me over this hump. This is necessary… like in top gun when they urge Maverick to get flying asap after he loses Goose. You just have to go.

Friday afternoon served up some unplanned beers at Commonwealth and after 1.5 glasses and some encouragement from the pack, I was registered for the CXB Low Rent 5k. I woke up Saturday with a nervous belly. Could my body do this? Would it know what to do. I haven’t even worn a watch since March. This running without a purpose thing has been great. By jumping back into “competing” would I lose this zenned out relaxed vibe I have built?


But as I always have done with running, I took some faith along. I knew if I fell, my team would be there to catch me. “It’s like ridin a bike!” my friend Megan told me as I admitted my fears to the girls in an early morning text. By 8:00 am the gun went off and I began to learn she was right. My rhythm was on. My legs knew exactly what to do. They guided me like second nature for 3.1. It was the encouragement I needed to know I am capable. Kudos to the director of the race and the Chick’s Beach neighborhood for supporting this race. Commonwealth Brewing Company was the perfect pre and post race party spot!

This 5k was the perfect pre Vibe Story Exchange activity. A few weeks ago I received an email from the Vibe Story Exchange that one of my pieces would be featured with accompanied artwork in their June event. I couldn’t be more thrilled, especially because the piece that was being featured is one of my most important entries. The Love Letter I wrote to my body earned some good attention when published on my site at the beginning of the year. Today it was a wonderful experience to see it brought to life with images featuring many types of athletes and body types. My legs had served me well this morning and as I wrote in the love letter months ago, I am thankful for them.

With both of these experiences under my belt… the submit button was clicked for the Allen Stone Memorial…Run Swim Run. Third year in a row for me and so excited for my running buddy Kris to be swimming it too!!!



For more on the Vibe Story Exchange, click here. Please consider submitting a work of your own. Your words could inspire others as well. vibestoryexchange@gmail.com

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