Are You Spartan Strong

Do you have what it takes to be Spartan Strong?  Every Saturday, I look forward to my morning run on the trails or the track. It is a time to zone out, and just be. I am able to focus on my speed and my scenery with little effort.  But if you are feeling adventurous or looking for the ultimate challenge, the Spartan Race Series may be for you. The Reebok Spartan Race obstacle course takes runners and adventure seekers alike on a true test of more than just a leisurely Saturday morning run. The Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy, and excited about making lifestyle change.  The idea of the event is to challenge a person’s perception of normal and bring you out of your comfort zone.




Photo Credit ~ Bravo TV

These intense obstacle courses are growing in popularity. Even some of the Real Housewives of New York participated in the extreme event.  Runners barrel their way through an off road course with the ultimate of challenges along the way. The Spartan race series offers different levels of participation. The first level of Spartan Racing is the Sprint with over 3 miles of racing and 15+ obstacles.  The Super Spartan includes  8+ miles and  20+ obstacles. If you are searching for even more of a challenge, then the Spartan Beast offers up nearly a 1/2 marathon, pushing your inner and outer limits with  12+ miles and 25+ obstacles. With a few months of training to go, which level of the Spartan Race will you attempt to take on? Whatever level you decide, the Reebok Spartan Race is sure to test you inside and out while offering you a great time.


The Spartan Challenge will be in Virginia this August. The course will take you through the Wintergreen. Normally populated by skiers and snowboarders, this resort area will be transformed to accommodate the challenges including walls to climb, heavy lifting, jumping, and of course running.

Be sure to register with this link to receive an exclusive 15% off your registration fee. For a chance to win a free entry, share this blog on your Facebook page and also leave a comment on The Fit Petite Facebook Page under this post.  Winner will be announced end of day Friday.


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Gym Jewels: The Latest in Fitness Jewelry


Photo Credit ~ Pop Sugar

Ever notice the bling that people are wearing these days in the gym? I don’t mean diamonds and gold. I mean functional and more often lately, even fashionable. There is an entire marketplace out there for fitness inspired jewelry. Any expo that you visit has vendors of plenty showcasing everything from shoelace charms, to milestone bracelets, to event specific pieces. Not only is this accessory durable and even functional, it has become a fitness gal’s musth have. Hit up Pinterest and search fitness jewelry. There is so much to choose from.







Photo Credit ~ Nordstrom

Most runner girls have the big running watch, but some even rock fitness arm candy when not in the gym at all. Fitbit and Nike Fuel bracelets were all the rage hitting the streets a couple years ago. This accessory is found out of the gym on the wrists on fitness minded folks. These devices are a great way to track calories and even sleep.

Another fitness jewelry must have that all gym gals seem to be wearing are the fitness watches. From the yogi’s to the runner gal, everyone is wearing them. Bright bold colors seem to be on trend from Garmin to Timex. A favorite of mine this season is the big bold G-Shock in these bright spring colors.These bold watches are on my wish list meeting both the functional and fashionable fitness jewelry requirements.







Photo Credit ~ Inspired Endurance

I recently received a sterling silver running charm bracelet from my friends at Inspired Endurance. This adorable piece of fitness jewelry came at the perfect time as I had just accomplished my personal record in the 1/2 marathon. I wear it fondly and look down at it remembering the way I felt during the race and after as I celebrated my achievement. Inspired Endurance is a family owned company based out of Hobe Sound, Florida. They have a mission to inspire and motivate women through their products. They offer everything for the runner girl tackling the 5k and even all the way up to those brave enough to take on even the Ironman. Their products come specially packaged in a nice individual box with a pretty black bow. The bracelet is strong enough to make an athletic statement, yet dainty enough to still be a little girly. My favorite part is the feather.

Pinterest Photos

Do some pinning or some online shopping and find some fitness jewelry must haves of your own. Just because you’re sweaty doesn’t mean you can;t appreciate some fun blinded out accessories.

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Fitness Travel

This time of year many are busting out of the winter blues and are leaving on adventures to resorts near and far, celebrating the annual Spring Break vacation. These days many resorts spend a large amount of their focus on fitness and wellness amenities while other destinations offer beautiful backdrops to welcome the health conscious traveler. For some, the idea of exercise while on a vacation does’t sound the least bit relaxing. To others, like myself, the idea of a week of nothing but fitness and wellness is something I long for and it is what helps me unwind.

