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Approach Anxiety Like A Boss


As a child, I was passionate, excited, eager, and energetic…very similar to now. Somewhere in later elementary school is when I was forced to deal with a neighborhood bully who was twice my size. This person stole any timidness or passive personality traits I may have also had. Being significantly smaller, I quickly acquired a certain toughness. It was protection.  I became bold and fearless.


I have always had a sensitive belly. There are butterflies trapped inside is what I would describe it as. It wasn’t until later in life I realized what all those trapped butterflies actually were or why I had them. Just in the past few years, I have been able to give it a name and remove any negative connotations I had associated with it. I believe  everyone deals with traumatic events that at one time or another trigger anxiety or fear. We are not responsible for everything that happens to us. Our only responsibility is to learn tools and skills that help us handle these rocky times. I have learned that anxiety is a part of me, it comes in waves, it is there in good times and in bad.  There are things I do daily to try and stay ahead of it. My healthy addiction to running and writing are therapeutic forms of stress release.

I was so impressed to hear about Prince Harry seeking counseling after 20 years of not dealing with his mother’s death. Proof that it is never too late and even the royals are plagued with the same troubles we are.

Do you ever feel like you want to close up shop? That could mean many different things to many people. It can be applicable in fitness…pressure to look a certain way…eat a certain way…sweat a certain way…GIVE ME A BREAK! In business it can be equally brutal, especially for women. You should win this award….be recognized here…make this amount of money…juggle family…fitness…finances. You feel like the rules that were written…by someone else might I add, simply just don’t apply to you.

Recently I was facilitating a social media coaching session for one of my peers and we began discussing this exact thing. Living with these feelings can be paralyzing. It can kill your creative spirit. It can do a number on your mind. The comparisons begin and the inadequacy and insecurities surface. As I have mentioned in blogs before , this isn’t something that we should push deep down inside or try to eliminate. As the meeting progressed, we both became inspired. We each left with a list of tasks that took us back to the basics.


1. Identify what is causing the anxiety. Allow it to exist, but not overtake you. As Brene’ Brown and my friend Kristy says, it can be messy in the middle. The good thing about the middle is that there is something on the other side of it. It isn’t the end.

2. Be easy and gentle with yourself. Navigate thru it. Go back to your roots. Find peace. Roll out your yoga mat and breath. Turn on your oil diffuser and take in the chill vibes.

3. Get Creative, play. If it isn’t fun, don’t do it! Spend time crafting up new workouts, new vision boards, new recipes. Seek out healthy distractions you are passionate about. Spend time on things that nurture soulful living.

4. Get cozy. Sleep, nap, siesta! Anxiety can be both emotionally and physically exhausting. Let yourself rest.

5. Talk it up. Giving it a voice is part of fighting through it.  Chat through the crap! Asking for support and help is brave and leaves you in the driver seat.

I wasn’t sure about sharing this post, but I decided if I needed to write it, then it needed to be shared. I may always be the girl with the butterflies trapped inside, but I am learning to handle that anxiety like a boss!

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My Experience With A Meal Prep Service: Boxed Gourmet


You have probably read the article floating around the internet boasting life changing results in return for using a meal prep service. I am digging deeper….today I am talking meal prep and portion control. I have had great experience with services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. My one beef with these companies is that you really have no control over nutritional information. While the entrees are delicious and fun to make, they often aren’t up to my nutritional standards. Fresh doesn’t always mean healthy. Not to mention, when I make the meals, I admittedly don’t always have the self control to only eat one portion at a time :)  While having fresh groceries delivered to my door is convenient, I was thrilled to hear of a local company who took it a step further and brought me the meals not only prepped, but portioned out in individual servings.

I normally spend an hour or two every Sunday prepping, cooking, and portioning out meals for the week. I often enjoy the time in my kitchen crafting up new recipes. But I realize this chore can become somewhat time consuming and overwhelming for many. Knowing what to cook and the appropriate amount of macronutrients can leave you with many unanswered questions.


1. How many ounces of protein should I consume per meal? Boxed Gourmet options range from 4 to 8 ounce servings.

2. What is an appropriate portion of carbs for an active individual?

3. Are there other healthy veggie sides besides steamed broccoli?

The guys at the Boxed Gourmet have taken all the guess work out of it! Owner, Benjamin Jones, is a trained chef and an enthusiastic foodie. After years of cooking for family and friends, he combined his passion with his purpose to bring us the Boxed Gourmet! Ben has teamed up with Virginia Beach Dietician Jim White to bring clients the appropriate calories and information for those looking to be nutritionally conscious. With them offering a line of fit meals delivered weekly to your doorstep, it was a no brainer for me to check out.


“Boxed Gourmet provides wholesome, gourmet meals delivered to your doorstep! Serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake, VA”



1. A customized nutritional phone consultation

2. Two weekly deliveries (Monday, Thursday)

3. Delicious, filling, and innovative dishes including: seafood, chicken, and beef. Veggie and gluten free options are  available.

4. Weekly rotating menu.

5. Easy online ordering. Create an account here.


After a friendly and easy nutritional consult via phone, I was all set up and ready to go. I was excited to receive my first set of meals. I opted for the 21 meal option with the 4 ounces of protein per meal. I wanted to go all in and get the full experience with 3 prepped meals a day for the full 7 days. Monday came and as soon as I opened up the cold sealed box, my mouth began to water.


