Invest In The Best This Season: Fuel You and Live Your Passion

12 months ago I taught you all about how to be a vixen!!!! Woohoo!!! Cheers!!! Cha Cha Cha!!! Last year, after being in a rut, that was the message I needed to hear at the time. This year, it is very different signal I am receiving and sending.

e5c701a7b197b3c08f0d1f9ae5c3a770This Christmas season, I urge you to invest in yourself instead of things. Don’t get me wrong,  I pretty much want everything hanging in my local lulu right now. But this year after probably the busiest and most fulfilling year of my life I’m making a shift. I’m going to invest in myself this season instead of investing in things. I realized I have not had a day off in over a year. This Friday I am off. My finances and my health could benefit much more from some rest than coffee our more make up.  Alongside my vision board hanging in my office on the wall, I keep a wish list of things/trips/gear I want. This list has served as a motivator to keep working hard. Make more money, get more things. I traded in that way of thinking 2 years ago when I left corporate world to chase my dream. Guess what…I caught it!

Often on the blog I pose the question of maybe. This year’s Christmas inspiration has me pondering that. Maybe this year I learned about more important things than feeling foxy. Maybe I feel the need to take better care of myself after a year with no break. Maybe it is how good I feel when I do something for myself and that feeling makes me want to do better for others. Maybe…it just is what it is. Whatever the case, I’m making a trade. The items on the list I’m working towards now are things that help me take better care of myself. A session of hot yoga classes, new running shoes for actual running, massage vouchers, a fitness conference weekend, and a membership for local produce delivery. As I tell my clients all the time, when you feel better you do better. Keeping my body, mind, and spirit in order keeps me strong, keeps me fulfilled, and it keeps me fueled to live out the dream and job I have a passion for. I am in the business of LOVE. Helping people fall in love with fitness. Fall in love with healthier versions of themselves. Fall in love with what they now can do.

Take some time deciding what ignites your fire. Is this something you can share with others? Find ways to better your craft. Make time in your day, your week, your month to foster your flame. I challenge you to not feel better and be inspired to do better after taking better care of your own self first.

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Turkey Talk: Ingredient Swap, Caloric Intake, and Staying Active This Season

unnamedGobble til you wobble…or something like that. I myself have been guilty of this. Especially the other night when dear friends of mine, Rick and Megan, hosted #Friendsgiving at their home. It was the perfect way to close out the 16 week fall training season. Marathon training was over for some. Fall coaching was officially on rest for our J&A Racing Team and The White House 2 White House was complete! Celebrating and toasting was definetley in order for all in attendance.  The splurge-tastic meal was amazing and one for the record books!

top-taglineLast Friday, Jim and recorded our weekly Really Truly Fit Podcast. The Thanksgiving Show was eye opening. In our turkey talk discussion, we reveal ingredient swaps, ways to stay active, and how to stay fit this holiday season. Did you know the average Thanksgiving dinner can pack over 4,000 calories! That doesn’t even account for the alcoholic bevs and apps before the meal even begins. Listen to our latest show HERE. Better yet, listen in while you do something active to start off your Thanksgiving Day. Hit up a local 5k, grab your family for a hike, or swarm the backyard for a game of touch football.

Burn to earn this year’s feast!

For more on the Really Truly Fit Podcast click HERE.



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Routine, Trust, and Love: CRA Elite Forum

Dedicated to all runners hitting Norfolk tomorrow, but especially members of the J&A Training Team


It is race weekend in Hampton Roads. 6,000 runners from 38 states are lacing up their shoes and hitting the streets tackling the Harbor Lights Half Marathon and 5k. This race is a special one. Last year I achieved my half marathon PR here. This year I am not running, but will have the honor of working and cheering on others. This race is put on by the beloved J&A Racing.  My fellow J&A Racing Training Team members have spent the past 16 weeks training for this. Sun, sweat, salt, showers, and many more obstacles proved no match for this group. I have full faith that tomorrow will be an amazing morning for many as long as they do a few things. Keep their routine, trust their training, and remember why they love running in the first place.

 Tomorrow will be a big day for several other runners as well. Nearly 20 college enrolled students of all ages will be competing for the title of Collegiate Running Association Champion. The CRA and J&A Racing have teamed up to provide an amazing day for all levels of participants tomorrow. This afternoon J&A Racing hosted an runner forum where members of the elite Collegiate Running Association addressed the crowd.  I attended the talk and came away with lots of inspirational information worth sharing.

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Friend, Coach, and Race Director Jerry Frostick made mention that this is so much more than a race. It is an event. An event between the City of Norfolk, J&A Racing, The Collegiate Running Association and runners of all stages. Jerry then turned over the floor to the panelists form the CRA. Questions were moderated and prompted from  Bob Schniedwind of J&A, as well as some from the crowd.


