Be Proud When Accomplishing Your Goals

“You killed it!”

“You were a beast out there”

“Way to go, you did awesome”

While praise makes all of us feel good, how should we as chicks handle words like this. There is a fine line between celebrating a win and bragging about our accomplishments. As a woman, I sometimes struggle with accepting a compliment and even acknowledging my own victories. Being an active chick in the fitness industry, I often wonder about this. After much thought, I think it is time for us to OWN our goals and be proud. Take those compliments with pride, but remain grateful. Accomplishments on the race course don’t just happen by accident. We were bold and daring enough to dream about the goal. We took the time to train for it. We were brave enough to come to the starting line and attempt a dream with 100% determination and 100% heart. We are daughters, mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, professionals, entrepreneurs, and domestic goddesses. We are a group of tough chicks who have fought hard for these fitness goals that are ours alone. No one else is making you run, swim, or train. There is satisfaction in the fact that this is a goal you can claim as your own.

As a little girl I was taught to be humble and grateful. I was also taught to be a leader. With my experience in coaching others, I have learned the importance of letting your clients see you as vulnerable. It is ok to have a bad workout, a bad run, or a rough training week. It’s ok to have a bad day and talking about it somehow makes it easier to shake it off and get back to it. I notice that when I am honest enough to admit my own training challenges, my athletes are more trusting and forthright in communicating their own struggles with me as well. Ultimately, this turns out to be a gift. We can tackle training challenges together and overcome any issues they may be having to get them back onto the right training path. I think it is equally important to share wins, victories, or accomplishments with your friends, teammates, or clients. A win does not happen in every race, so when the training aligns and everything goes according to plan, it should be celebrated.

This past Saturday, I had that day. I participated in the Allen Stone Run Swim Run for the first time. In years past I have easily taken on the 5k, but this year my inner fitness voice crept in and urged me to take on a new challenge.


Accomplished my first run/swim/run at Allen Stone and took an age group finisher award. I had a blast!!!

When I registered for the Run/Swim/Run a few months back, I remember having that same nervous feeling  I had when I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon nearly 10 years ago. I have several friends who participate in the Run Swim Run every year. After spending several weeks in the pool working on my swimming skills, I reached out to them and decided to break out of my comfort zone and take on some open water swim practice. This group was made up of guys and gals of all fitness levels. Everyone in the group was motivating and encouraging. They were instrumental in making my training and comfort level  improve.


Allen Stone Run/Swim/Run Training Group


Congrats to fellow Allen Stone Training Group participant Jennifer Acey Laffkas who took first place in age group!!!


Fellow training group participant and dear friend Robin Kassir throwing it down for Team Hoyt, not only competing for herself, but for those who can’t on land and in sea. She is one bad mother runner!

The best part of the day was logging on to Facebook after the race to see my other fitness gal pals smashing their goals in different races locally as well. I am shouting out their successes from the roof tops and giving it up for these physically and mentally strong women.

***To my Shamrock Training Group friends, we started a journey together so many months ago, and look where we have come***


Bridget was the biggest cheerleader of the day, selflessly setting her own racing goals aside and pacing another athlete on to a high victory. Then graciously coming back to cheer on the Run/Swim/Run athletes. Her cheers and positivity were essential in our success!!!

Congratulations!!! Be Proud!!!