My fridge was instantly full and my week was off on the right foot! With a packed week of work appointments and gym time, it was a well deserved break to not spend time in the kitchen thinking about food. All the containers fit nicely in my portable lunch cooler. Perfect for athletes, business travelers, moms on the go, and anyone who wants to save time and money. If fit meals aren’t for you, don’t worry. They have an extensive menu of local fresh fare on a regular menu. Meals are extremely affordable averaging to just under $7 per meal!

Check out Boxed Gourmet for yourself and be sure to tell them The Fit Petite sent you!


More Boxed Gourmet Press here.

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Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

banana bread



  • 2 Bananas (medium ripe)


  • 2 Eggs, large
  • 1/2 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt


  • 1/4 cup Molasses

Baking & Spices

  • 1  cup Brown Rice Flour
  • 1/2 cup Ground Flax Seed Meal
  • 1 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/2 tsp Sea Salt
  • 1 tbsp Cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla Extract

It is possible to bake banana bread and keep it healthy. I made this recipe late morning while working from home. It took no time to make and made my house smell great! With it’s protein punch, it fueled me up to tackle several marketing projects and get me through an afternoon workout.  Mash and merge all ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Grease bread pan with a touch of coconut oil. Pour in bread batter. I tossed pumpkin seeds on top for a crunch. I may try mini chocolate chips next time. Bake on 350 for 40-50 minutes. Enjoy!

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What I Learned From Busting A Hole In My Jeans


Several months ago I was prepping for a 200 mile running relay from Virginia Beach to DC. If you follow this blog regularly, you may remember me talking a little bit about it ;)  Chairing the event occupied a lot…all… of my free time. A cause I felt emotionally passionate about, but physically it had taken a lot out of me. I hadn’t even noticed just how much….until just two days before. I was running out to grab lunch and a tackle a few errands before the 36 hour event commenced. It was then, that I reached for what was normally a baggy pair of jeans and just like that, I busted a massive hole in the seat. With a busy weekend ahead, I didn’t have time for the true meltdown I deserved.  This would turn out to be one of the biggest learning experiences of my health|fitness|professional journey.


With all the “prepping” I had been doing for the run, I had neglected to prep myself. I barely trained in the running department, and you can go ahead and forget about nutrition. By the grace of God I successfully conquered my legs of the 200 mile relay (I stopped counting after 20 miles). The relay was a tremendous success financially, and physically rewarding. One of my most proud running moments, not because of the distance or the time…but because of the why. More on that here.

The week after I was completely depleted. Physically exhausted and emotionally empty. The unhealthy behavior continued on through the holidays. Eating and drinking everything with abandonment. I was rebelling. Celebrating everything, everyone, any holiday get together turned into a full blown PAAAARTY!


I was embarking on new goals professionally and took the idea on any fitness goals off the table. I emotionally wasn’t ready. By January, I slowly began to wrap my head around the idea of racing. With Shamrock training in full swing, I opted to rock the hell out of the 8k. I knew with the new business goals I had in front of me, spending hours every week running were not appropriate and would only bring me added stress and pressure.  A shorter race sounded attractive and achievable and quite frankly I needed a personal win. After meeting with my coach, he agreed and we set a plan in play. And just like that, as I decided to race the 8k, I found out I was Albuquerque bound.


My spring coaching and 8k plan could not have suited me better. Short trail runs and time on the track in New Mexico set this little soul on fire. The immersion among the Beasts staff, the pros, and other fitness bloggers sent me back to VA more in love with the sport, more confident in my ability to win…against myself, and determined to always run happy! I returned to the beach just as Spring started to take off. Warm weather brings new running routes to explore, Spring races, outdoor workouts, and soon swims! I bought myself a medicine ball, cleaned up my nutrition, and eased myself into a new 8 week training program…because I wanted to!

Physically I feel more like myself than I have felt in months. My skin feels comfortable and familiar. So comfortable I went full #SportsBraSquad for my Tuesday track work. I have re-discovered healthy habits that are realistic and make sense. While it may always be a struggle, I am handling stress better. I am handling the idea defining goals better. Something I never would have learned had I not busted a whole in my jeans that day.  Feeling the results of dropping myself to the bottom of the list last fall gave me empathy and understanding for what everyone else already knew.  Life is busy. Obstacles get thrown at us daily. We bob and weave and do our best to make it without any collateral damage. Busting a whole in my jeans taught me to be easier on myself. It taught me to keep realistic expectations of myself,  both professionally and personally. I know what I am capable of taking on and what I should leave. I know what my limit is.


I needed to flounder. I needed to travel through the mess of the Fall to get to the beauty of the Spring. It is now a new season. I am enjoying cocktails, pasta, and ice cream as needed. I am enjoying the feeling of a sweatfilled, salt covered workout on my beach. Meditation, exercising, time with girlfriends, and even sleep: I do one thing daily to further my health, my spirit.

Allow your jeans to be tight sometimes. Allow the mess. Opt for one healthy decision everyday. One decision turns into two, and so on, and so on.

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Spring Product Review


In case you didn’t catch my spring product review video live on Facebook, be sure view it here and learn why I am loving this list! Find all the links below for your ordering convenience. I hope you enjoy these products as you design the sweatfilled life you deserve!

Brooks Pure Flow

St. Ives Scrub 

Arbonne Fizz Sticks 

La Croix 


If you have a product you would love to see reviewed, or want to inquire about having your product featured….email

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