While their times are dramatically faster than most came fathom, the CRA athletes preparation and dedication to the sport is similar to what many of us do each week. Saturdays are spent in the park, balance is key, and loving the sport is why we are all here in the first place. Everyone on the panel seemed to agree sleep was important. Without it, running, school, or work was not possible. Another word mentioned a lot was routine. Keeping the same routine day in and day out fostered their “healthy hobby” as  Will Christian (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia) called it.

As for me and I suspect many other runners, my non running friends think I spend too much time running, too much time training, and too much time with my running peeps. “Why are you going to a race if you aren’t running?” Only my runner fam can understand that one.  Andrew Benford (Team Run Flagstaff / Under Armour; Coconino Community College, Flagstaff, Arizona) said it well when he spoke about priorities. “Priorities are things that are important to you” he said.

Running, training, and sometimes even racing is important to me.

If you are on my team, then you have heard this before. Trust your training. Andrew mentioned relying on your instincts. You have already done the work for 16 weeks. In some ways, this is just a showcase of all the digging deep you have done thus far. When in doubt, remember why you started. Remember what you originally set out to do. Maybe it is a time goal, maybe it was to commit to training for 16 weeks, maybe it was to run the entire route.  Samuel Mueller (Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama) said that “if you love something that much, it will work out.” I think he got that just right!

At the end of it all – when you need a final nudge…find a phrase, a word, or a chant that means something to you.  Recite it over and over like a mantra. Follow the crowd. Have fun, and trust yourself!

CRA Harbor Lights Preview


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Running: Overwhelmed By Joy

      have a strong emotional effect on
I just couldn’t fight it back anymore. This morning after an amazing group run in Norfolk I was completely moved to tears. Emotional? Yes I am emotional. I have so many emotions surrounding my running these days,  all of which I am proud of. It is the one thing that over the years has meant the most to me. Running evokes celebrations, sweat, and tears. For that I have a true love and respect for it all.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to wrangle this passion for running and fitness into a career at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios. I also have been graced with leadership in my local running community. My Saturday mornings the past 3 years have been spent chasing pavement alongside members of the J&A running team. Several hours a week shared with the same people make you very close. As my friend Rob pointed out today there is just something about it that bonds you to each other.  You share a lot with them and can’t imagine running a race or a workout without them.
A week from today I will set out for what might be the biggest run of my life. There is no time goal attached, but a goal for sure. The goal of raising awareness for a cause close to my heart.
I am a weekly volunteer with the LIFT through the Jim White Community Fitness Foundation. This combined with my passion for the sport allowed me the opportunity to help head up a 200+ mile relay from VB to DC in an effort to bring awareness to homelessness and hunger. I will tackle this run without any other members of my “Wolfpack” but will I know they will be with me the entire way.
 November 15 kicks off National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. It also marks the day that 12 individuals set out from VB as a team to cover the state by foot. This team is made up of some fantastic individuals with a passion for both running and the LIFT program. I remember when Jim shared this idea with me several months ago and immediately I knew I had to be a part of this. Months of preparation have turned into just days until we hit the road. We have put in many hours fundraising, planning, and organizing for this event. The donations by others both in prayer and in money have completely overwhelmed my little heart with joy. The selflessness of others on this running team to agree and get excited about a 36 hour nonstop run is truly astounding.
Today as I made my way through a 6+ mile Harbor Lights Course Preview with the J&A team,  I simply was moved to tears. Maybe it was the fact that many showed proof today of crushing their half marathon goal with just weeks to go. Maybe it was the fact that many of my friends are about to tackle full marathons, many in other states with some pretty lofty time goals. Maybe it was the fact that one of my clients finished her first 13.1 run today and the tracking alerts gave me the chills. Maybe it was that the route I ran today was the very route I ran a year ago where I achieved a PR. Maybe it was the fact that I am passing the 9:00 minute pace group torch to my friend Kristy. Or maybe it was all of it. I think the same love and respect for this sport overtook me and I simply couldn’t hold it back. My tears today were shed in joy. The true sign of being overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with inspiration from others and by faith that with just days to go before the 200+ relay, God has it all under control.
Thank you to my family, friends, and clients who have supported this journey…supported me and shared in the success of both teams. With that I leave you with my favorite running quote.
“Run the Road God Called You to Travel”

The Season Of Giving: Compliments

Ever see someone and think , man I love that outfit…that bag…that haircut. Did you take the time to tell them? Chances are you didn’t say a word. What stopped you?

Since it is the season of giving… and we are about the giving of thanks, why can’t we be all about the giving of the compliments as well? It may seem like it doesn’t make a difference but it does. Think about how you feel when someone tells you that you have done something well, that you look beautiful, or that they are thankful for you. Even more importantly, think about the days you wish someone would just say something nice.

Sometimes, life beats us up pretty good.  The gesture of giving a nice compliment is simply an act of saying something nice to someone. In can be your spouse, your employee, your child or a complete stranger. Imagine your little world if everyone was just a bit kinder. Who knows, maybe you will start a chain reaction. I guarantee that what you say will work wonders on the person listening. Also, it will work wonders for your spirit too.





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