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Hey Girl, Yes You… You Are A Badass


~~~This post is dedicated to all those badass fitness babes who are attempting challenges they never thought they would before~~~


This summer has been a slightly different training cycle than usual. I started the summer by registering for three events that were meant to bring me slightly out of my comfort zone.

13.1 Trail Run Half Marathon


5 Mile Mud Run

The goal for each of these events was to complete each one with the highest level of determination.  The first of the three events was completed this past Sunday. I ran the trail half in 2:25 and was thrilled with my performance. I ran the entire race, took water as needed, felt healthy and finished strong. Just last summer I ran the Rock n Roll Half in 2:26 and began a new training and coaching cycle that led my to my first sub 2:00 half this past March and gave me the confidence to take on the trail half. The next challenge of the summer will take place this Saturday. This will be my first time competing in an ocean swim. I use the term competing loosely. Over the past few weeks I have completed a few open water swim workouts and no matter how long it took me to accomplish the swim, I felt like a badass each time. The final event of the summer is the 5 mile mud run which I haven’t done in years. The run is more of a hot, sweaty, sand filled challenge on the mind and the legs. I look forward to tackling it in August with the goal being to finish better than I did so many years ago.


Sunday after the trail half, I celebrated with friends over some beers and tacos. I suddenly had an urge coming over me of feeling like a true badass. Half marathons are one thing, but taking on one in the middle of summer on the steamy, muddy, beat up trails is another. Between the 13.1 miles and the practice swims I had accomplished over the past few weeks left me feeling strong.  The nerves and anxiety I felt when I first signed up for the run/swim/run had suddenly changed into empowerment.

Over the past few weeks I have had several conversations with fitness friends of all levels. There is a common theme that reigns out of each discussion. Each girl I spoke with has struggled with her inner anti fitness demons. Each girl struggles with taking on new challenges. Every girl went all in on the challenge at hand and never gave up. Women all around me from elite runners, college girls new to fitness, and the runner who puts in 20 miles a week are all stronger than they were six months before. The are defying their own odds and adding impressive accomplishments to their personal fitness resumes.

Channel and celebrate your inner badass. Be proud of the workout, the race, or the swim. You’ve earned your bragging rights. And you’ve earned the title…BADASS!!!


Run/Swim/Run Practice

Some impressive stats to backup this badass theory.

  • Since 2000, the number of half-marathon finishers in this country has quadrupled (482,000 to 1,960,000) or an impressive increase of 307%. ( Source Running USA )
  • For the first time in history, 61% of U.S. half-marathon finishers were females (approximately 1,196,000, a record), the highest proportion of any race distance. (Source Running USA )
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Splurging Brings A Healthy Balance: Have The Ice Cream


Pj’s on  and I am in my bed with my computer and a bowl of ice cream…a little surprising? I am settled in for yet another session of OITNB.  While I tend to stick to a mostly lean, clean and organic diet, I enjoy my splurge meals and indulgent treats. I never buy ice cream at the store or even keep it in the house, but twice this week I have thoroughly enjoyed this cool summer treat.

I wrote last week about smart summer snacking. In that article I wrote about avoiding processed foods made with chemicals. I don’t believe in diets, and I never have. I simply love food too much. I enjoy eating and I enjoy cooking. For these reasons I stock my kitchen with healthy real foods to support my snacking habit and fuel my body accordingly based on my fitness goals. Real food like fruit, hummus, nuts, and this week an ice cream container with real ingredients on the label.

photo 2

I am often asked about my nutritional practices and “diet” plans. My answer is simple. I live by the 80/20 rule, 80 percent of the time eat lean and clean. 20 percent of the time, no rules. It is similar to “All Things In Moderation” minus the processed foods.  For over a year I have been living this way and have kept up my JWFNS personalized nutritional plan and maintained the same weight. The plan includes indulgent/splurge meals. Deprivation has never been a sustainable solution for anyone, including myself. On the other hand gluttony isn’t either. I find when I give in to the occassional cravings, they go away and my body gets what it needs not wanting it as often. Moderation is sustainable and when you eat the sweet treat you don’t feel the shameful “guilt’ for falling off the wagon. Instead you feel that you deserve it and need it to continue your success.


Sweat hard, eat smart and every now and then…have the ice cream. After my 13.1 mile trail run on Sunday, I spent the next 24 hours splurging my life away. Last week I completed an AMRAP, 2 ocean swims, ran a 5k, did a modified cross fit workout, and hit the trails. I am going to HAVE the ice cream. I encourage you to have the ice cream too.

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Be A Smart Summer Snacker


“Want to try a watermelon Oreo?” This simple question posed to me on family vacation had my stomach turning and even now makes me nauseated and even puzzled at the thought of such a food.

While on vaca, I regularly partake in the daily happy hour on the pier with cocktails and snacks in the late afternoon and I try to be a smart summer snacker. Everyone looks forward to this time of the day and people take turns bringing the goods for everyone to share. I found myself turning my nose up to many of the snacks offered up. Bags of processed snacks and sugar packed pre made cocktail drinks are simply not an option for me. Those choices didn’t even sound appealing.  Let me be clear, while these options may be high in caloric content and fat which should be reason enough, the main reason I declined to splurge on such snacks was the ingredient list. These snacks are not smart snack options. They are made up of chemicals and the food companies do not even have to hide it. It is all there on the food label in plain sight.

As I looked around at the food choices offed up, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Do they not care? Do they not know better?


When did I turn into a food snob? I rarely eat processed foods and when I do consume processed snacks, I carefully inspect the ingredient label first. The few crackers, cookies, and nutritional bars that make it into my shopping cart have ingredients that are real, recognizable, and easy to pronounce.  I haven’t always had the nutritional knowledge as I have now. The old adage of “everything in moderation” was at one time the way to go. For the most part I agree, but “everything” encompasses too many options. Some foods shouldn’t be consumed ever and in my opinion shouldn’t even be available for purchase.  I am all about splurging and believe it is a crucial part of any nutritional program. When I indulge I live by one simple rule. If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t eat it. I couldn’t help but wonder why people purchase these foods. Instead of the artificially flavored cookies, I opted for homemade strawberry cupcakes made by my aunt in her own kitchen from real ingredients.

Corporate food snack companies pack their foods full of addictive chemicals and genetically modified fillers intentionally. Most Americans find it hard to quit consuming those difficult snacks. The food companies know this and they are happy to have you as their addict. There is a reason organic eaters feel and look better than those who venture into the center isles of the supermarket.

As I was working on this post, I came across this picture on Facebook from Food Babe. While her views are extreme, she raises a good point here in pointing out the ingredient list of this children’s cereal. Be mindful of what you fuel your body with and what toxins and chemicals you willingly consume.


Photo Credit, Food Babe Facebook

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Be A FundRACER: Ask For Money


Congratulations!!! You have chosen to run not only for you, but for a great cause as well. Besides the goal of accomplishing the run, you will also be gunning to raise funds.

As the owner of The Fit Petite and a former sole mate fundraiser for Girls on the Run South Hampton Roads, I have experience with marketing and raising funds. Recently I was asked to share a few tips on how to make your fundraising goals more successful.

1. Proudly tell everyone that you are running and fundraising. This will keep you accountable to your goals both on and off the road.

2. Send an introductory email to family, friends, colleagues. Be sure to include what race you are running, why you are running, what team you are on, and your fundraising goals. Include a link to the website for individuals to donate to your cause or a mailing address for them to send you a check. Also include what the fundraising money will go toward, such as playground equipment.

3. ASK FOR MONEY!!! Use your social media network. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to tell people about how your training is going and share your progress. An example post might read:

“I am currently in training for The Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon and 5k with the Roc Solid Running Team. I have 1,000 FB friends. If each of you donated just $1 I would be $1000 more towards my fundraising efforts. Help me accomplish my training and fundraising goals. Thank you so much in advance! “

***Include the link in your post to make it easy for people to donate. Post a weekly update from now until race day*** 

4. Stay positive! No matter what the time on the clock or the total $$$ you have raised, you have accomplished an amazing goal. Happy Running and see you on the course!


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