Holiday Travel Workout

Just because you are traveling this season, doesn’t mean you have to skip your weekly workout routine. Your in-law’s basement or your hotel room can be the perfect spot to get a total body workout including cardio, no machines necessary.

How many of you travel for races these days anyway? Shift your mind to think that if you would travel for a race…then why wouldn’t you include fitness in regular travel as well.

As many of my clients plan their holiday travel plans, I have been asked numerous times how to stay shape while on vacation? I have two tips for how to keep your fitness routine up while on the go.

1. MAINTAIN - take the pressure off of yourself to loose extra weight and focus on enjoying the holiday…not indulging, but enjoying it. Maintain your workout routine or current fitness level through the end of the year and get back at it fiercer than every in January.

2.  ROUTINE - Keep up your routine to include your weekly workout schedule. If you work out first thing in the morning during the work/school day, do that while on vacation. Keep your weekly appointment with yourself to get your exercise on before your sweat session gets interrupted by a holiday happy hour or gathering. When you travel, the only thing that should change is your sweatastic scenery.

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to run through the city or town I am visiting. My family has a home on a river 90 minutes away from where I live and I love to run through the salty little river town on my summer weekends there. If running isn’t your thing, or you are hindered by winter weather, there are several ways to get your sweat on and cardio up. When I travel I have been known to toss a jump rope in my bag. Another easy packing item are resistance bands.




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Sunday Morning Ritual: Food, Laundry, Mind

Most Sunday mornings are spent with me in my pajamas with a mug of coffee shuffling around the house. I do not rush out the door. I do sip my coffee slowly and enjoy Joel Osteen, The Today Show , and the CMT Country Countdown while I wake up. I spend time with my computer writing, researching, pinning, and posting. This is the one day a week I have that I do not have to rush out the door before the sun. I purposely leave Sunday mornings open for this ritual every week. It is a weekly appointment with myself and without the clock to just be and get myself put together for the week. Typical Sunday morning activities include laundry, food prep, and some prayer/meditation time. This fall I have even added a short shake out run to the day. Maybe it is because I like to control things or maybe because it gives me piece of mind that I am prepared. Either way when Monday morning comes early, I feel ready to tackle the week.

This week’s meal prep took about 1 hour and awarded me with 4 to-go breakfast boxes of egg bake and apples, 2 to-go salads , and 1 large pot of soup to eat off for the week.


1 cup of spinach, 1 hard boiled egg chopped, some sliced mushrooms, and a handful of pumpkin seeds


Egg Bake Recipe

6-8 eggs, 1 and 1/2 cups of vegetables of choice (this week included some spinach, olives, and mushrooms) 1/2 cup of cheese to be split for the bottom layer and the topping. Mix the eggs and veggies in a bowl as if you were making an omelet. Preheat oven to 350. Line baking dish with half of the cheese. Pour the egg mixture over the cheese and bake for 25 minutes. Add the remaining cheese topping and bake until cooked through and golden brown. 

An easy container with a slice of egg bake and apples is the perfect grab and go for early mornings on the run. Remember protein at every meal! 

Cinnamon/Citrus Apples

Slice 2 whole apples, toss in a bowl with 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. The lemon juice will help the apples stay fresh all week and ease the cinnamon to coat each slice. 


Pumpkin & Lentil Soup 

This recipe is one I found during one of my Pinterest searches. Click HERE for the full recipe. I simmered everything on the stove top before I blended it up in my mixer. The perfect “creamy” soup without the cream. It is also packed full of protein and antioxidants. 


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Fresh Faced With Rodan + Fields And Drugstore Make Up

As a mid thirty’s fitness gal, I ride a fine line of tomboy and girly girl. I love to experiment and have fun with new beauty products and even throw on some “no make up makeup” for a workout or race. With a limited budget, the challenge I have these days is paying high price for products. I also face the challenge of time. Weekday mornings start super early and the last thing I want to do before heading to the gym is spend more than a handful of minutes on my “no makeup makeup” look. I have always believed that the key to a great looking face is a good skincare line. It preps the canvas for any look from the most minimal to the most glam.

With a limited budget and limited time to spend on beauty splurging, I was delighted to find out that a close girlfriend was launching a business as a Rodan + Fields Consultant. After a long overdue coffee catch up session where I spent most of the time starting at her flawless skin, I knew I had to try the product. Rodan + Fields is the same name that brought us Proactive Solution,  a trusted name in the skin care and dermatology industry. Not only did I trust the brand, but I trusted my friend as the Rodan + Fields consultant to steer me in the right direction. With four lines to choose from, I opted for the blemish control system. I began using the 4 step program 3 weeks ago. Twice a day I do the following steps.

