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Sunday morning was spent in a productive manor. Workout at home, church on the tv…gotta love Joel, computer work done, and several errands completed. It brings me peace to know I am ready for the week. A sort of “getting ahead” of it all. The next few weeks will be insane in the membrane in all aspects of life. Moving, shredding, travel…oh and working! The end of May leaves a four day weekend and the first week of June brings another LW (long weekend) with our Wanderlust trip approaching!!!

I could not be more excited!!! The day of our staff photo shoot, I hit the road. Literally right after the pic is taken I will be jumping in the car.  My mom, our friend Janet,  and I will be heading to Snowshoe, to participate in what I understand will be an amazing weekend. But before we get into the sun and fun, there is so much that needs to be done. Between the move and the shred, my plate is full. I will be calling on any and all short cuts to make my life as easy as possible to help get me through. Prayer included! 

First things first, let’s talk about what I am listening to and what I am reading. Keeping your headspace in the good is key. The right tunes are in order to get my spirit in a sunshine state of mind. I am talking about the boys of summer…Dierks, Keith, and Thomas just to name a few! 


Somewhere On A Beach – Dierks Bentley

Snapback – Old Dominion

T-Shirt – Thomas Rhett

Drunk On Your Love – Brett Eldredge

Record Year – Eric Church

Fix – Chris Lane

Wasted Time – Keith Urban

Noise – Kenny Chesney

Castaway – Zac Brown Band

Now that you’ve established your seasonal soundtrack, you can accomplish most anything.


To be inspiring, I need to be inspired. Here are a few blogs I am following and I am really feeling their vibe. All happen to be friends of mine and I love sharing the blog-o-sphere with them!

Breath of Sunshine

Savor With Sara

IAM Yoga Health


Sometimes we eat fast food and sometimes we sneak a pack of frozen taquitos into the shopping cart…for example.  To avoid undesirable mishaps like this..I am relying of a few short cuts and products I have stashed in my bag.


Cheers! This is the best beverage for anytime of day. perfect in the am, great after a workout, a must for your beach bag on those hot days! WTRMLNWTR can be delivered to your door. Click here for more. Liquid love !!!


Power Bar PROTEIN PLUS – Lemon Poppy Seed, tastes like the Lemon Poundcake from Starbucks! I am hooked with 20 g of protein and 2 g of sugar!



Thanks Mom for the intro to this brand! It covers, it lasts, and it is shipped to my house! Check out more from Cruelty Free It Cosmetics for more!

We might not always get it right, after all we are just doing the best we can. But our aim can still be high. 

Eat right.

Pray right.

Sweat right.

On and on and on…


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Time For Spring Cleaning: from the closet, gut, and beyond



I honestly hate the word cleanse. I cringe. It seems like such a cop out word for some. People are going on cleanses to rid themselves of their so called wrongs in everything from food to religion. But for the life of me I can’t think of a better word to describe my state of life right now. I’m in the process of purging and rewriting my little life. A declutter…a cleanse?!?! I’m preparing my beach bungalow rental and belongings for a move to an updated condo. After years, I’m leaving the oceanfront for bay side living. Closer to work and closer to quiet. Two weeks til my move date. This move came about quickly. Adding a prayer for a nicer place to my morning prayer list just weeks ago, the perfect place manifested itself. Coming at the perfect time, I didn’t realize how much I needed this and how much my faith was strengthened in the answered prayer.

This coincides with our annual staff photo just 4 weeks away.

This time last year I was a wreck. Undue stress and pressure put on myself for something that turned out to be great. This year, with my fitness game not up to my standards… for many reasons… and a stressed out gut wrecking havoc to my system, I have been struggling with my preparation for this brief glammed up moment. Believe it or not I do find fun in the makeup, hair, tan, and bright lights that make up our 10 minute body squad photo. It’s the same feeling I get after I’ve been training for a PR in a race. I’ve trained my hardest. Performed my best and hit it out of the park. I’m not sure how this year will go… Fitness and health have always and will always be a priority in my world. But as to what order it falls in will constantly change. I am becoming comfortable and learning the necessity for it to fall lower in line at times. Right now is that time. With a month out, I am finding something click together. Maybe it’s the cleaning out of my fridge, closet, and beyond. Simplifying.

