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3 Fresh and Fast No Cook Summer Recipes

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Fresh, fast, and no cooking required! This time of year, I prefer to spend my time out in the sun getting the heat on verses over the stove. I equally enjoy shopping for the flavors of the season at of our local farmers markets. These two recipes are things I make every summer and are both popular ones that those around me look forward to. They are perfect to accompany any meal prep, a party pleaser, or just to enjoy for at home snacking.

These marinated toms and cucs made me popular with my old roommate Christian in my early twenties. At that time is one of the only things I ever made. He has texted me for this recipe many times before. With it being summer and being that these ingredients are readily available, I figured I would share this simply summer must have. It is a staple in all southern kitchens. Pretty much the only kitchen tools you need are a knife and cutting board. I like to slice my veggies super thin so they soak up all the flavors and goodness of the dressing.  The local heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers for this batch both came the Shore Drive Farmers Market, Cullipher Farm to be exact.


 My pineapple salsa is a recipe I snagged from my long distance friend Bridget years ago. She made it for a staff party and I,  along with everyone else, went crazy for it. Just me and a Vitamix gets the job done. I recently made it for both a girls night and for a family happy hour on our pier. It is easy and a hit, perfect as a dip or a topping on chicken or shrimp.


Avocado toast…this is like a thing now! Smashing avocado all over perfectly good toast and possibly adding toppings…nothing like it. Try adding toms, eggs, or even feta cheese to brighten up your breakfast or lunch!


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3 Things To Get You Motivated


If you have spent any time scanning your tv channels this week, then you probably caught a glimpse of some impressive fitness wins. The Crossfit Games are in full affect with local Champion Ben Smith proving he could still be the Fittest Man on the Earth.  Usain Bolt remains to wow us with is speed during the London Anniversary Games.  USA Sprinter Keni Harrison finally had her moment of glory in the 100m also during the Anniversary Games. She is now faster than ever…or anyone in the 100m with a time of 12.2, watch her reaction here. Proving that with even missing the Olympic Team during the trials, you can press on and  still take title of the most impressive of all…World Record Holder.

 If witnessing these powerful people isn’t enough to get you up and going, you may need a little extra boost.  With hot days ahead and the distractions of summer cocktails and sand time, I know the struggle can be real to muscle up some motivation and get your workout in.  Check out my 3 full proof tips to power up your passion and get you motivated to do work.

1 Swap your technology.

Leave the watch, grab the tunes. Put your energy towards your love of the sport instead of the grind for time. If that’s not convincing enough, download this throw back Girl Power playlist.

Dirty – Christine Aquilera

Wait A Minute – The Pussycat Dolls

Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey feat Jay-Z

Fantasy – Mariah Carey

No, No, No Part 2 – Destiny’s Child

Summerboy – Lady GaGa

Money Honey – Lady GaGA


2 Find a cheerleader!

Call a fellow fitness friend that is a good, positive motivator. Sharing a conversation about how real the struggle is, especially on these hot days, can help you feel validated in your pursuit of fitness. Their encouragement and motivation will help to get you out the door. Sometimes just a short text can be all you need to get that body moving.  Luckily my tribe is packed full of fitness chicks to cheer me on when I need it. I text Kristy, Braden texts me, Megan texts Kris…it is clockwork and contagious!  Just by checking in with each other, pushes us towards our individual goals.


3. Forget about weight loss.

Focus on feeing better. I moved a couple months ago and I didn’t bring the scale from my old rental house with me to my new pad. I don’t miss it at all. I know I weigh 120+ something but not exactly sure. Exercise makes me feel good which it turn makes me look good. When you drink champagne you don’t worry about the drawbacks…you only think about the way it makes you feel. Same concept here!


 Share your top motivation tips with us and be sure to share this article with your fitness tribe to keep them motivated and moving during these slower summer months.

For more inspiration or tips follow on Facebook. Have a fitness question or want to be featured on TFP…email thefitpetite@gmail.com

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LulaRoe Review: More Than Spandex and Busy Patterns



When Fit Petite followers, fitness friends, and yoga neighbors Stephanie and Peyton of Lularoe Yogis asked me if I wanted to partner with their new thriving business and do a review, I was thrilled. I was shocked no one else has asked to partner me with yet on this up and coming product. The review was an easy one, as it was with a brand I already was a fan of.

You’ve probably seen the signs, the Facebook groups your girlfriends are pushing, or the pics on your Instagram feed featuring the brightly patterned leggings of Lularoe. If you have been skeptical…I urge you to take a second look. You may just be surprised with what you find. While some of the patterns are a bit busy for my taste, I was happy to learn of more classic options. The signature comfy cotton dresses and flowy t’s are a staple and a must for any wardrobe.

If you are following this blog, then chances are you live a similar lifestyle to me. It includes a busy schedule, fitting in fitness when and where you can, multiple wardrobe changes per day, and multitasking full time. One challenge that plagues me are those occasions I have to swap my workout clothes for a more presentable appearance. Let me show you my favorite looks and items to take you easily from gym to glam. See why I am loving the below pieces and how I am wearing them this season.

Look 1


The Maxi. You need this! Check out how many ways you can wear this item. It is perfect for mixed climates like VB…it’s the anytime of year item.

Look 2

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Channeling my inner Kardashian with this hip hugger-high waisted skirt. Super comfy and versatile for business meetings or paired with flops.

Look 3

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The most comfy and flattering dress. Excellent for packing. Toss in your bag…no iron! Hits me mid leg. I paired it with flops for errands around town and also with a denim vest and booties for a more fun and flirty look.