The idea of fitness travel isn’t a new idea, but it is becoming a more popular one. There is an entire industry built around the idea of health/fitness/wellness travel.  Try searching Google, Pinterest, or Instagram for #fitnesstravel or #fitnessretreat to see the inviting results that come up.  The idea of a fitness/wellness retreat is much more than a morning spent in the hotel gym or an hour on the massage table. Travelers are paying for full service trips offering yoga, surf lessons, healthy cuisine, and even fitness workshops. Destinations to luxurious beaches in tropical climates for yoga retreats, Mid-West mountain getaways for hiking, and even runners are flocking to big cities such as Chicago and Boston to put themselves through the ultimate challenge of the Marathon. Most of these travelers tend to be more affluent, highly educated women. This is no surprise as women flex their buying power more than ever these days, spending more on high end apparel and multiple gym memberships.


Photo Credit
Amansala ~ Telum, Mexico

The Travel Channel has a list of the best fitness bootcamps, recognized as being ideal fitness destination spots. The Amansala Bikini Boot Camp in Telum, Mexico offers a peaceful retreat complete with delicious food , a large spacious yoga room, and views of the Caribbean Sea.


Ranch 4.0 ~ Westlake Village
Photo Credit ~

The Ranch 4.0 Program at Four Seasons Hotel is a four day fitness intensive,  just 40 minutes away from LAX. It is based on the longer stay some may experience at the Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu. The 4.0 includes eight hours of daily exercise carefully planted in the mountain scenery.  Meals are catered and made from fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  Meals are carefully planned omitting gluten, soy, alcohol, sugar, and any processed food.


Photo Credit ~ Duvine
Sommelier, Eric Railsback

For the wine drinking, cycling enthusiasts, check out Duvine Cycling + Adventure Co, all levels welcome. The slogan, “It’s Your Vacation, and It Happens At Your Pace” is strategically placed as a theme on the website. From the weekender to the active pro, Duvine offers adventures for all with many bike models to choose from. With all the biking you will be getting in, you are sure to get thirsty. With the Sommelier on Wheels Tour, that will not be an issue. You will be treated to some amazing wines as you see France while biking alongside the Sommelier himself.

When your are away on a fitness retreat, you can dedicate the time to build a steady practice of your fitness of choice. You can zone out from the real world hustle and bustle.  You can’t help but settle in to the relaxed and natural environment of the resort or retreat center you are visiting. The instruction and even the food foster the ideal environment to become completely immersed in your surroundings.

 An upcoming yoga retreat will help their students to achieve just that. Yax Yoga Concepts, the guys behind Hot House Yoga, will be traveling to Nosara, Costa Rica next month with over 40 men and women from Virginia Beach, Richmond, and North Carolina as they present Step Into The Flow. YYC and their students will be treated to the beautiful scenery that envelopes Blue Spirit during this week long retreat. Blue Spirit overlooks the Pacific Ocean along a three mile white sand beach and turtle refuge. The inspiring and healing trip is sure to enlighten even the most busy of individuals


Blue Spirit
Photo Credit ~ Yax Yoga Concepts

I am excited and proud to announce an amazing partnership between Yax Yoga Concepts and The Fit Petite. I will be traveling to Costa Rica to capture every moment from the morning mediation, daily yoga sessions, food, and even some local excursions. I will be participating in the retreat as well. Be sure to follow along as we move towards enlightenment.


Social Media for Yax Yoga Concepts

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Facebook ~  Yax Yoga Concepts

Social Media for The Fit Petite

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Every May, I look forward to running through the trails at EQUI-KIDS Farm in Virginia Beach. The farm has one of only a few true cross country courses in the Hampton Roads area. EQUI-KIDS is a 92 acre therapeutic equine riding facility near the Sandbridge area of the city that offers support and encouragement for individuals with disabilities. The program focuses on promoting skills such as better self esteem, self awareness, and physical strength. In 1989, EQUI-KIDS became one of the largest accredited equine riding programs in the special needs community.