The season for spring cleaning has begun in fit petite land. I look forward to sharing the results and the renewed sense of self just in time for summer.


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Fight Through The Struggle For Faith And Patience: I Can




How do we fight through the struggle for faith and patience when the struggle is real? Our own outlook can create our own outcome right?!?!? I wrote a few posts ago about some changes coming my way. I am continuing to send smoke signals out to the universe and look forward to attracting those positive changes I long for. I’m learning that most things in life are beyond my control. Ughhh…..I’m also reaffirming my constant struggle through faith and patience. Awaiting God’s timing isn’t my strong suit.


In the meantime I am spending more time on things I can control and finding my fierce.

can’t run but I can cross train with the elliptical and swimming…even recruited a g-friend to hit the pool weekly w me for workouts.


can’t afford everything I want at whole foods but I can opt for trying one new item from produce every week. This week it was the jackfruit. FYI-this fruit was very pricey at $12.99 / lb but the wonderful staff at WF cut a piece just big enough for me! Excellent customer service. Check out this recipe I found on Pinterest for Jackfruit Carnitas. I will be making this as part of my weekly meal prep.


A large green spiked melon size type of fruit


Jackfruit available at Whole Foods Virginia Beach
Protect Against Cancer, Increase Energy, Boost Immune System

don’t always have the budget or time to get glammed …but I can swap out a few new items to my gym bag and beauty routine and call it a day. Check out these affordable items I found at Target and Whole Foods to step up my Spring game essentials.

FullSizeRender 2

Target: Green Tea Scrub for fresh face, Green Tea conditioner for sweaty gym hair, fresh ELF make up brushes, snack bags for those fresh veggie and fruit snacks
Whole Foods: Pacifica White Gardenia Roller Ball for fresh scent on the go, Mineral Fusion Sunscreen Powder Mineral Makeup for protection during those outdoor activities

haven’t found my Captain America yet but I do have girlfriends that are up for anything…like checking out our local brewery scene.


Share a flight with a friend at Commonwealth!

don’t have clients scheduled for the afternoon by I do have time to amp up my freelance workload for social media, writing, and marketing. To inquire about my consulting services, email thefitpetite@gmail.com 

The struggle will continue. I will push on. I can pray. I will make it work.

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Skinny Shrimp and Carrot Noodles and Sweat Worthy Workout


Can you have noodles and still keep a small waist? Sure! Thanks to a tip from a client, I found the most wonderful purple carrots at Whole Foods. They are absolutely beautiful. I have been using them to dip in hummus for a guilt free Saturday snack fest. I got a bit more adventurous this past weekend and made a batch of carrot noodles using simply my vegetable peeler. The tri colored bag of carrots just looked beautiful all shaved and swirled.


Tri color carrots and sugar snap peas with hummus


3 whole shaved carrots using the vegetable peeler

On the weekends I typically don’t like to cook but… I do like to indulge. So I went to the fridge and pulled out the already made carrot noodles, some frozen shrimp, and a can of cannelloni beans. I whipped up the most amazing dish. My skinny shrimp and carrot noodles was just under 350 calories! Check out the recipe below.


3 shaved carrots- One tip for boiling the veggie noodles is to submerge them in the hot water for 2-3 minutes, just enough to make them al dente as they say.

2 ounces frozen shrimp – toss in the hot water for the last 1 minute the noodles are in there


1/4 cup cannelinni beans

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp of Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix

Blend in your Ninja and your sauce is ready. Pour directly over the noodles and shrimp.

