Sharing My Other Passion: Marketing


It all started with marketing….well sort of.

I find marketing fascinating. From the most clever commercial during the Super Bowl to framing out a social media strategy for a new business, the who/what/why in both forms of messaging are crucial for success. If you are friends with me or are connected to me on any social media channels, you have witnessed my passion in the form of posts. Just as I am often asked about fitness, I am also asked about business…especially when it comes to social media.

A fitness girl by heart… but a marketing mind by trade. That is how I am able to leverage all of my passions into this little blog that could. I share my fitness struggles and celebrate the wins here on TFP, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other piece of my spirit. The marketing side of my soul plays a big role in my life. Before I chased the blog life full time, I spent my days working with small businesses in the corporate world. During my time in the advertising industry, I learned how to “go to market” and how to build customized marketing strategies based on the needs of a specific business.  I have used a combination of those same skills, some risks, and experimentation to promote my own brand over the past five years. In fact, it has turned into it’s own off brand of The Fit Petite. After years of freelance Relay Your Brand was officially formed.

Marketing is a constant in my own strategy as my brand matures over the years. Just like having a regular health and fitness routine, your business needs the same structure to stay strong and be the best version of itself.  I recently had the opportunity to combine both of my loves in a workshop themed for fitness marketing professionals.


Flex Your Marketing Muscle
Photo Credit: Nicole Law, Real Flexi VB

There is more to owning a business/brand than being an expert in your craft. Now more than ever you have to be equally skilled in mastering your own marketing. With media choices changing daily it seems, being on the forefront of where/when/why can become a fulltime gig. That is where my passion can come into play.

Friday typically is a rest day for fitness and usually for business as well. The day is spent in my home office decluttering the previous week and organizing the start of the coming one. In a unique scheduling twist, I found myself booking a client meeting for this past Friday at one of my favorite coffee spots. I was excited to meet with this business owner. A fellow creative bossbabe who has a passion for her own craft. But as I need a coach for for my own fitness from time to time, she needed some coaching for herself in the form of business.

Like most clients I work with, they are industry leaders of their field but can not seem to articulate their own business description. Good news for entrepreneurs, you don’t have to master your marketing game…you just need to find a master to market you! Within a matter of 60 minutes and a few rounds of word play…our creative was energy flowing.  We had clearly identified some gaps when it came to her brand description. From there we were able to articulate a strong narrative for her business that she can use in her marketing strategy. As a business owner, there is something refreshing that happens when we step out of the teacher role and into the student one. I was thrilled to be able facilitate for her on this particular day. She is building strength in her brand and in herself. I can’t wait for our next session.

Master Marketing

Coaching Session, Rev

Finishing a coaching session at Lynnhaven Coffee.
Photo Credit: Becky Vasquez, owner Rev Creative.

To inquire or schedule a coaching session email me at

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Love: Be It, Share It


Five years and thousands of blogs posts later, this little blog that could is still going strong and I LOVE it. It has turned into my proudest work both professionally and personally. My computer is my prized possession and spending countless hours at local coffee shops is my jam! On this Valentine’s Day – 2017, I find myself doing just that. In between two meetings I find myself with a little time to write. Today is the day of love and I am spending it doing a few of the things I am found of.

Coffee and meditation – Allows the soul and spirit to awaken, setting the tone for a mindful and purposeful day.

Early morning messages of love sent from friends. My friends get me, love me, and I adore them right back. #MyTribeGameIsStrong

Marketing meeting with a fellow woman owned business owner. Talking all things advertising and doing some word play to create just the perfect wording for posts to promote her amazing craft.

Writing - It is the day of love and today as I pound away on my keyboard dressed in a bold red plaid, listening to a blend of 80′s hits,  I passionately pour all of my love into this site and into the world with everything I do today.

An afternoon run date with one of my favorite fitness friends. Sunshine, smiles, and a solemate to end my day.

No matter where you find yourself on this day, be the example of love you want to see in the world. Take that love out into the universe. Be love and share it fiercely with every stranger and every friend. Now more than ever, we strive for this. It all starts with love.


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Yoga Love: Studio Bamboo


I fell in love with yoga years ago, but have developed a true appreciation for it more recently from my May trip to the Wanderlust Festival.


Wanderlust, 2016

When I practice regularly, I physically feel better and emotionally I am more calm and clear. I find myself using elements of my practice through the day from breathe work to stretches.


Tuesday Instagram – Pre Sushi Dinner

 I have been fortunate enough to experience so many wonderful yoga facilities in Virginia Beach and beyond. One of my favorite places to unroll my mat each week is Studio Bamboo. I love Studio Bamboo because of it’s nearby location and expansive class schedule which make it convenient to hop in anytime of day. I appreciate that when I walk in I am always greeted warmly by name. The instructors are welcoming. They are intuitive and attentive to their students. They remember my weird hips and tight hamstrings and offer modifications for as me needed.