You can enjoy the fun wooded trails of the farm at this year’s 12th annual EQUI-KIDS 5k, Pony Run For the Kids, and Run With the Hounds.  Adults, children, and k-9′s alike will enjoy trotting through the wooded trail on May 10, 2014. The 5k will award the top three overall and top 3 in age group. Timing will be provided by J&A Racing. Once you conquer the 3.1 mile course, go back for more when you take your leased dog on the Run With The Hounds. If you aren’t running this, be sure to stick around and watch. I am not a dog owner, but this is always one of my favorite parts of the day. This four legged runners move quick and throw down some impressive mile times as they come sprinting into the barn door and cross the finish line.

Remember to stay for the barnyard after party with pizza and beer.


Event check-in opens at 7am

1/2 mile Pony Run 8am

5k Cross Country Race 8:20am

1 mile Run with the Hounds 9:30am


 Register for the EQUI-KIDS 5k TODAY!

For more information about the 12th Annual Cross Country Runs, contact Becky Fentress, Event Specialist, at (757) 721-7350 or via email at

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You Don’t Have To Be An Elite To Train Like One: Elliptigo

Get your cross training on with the Elliptigo and channel your inner Meb when you hit the streets with this zippy upright contraption. I love running but my body can’t take the pavement pounding everyday, which leaves me looking for different ways to get in my cross training workouts. Living at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, I have the privilege of hitting the boardwalk by foot or by bike whenever I want to. Recently I had the honor of taking in the early morning boardwalk sights with East Coast Elliptigo Rep Jeff Caron. We set up a demo ride to kick off the weekend and took advantage of the unpopulated boardwalk. We invited a couple other local runners to join us in the fun as well. Female running phenom Kris Lawrence, who is recovering from an injury and local male Elite and my coach, Ryan Carroll. I was excited to see how we all would handle the elliptical bikes. Would we be as swift and slick gliding along as Meb Keflezighi? It is no secret that Meb turns heads as he glides his way around San Diego as a member of the Elliptigo Project. The Elliptigo Project is a group of Elite athletes that uses innovative tactics as part of their training program.  You can follow Meb’s progress on Meb’s Minutes as he trains toward Boston and uses the Elliptigo to help get him race day ready.

photo 1

The morning of the demo ride, we all met at the first street parking lot down at the Virginia Beach oceanfront and could not have asked for am ore beautiful day. All 3 of us were excited to meet up with Jeff and give this thing a go. As he pulled into the lot, with the Elliptigo’s on his car I was immediately intrigued. He easily unloaded them and adjusted them to fit each of our height needs. The 3 Elliptigo’s rested on a kickstand. The best way to describe the motion of the Elliptigo is a cross between an elliptical and a bike with the motion of running. It is a great cross training solution for runners because with the Elliptigo, you get a larger range of motion than with just a bike or on a stationary elliptical machine. While the elliptical bike was designed for runners, most of their riders aren’t runners at all. This could be the perfect compliment to ah household of runners and non runners alike.

photo 2

The body of the Elliptigo is similar to a bicycle, but the brakes are on the handle bars and are operated with the hands, similar to a mountain bike. Balancing on the Elliptigo was easy. We all 3 took to it right away. We were like kids at a candy store, we couldn’t get enough! We zipped along the deserted boardwalk, weaving and swerving. We zoomed along at a steady  clip and it wasn’t long before people were overlooking their hotel balconies and yelling down at us. “What is that? The thing is cool! Where can I get one?” It was unanimous that we all wanted one of these and were in no hurry to get off the elliptical bike.

photo 3

There are 3 different models available on the Ellitigo. All three frames are the same size, but the speeds range from 3, 8, and 11. The 11 speed is 5 lbs lighter in weight. The wheel is 20 inches. The Elliptigo’s can also be put onto a stationary trainer to be used in winter months in the comfort of your own home. This gives you the benefits of both a stationary piece of exercise equipment and the versatility of taking it to the streets. In Virginia Beach, the Elliptigo’s will be available for purchase at Performance Bicycle.

photo 4

If you need more convincing, the Elliptigo offers a 33% more calorie burn rate than that of a bike at the same speed.


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