*** mushrooms for topping


Skinny Shrimp and Carrot Noodles
~ 350 Calories

Try this recipe for some speedy meal prep or a quiet night in. Pairs well with this sweat worthy workout, no equipment necessary! You are one step closer to living the healthy lifestyle you deserve!

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Cross Training and Strength Training: Do Runners Need It?


What’s the deal with cross training and strength training? Is the weekly pavement pounding enough or is it too much? Do we as runners need to incorporate more into our training program? The answer my friends is yes you do. You’d be surprised that just a little bit of cross training and strength training can go a long way in your running practice. Simple additions take little time but prove big impacts for the positive. Injury prevention, improved core strength, and balance are just a few of the benefits.

First off let’s define the two.

Cross training would be classified as something that simulates running and works your cardio vascular system. Swimming, biking, and elliptical workouts are great alternatives to swap out mileage or even get an extra cardio boost if needed. Cross training days are also excellent ways to beat the boredom in your training plan. Trying something new with little risk like this is a great way to spice up your fitness game! They each pose a great calorie crusher workout and get the blood flowing and cardiovascular system working.

Strength training is more targeted to specify muscle groups. This doesn’t mean we are hitting cross fit competitions in the off season or working on our gains….no! But we do need to keep our bodies strong and adding in weights is an essential compliment to your program. Runners tend to strength train a few times a week. They target all areas but pay special attention to the core, including the glutes and hips. These workouts can be anywhere from 20-60 minutes and can be completed right after any weekly run. When you run, you actually are breaking down muscles. This is why you need to spend time building them back up.

As a life long runner, I only really embraced cross training and strength training a few years ago. Running has never really been about exercise for me, it is a chance to free the mind. A time to escape and play in nature. But when I am in training for a race, it can monopolize my exercise time.  When I first started incorporating cross training and strength training workouts, they used to be much more difficult for me. They were not natural the first few times. Coordination was an issue and I didn’t really understand what muscles I was working and when.  After visibly seeing the results to my performance and to my physique, I have learned to love and even appreciate them. When implementing weekly cross/strength training workouts, I noticed I was stronger both physically and cardiovascularly as well after. Coming off of Shamrock training, I am still in recovery in my glutes, back, and calves. This past Sunday, some of the runner girls and I swapped our running shoes for bikes. We hit Back Bay National Wild Life Refuge and False Cape Park for a 2 1/2 hour bike ride. It was wonderful to let loose and enjoy a leisurely, lower intensity workout. Thanks so much to Surf and Adventure Company for the amazing day!



@breathofsunshine ~ “Through my experience the last few months, I was SHOCKED by the mental strength and focus I gained through strength training. It really helped me tune in to my body and embrace that tunnel vision.”

I asked some of my runner peeps to chime in on this topic. Check out what my good friend and coach had to say below.  We may be different shapes, sizes, and speeds, but we agree that strength training is a must!

Ryan Conrad

“Strength training allows me to work on my weaknesses. As runners, we tend to pound out the miles without thinking of the consequences. By strength training with weights and adding in activities such as yoga, I found that I am able to prevent major injury setbacks from occurring while making strength gains with my core and legs. I have noticed my best races come from setting base miles with at least two days of cross training mixed into the plan. With summer coming, I think the most important thing to consider when it comes to cross training is to keep it fun. If the summer heat is getting you down, mix in a bike or swim to take an extra day off from running. Easy base mileage and cross training in the summer is the recipe for fall racing success.”
Ryan Conrad is the J&A Racing Training Team Director and a RRCA Certificated Coach. Ryan is also a lululemon run ambassador. After a college running career he has run distances up to 50 miles


How to get started…

Try adding in these body weight exercises to the end of your next run for a quick strength training routine.

3 rounds of 15 reps


alternating backwards lunge

flutter kicks

double crunch

glute bridge 


For a more specific fitness program reach out to a Certified Personal Trainer and/or Certified Running Coach.

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