A couple of years ago, I was happy to learn that Studio Bamboo would be an official partner to the J&A training team, the group I run with regularly. My worlds were colliding for the greater good. Bamboo offer specials for our team and even provides team classes dedicated to postures and poses us runners need for recovery. Since May, I have made yoga a priority in my own weekly fitness schedule. I even created Yoga Monday’s on my calendar.  Spending time on my mat in a Restorative or Yin/Yang class at the beginning of the week sets a peaceful and purposeful tone to my own life flow.

This past month our team has had the privilege of attending a Monday yoga session taught by Studio Bamboo owner, Ann Stevens. These classes have been a blessing in my training and make my Track Tuesday workouts easier.  Taking a fitness class from any studio owner is a treat. It is time spent with the best of the best. It has been pure joy to get the expertise of Ann and the endless amounts of stretches she serves up each week. Even though we grimace and groan, she helps us find and hold grace with our bodies that at times appear broken.

Yoga Set Up. Yin Yang Class

Monday, Yin Yang Class Set Up

I encourage you to book a regular yoga appointment with yourself. If you haven’t yet tried Bamboo, go this week! Your body will thank you. There is a class for everyone in the family, even the kids.

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Realistic Scheduling Tips

Realistic Scheduling Tips

As mentioned in previous posts, I began 2017 with a new routine. While I was…am… a bit anxious about this new journey, I am confident in my ability to organize. Since my years spent teaching, I am quite good with time management. Making lists, filling up time slots in my day, and prioritizing – make me feel accomplished. During my years in the corporate world,  I had the opportunity to share my scheduling tricks in different workshops with colleagues. Last Wednesday I had the chance to share some of those tips with a friend, who is also a lover of all things advertising and running. With so many things to accomplish in a week from work to workouts, designing a weekly schedule for yourself is crucial. Here are three of my tips for creating a realistic weekly routine you can stick to.

1.  DIGITAL VS PRINT Determine how you like to keep organized. Are you a fan of the cloud or are you better when you can hold a planner, turn the page and physically cross off your appointments? While I often send/receive calendar requests on my phone, I prefer to keep a written record of my day…week…month…year. I have been using a Passion Planner (use at checkout as the referring source) for the past three years. I like it for the hourly time slots per day. I can easily view my week or month at a glance. There is even room to journal, make to -do lists, or prioritize. If apps are more your thing, check out your app store and browse around for the components you need to stay organized.

2. RESERVE IT If it is important to you, reserve time for it on your schedule.  I mark every appointment personal or professional down because there really is no difference these days. Most people are living out their life as a handcrafted compilation of what works for them from fitness to financial responsibilities. Workouts, business meetings, lunches, doctors appointments, and even those regular massage or mani/pedi appointments get a space.  Dedicate certain days to accomplish certain tasks. Monday is full of brainstorming, social media posting, and all things creative.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are days spent out of the house conducting client meetings and prospecting/networking. Getting out of the house and hitting the neighborhood coffee shop, complete with coffee and Pandora, gives me just enough human interaction and creativity when a change of scenery is needed. Friday is a great day for photo taking, proposal writing, and even getting a little bit ahead for Monday. I also keep Friday open for my personal appointments. A hair cut on a Friday is less disruptive than mid day Tuesday when I should be seeing clients.


Working from home creates the ideal situation for a well balanced, work week. There are some great opportunities to multi-task. Working from home can also create many distractions such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and even Bravo binge watching. If you work from home like I do, take the scheduling a step further. Wake up at the same time time every day. Workout the same time each day. Shower the same time each day. By getting up and moving I fuel my spirit enough to stay on task. Routine is key for a productive week. By eating breakfast at the same time each day, I set the tone for healthy eating choices. With a little organization attention, I am able to have the kind of day that can accommodate a lot of productivity without leaving me feel worn out or like I am playing catch up. Bonus - getting up and at it early allows for evening dinner with friends or hitting that yoga class you’ve been looking forward to.

3. OWN IT This is the most challenging tip of the three. Run your appointment book like a doctors office, own it! When people ask to meet you, they are literally asking when you can meet. This gives you permission to set the schedule. Stick to the routine you previously determined in step two. It can be tempting to shuffle things around. Learn the difference between being accommodating and giving up the rights to the organization you have fought hard to implement.  By sticking to this new found routine, you will find more time for things you love. You will be living the sweatfilled, soulful life you deserve in no time.

To talk more about business, goal setting, or schedule making – set up some time with me. Email and use code LOVE in your email to receive $14 off your first hour of consulting.

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Soup With Fresh Greens


Soup with fresh greens…an easy one pot meal to put on while you work from home. Perfect for lunch or dinner. This plant based pleaser makes 4 servings.

FullSizeRender 2Directions:
Sauté 1 chopped shallot, 1 chopped garlic clove , 1 tsp each of Thyme, Oregano, and Smoked Paprika in the bottom of a pot.
Once translucent, add 1/2 cup of chopped mushrooms until soft.
Add 2 cups each of water and low sodium vegetable broth.
Toss fist fulls of fresh greens of choice, and 1/2 cup of frozen carrots.
Sprinkle with a little cheese and serve.
An easy one pot soup that can work its way together while you do!


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