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Bob Harper, The Biggest Loser

 I was asked recently by Eat This, Not  That to give my feedback on things I wish my clients would stop or start doing to become more successful with their health/fitness program.  You can find that article here. Part of my advice from the article for being more successful with your health and fitness goals is to find a reputable trainer. Trust their expertise, trust the plan, and trust their own ability to get the job done. I also encourage them to have life balance. Living a healthy lifestyle is much more than exercising daily. It includes eating healthy and living a balanced life. This means drink champagne at weddings, enjoy date nights, and splurge occasionally on the foods that are worth it. Not everyday is wine and cheese just like it isn’t chicken and celery. Be honest with yourself about habits and goals. Speak nicely to yourself. Remember that you are only human and we were designed to make mistakes and learn. Your good habits should outweigh the bad. You are not perfect and shouldn’t be expected to act that way.

Our clients come to us because we are the experts. Our facility includes fitness and nutrition as part of every program. We use a team approach including both Registered Dietitians and Certified Personal Trainers. Our plans are customized and developed to help each client individually. Yet, clients want to try everything other than what is created for them. The hardest thing for many clients to do is turn over the control. They hear about diet trends like juicing, under 1000 calories a day diets, or even Paleo just to name a few. Sometimes unrealistic workouts they have never attempted or trained for before like tire flipping or running a half marathon in a month is part of their desire. My job as a Certified Personal Trainer and Coach is to get them to their goal by staying healthy and being safe.

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Yax Yoga Concepts Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica 2014

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Salt, Sun, and Sadie Ray Swim


Who else better to design a bikini line than a beach blonde model right here in Virginia Beach? Stephanie Joseph, owner and creator of Sadie Ray,  dreamed up her bikini line after years in the modeling industry. She has a passion for the line which comes through in the craftsmanship and quality of each piece. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a few pieces for a sort of show and tell project for The Fit Petite.

My dear friend, Stylist, and Art Director Angie Ratliff of Filmcats, has been The Fit Petite photographer the past few years. She was thrilled for the opportunity to work at a waterfront property in Croatan. With views of the water, a pool, and plenty of places for lounging, this backdrop gave me plenty of places to put these suits to the test.

First up was the Charlie Classic Bikini Top paired with the Charlie Low Rise Bottom. The fuchsia shade was an immediate favorite for me. The small fit perfectly, however for this shoot, I opted for the medium top and bottom for just a bit more coverage. This suit fit me like a custom suit should: snug in the right places, and room for a little give in other spots. It served more purpose than just looking pretty poolside and proved to be the perfect pairing for pool play. Another feature I liked was the cut of the top. The triangle is cut wider, rather than longer, creating an appearance of a fuller bust. Perfect for athletes or smaller busted gals.

The next piece, that I fell in love with, was the Ginger Underwire top. It was so comfortable, I  could have worn it all day! The durability and fit of the molded cup offered perfect support. The mint shade is amazing on tanned skin and reflected beautifully against the aqua water. This is a must for any luxury beach trip or function from Virginia Beach and beyond.

Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me and enjoying my hard work even more so. These locally designed suits from Sadie Ray support the same mission. Check out the website here for the full line. With so many choices, I am sure you will find a custom creation of your own.



Special Thanks and Mentions

Arbonne -If you need a golden glow but no time for the beach, check out the sunshine tinted self tanner.

Stella & Dot – Accessories from shoot including the wrap

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Wings But Nothing More: Red Bull Zero Edition

You hear the words Red Bull and it may may you think of college days a your local watering hole. Many turn to Red Bull as a favorite cocktail mixer or either that must have caffeine pick me up late in the day. Red Bull and caffeine in general have both been the subject of much controversy over the years.

This season, the company launched several new flavors including the Zero Editions of Orange and Cherry.  Called Zero for no calories and no sugar. They are proving to be “tastier” and also “healthier” than before. The new products prove to give you wings when you need them, and nothing more.

My friends at Red Bull were kind enough to send me some samples. I shared my stash with my co-worker. Student and Certified Personal Trainer, Josh Jordan. He loves his afternoon jolt of caffeine to get him through evening clients and school work. He immediately was impressed with the new line.


“The energizing benefit has remained, but the taste has gotten even better!”
Josh Jordan, Trainer at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios

Check out the new flavors for yourself. Cheers!


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Fear to Faith: Allen Stone Run Swim Run

You know that moment where you have a choice to make? You have a choice to be fearful or you choice to push through with faith. I awoke Friday morning with fear. Within 24 hours I would be participating in the Allen Stone Braveheart Run Swim Run. I tackled this challenge last year with my first open water swim. It was something that took me completely out of my comfort zone and a challenge that ranks at the top of my favorites list.

Friend and fellow athlete, Mike Wilson organizes this event in honor of his friend Allen Stone. Allen won the race when it was previously called the Braveheart Run Swim Run. Soon after his win, he tragically died in a training accident. Friends along with race organizers changed the name to reflect his bravery among the bravery and faith of others in the Navy Seal community. Living here in Virginia Beach, all of us hold a special place in our hearts for the Seal Teams. We all have friends or family serving or impacted.

Myself with Friend and Race Director Mike Wilson, Allen Stone RSR 2014

Myself with Friend and Race Director Mike Wilson, Allen Stone RSR 2014

It was Saturday morning during the arrival of the flag and the National Anthem I began to really think about the bravery of these individuals. I realized that it must be something engrained in each of them. There simply is no other choice but to have faith and be brave. No time for fear. They must have faith in the training. Faith in the people who believe in them. Faith in their own ability. Faith in the outcome.

We ran south from 24th street towards the pier. We entered the water there, which was abnormally calm for this particular Saturday. Fear or faith? I immediately could feel the pull of the water in my favor. I settled into a freestyle and made my way North in the water. Every few minutes I would ease into a breast stroke and check my surroundings. Three different times I found myself North as planned, but also extremely far out beyond the break, which was not. Fear or faith? I found myself swimming at an angle towards the shore for most of my 20+ minutes in the water. Before I knew it, I had reached the buoy and began my charge towards shore. It was then I was pummeled by a wave and took in what felt like a gallon of salt water. Fear or faith? I hit the sand and made my way quickly up for a transition, grabbing only my shoes. Now I was in cruise control. A 5k down the boardwalk felt like home to me.

Tired, tan, and salty is the way I will describe the finish. It was all I had expected and more. For two years I have challenged myself to a new race. I challenged to myself to come out of what’s comfortable. At moments this race may test me, but nothing can break my faith. I challenge you to do the same. Get out of the pool. Swim with the sharks. Turn fear into faith.

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Afternoon Pick Me Up: Protein Shake

I found myself mid afternoon and hungry. How is it possible I forgot to eat during my mad dash of errands around town? I never miss a meal.

It’s too late for lunch but too early for dinner…snack time.

Luckily I stock my fridge with yummy, ready to go goodies at all times. I opted for a Premier Protein Chocolate Shake. I jazzed it up by adding 1 tbsp of all natural peanut butter and 1/2 a frozen banana. Blended in the ninja, poured in a fancy glass and voila! I was ready to sit down at blog central and write the afternoon away. 

Premier Protien Chocolate & Candied Papaya


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