Look 4

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This was the perfect bathing suit cover up for a family pool party this past weekend. I look forward to wearing it out for cocktails with the tied sleeves up front with the girls.


***Event Link HERE ***

Can’t make the pop up, but want to know more about the brand…join the private FB group here and be entered to win a pair of free leggings! Once you get approval into the group, post a comment with “The Fit Petite sent me” to be entered!

For more of my looks check out my instagram @TheFitPetitebyJessHorton. To learn more about the Lularoe Yogis, click here.  And to experience a yoga class taught by either Stephanie or Peyton, check out the Studio Bamboo calendar. Maybe I’ll see ya on the mat.

Do you have a product that you think could be a good fit for us? Interested in having a product featured on The Fit Petite as a review? Email thefitpetite@gmail.com for all inquiries. 

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5 Things I Learned From The Ocean


After a night filled with thunderstorms and dreams about rough seas and waves…I woke up Saturday morning with a nerve filled belly. This proved to be better than waking with one filled with regrets for not registering for one of my favorite fitness events. Having run the Allen Stone 5k more times than I can remember, three years ago I plunged faith first into attempting the swim. I knew little about swimming or how to do it. It was a moment when the little voice spoke up and challenged me to it like is has done many times before.

Several weeks ago when it was time for registration I toyed with the idea of not signing up. I assume my hesitation and apprehension was due to the lingering memories from my Shamrock experience.  But after many friends started to register I knew I’d regret it if I wasn’t in the water that day. So I began my weekly swims and got back to my running routine, delicately adding in some speed.

As I arrived at the oceanfront Saturday morning I was thrilled to see a peaceful placid ocean. The fan fare and the friends that filled the morning had me excited and ready to do some work. A workout that would be all out effort lasting anywhere from 45-60 minutes. 56 minutes and change it would turn out and I couldn’t be happier. A strong swim with a solid rhythm followed by an impressive transition time and a negative split 5k. I had shaken Shamrock completely off!  My friend Rob told me shortly before the race “you always surprise yourself here” he was right. I came across the finish smiling and with a stride I couldn’t be more proud of.  I learned many things that day in the ocean. I’m already planning another swim for later this week.

The 23 minutes I spent in the Atlantic repaired my soul, renewed my spirit, and brought much wisdom as I reflected on the day.

1 Yoga breathing is helpful anytime. When I or my friends are having a trying time I always go back to my breath. Just breath I say to them and to myself. There is something magical about doing ocean breathing in the waves of the ocean.  Time on the clock can’t compare to your time in the open water. Something magical happens to your soul in the waves. All you hear is your breath and your splash. It’s meditative of sorts.

2. With allowing the grief of a Shamrock heartbreak, some time off, and the planning and patience of a running return… my body rewarded me. I took 10 weeks off from running this spring. My mind and body needed to heal. I came back when I was ready and on my terms. With a few 5k’s under my belt this summer and some confidence building workout sessions, the day proved a success.

 3. As impressive as a Marathon is,  it isn’t the end all fitness goal for everyone. Not to take anything away from 26.2 miles. I haven’t ever wanted to attempt it and not sure I will. But there are many other fitness goals that can be challenging and impressive in their own right. I think open water swimming is one of those goals.  Some will never attempt it. The unknown and unseen can play games with your mind. It is a true example of blind faith.

4. Our city is filled with some wonderful fitness ambassadors. Saturday proved this true as many, participants and fans alike,  encouraged each other and cheered each other for the cause and common goal of completion. Trainers, athletes, friends, all giving respect to each other’s ability.


The tribe…Megan, Kris, Me, Kristy. Congratulations to these lovely ladies on the amazing job they all did. Kris completed her first ocean swim, Megan placed 3rd overall female in the 5k, and Kristy was seconds off a PR!

5.  Smiling at the finish line is more fun! Somewhat surprisingly, the swim has become my better of the two events the past few years. By the time I get to the 5k I am tired and keeping the splits under 9 is usually the goal. With 600 meters to go, I knew I had a little kick. As I opened up my stride, a smile came on my face. I could feel it. I felt happy. I felt fulfilled. I felt vindicated and I feel back to myself.


Smiles & Strides

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What I’m Eating This Summer: And Drinking

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Did you catch Jim White and I discussing our favorite summer foods on the Really Truly Fit Podcast? In case you missed it, take 15 minutes and listen to our show here. I was thrilled to know he approved many of my choices. The summer is all about sun, sand, salt, and spreading some summer love. My fridge is stocked for easy grabbing healthy, seasonal foods on the go. Lots of fruits, waters, and of course vodka in the freezer. Here are a few of my go-to’s for healthy living this summer.


Approximately 92% water. Perfect pair for any breakfast protein or as a recovery fluid post workout. It naturally packs electrolytes to get you back on track fast!



Great source of monounsaturated fat. I love adding it to a raw tuna dish for a sushi dinner in. Also, adding just 1/8 to 1/4 of the fruit to any smoothie makes for an extra creamy treat.



Excellent source of vitamin D and B12. A wonderful protein option either fresh or frozen that is low in fat. Try it in tacos, salads, or on a veggie plate.



Contains 96% water and the skin is a nice source of magnesium, potassium, and silicon. My favorite way to enjoy it is floating at the top of my homemade cucumber cocktail. See my recipe below and try for happy hour tonight!

Refreshing Cucumber Cocktail

2 ounce Sprindrift Seltzer Cucumber Water

1 ounce Beach Vodka

2 tsp Simple Syrup 

1 tsp Lime Juice

< 100 calories! 

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