Wash  Face

Apply Toner

Apply Serum

Apply Lotion

You are probably already doing these steps now, but if you are like me, you were piecing together different lines or samples to make it work. That combination along with bad skin genes and a sweaty face most of the day left me with some serious skin challenges. I am 34 years old and think that skin problems should be a thing of the past.

What I Experienced

The first week I experienced a little pore purging and a few blemishes. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle and was minimal at best. Soon after the first week I noticed the few sun spots I had developed this year began to disappear. The most noticeable difference to my skin was how my skin tone evened out. After 3 weeks I am a believer. My morning routine time has been cut to a minimum.  Earlier this week I was even comfortable hitting the gym to see clients before daybreak with a little powder, mascara, and nude lipgloss. I am more confident with my skin and braved my Saturday morning group run with absolutely no cosmetics at all.

After you are set up with clear skin, you are ready to glam yourself as needed. I came across the ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) brand on Pinterest, see my Be A Vixen Board for more ELF products and tips on how to use them. The last time I was in Target for an errand I grabbed a couple pieces of the $1 -$3 makeup. These items make the perfect gym bag take along and are now part of my “No Make Up Makeup” morning Routine.

Elf Products I Am Loving 


Loving the blush/bronzer duo compact and concealer/highlighter duo.
2 Products in one is helpful and handy!

FullSizeRender 3

My Beauty Philosophy 

Some may argue that sports and fitness is no place for makeup and to some extent I agree with that. Ultimately my philosophy on most things these days is that if it makes you feel good, confident, or happy…then you should do it! So stock up on these items for when and if you feel you want to use them.

For more information on Rodan + Fields click HERE or contact Jessica Highsmith HERE for a consultation.

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Weight Training For Runners: Why I Do It

Weight training for runners is more than just a suggestion these days. It has become a crucial part of the training program. Speaking for myself, I have been researching and experimenting with workouts the past couple of weeks as I kick off my Shamrock Half Marathon Training. I have also noticed new running clients coming in through the fitness studio who are looking for ways to get stronger, more fit, and even faster from their time spent in the gym. If you are running significant mileage averaging 20 miles a week or more, you are probably in training for a longer race. Most of your workout time is probably spent pounding the pavement, track, or treadmill 4-5 days per week.

For years, my love of challenging myself through running has had a positive overflow benefit of fitness into my life keeping me trim and fit. I kept signing up for races, and I managed to remain running most days of the week throughout the year. About 18 months ago I made a major shift in my nutrition and in my cross training. I incorporated 1-2 days of bodyweight exercises and became more aware of my nutritional needs. After some tweaking, I immediately noticed my body and speed changing. I physically leaned out and became lighter. The lighter and leaner I became, the quicker I got. This combo pushed me back into the running shape I had been in several years ago.


With Shamrock Training kicking off this week, I am making the commitment to bump things up once again. With life settling down a bit, I am finding more time to dedicate to my own personal fitness goals. I will be incorporating even more weight training this winter. I will be experimenting this season with a combination of weight training, yoga, and running. This comprehensive program will incorporate speed, strength and even recovery. The goal will be to run a strong and comfortable 1/2 marathon in March.

Weight training doesn’t have to include heavy weights or bulky physiques. It can mean a toned core, stronger legs, leaner arms, stronger back, and sculpted shoulders. If you have run a half marathon or longer, you know it takes everything you have from an overall fitness level,  especially that last push to the finish. With a comprehensive program, you can work towards having the strongest and most efficient body possible.

Here are some of my favorite exercises right now I am adding in that I can do anywhere. They require little or no equipment that work my entire body and give me the added weight training I need.


russian twist

overhead weighted alternating lunge

kettlebell squats with overhead press


Happy training! With running questions email

To train, click HERE to fill in a request for a complimentary consultation for Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios.

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Stay Detoxed This Season: December Fitness Events

FITNESS EVENTS#BeAVixen Holiday Challenge  Going On NOW!
Read More HERE#FitandFancy Ornament GiveawayContest from Monday December 1, 2014 – December 5, 2014!!! We have teamed up with @FancyFontsVB to bring you a #FitandFancy giveaway just in time for the holidays. 

1 winner every day (by random drawing) this week will receive a #FitandFancy ornament. Here is how to win.

1. FOLLOW TheFitPetite/@thefitpetite and Fancy Fonts by Karen Psimas /@fancyfontsvb on Instagram and Facebook. 
2. UPLOAD & HASHTAG your best #FitandFancy picture and be sure to use that hashtag so we can track the winners. (Entry pictures may be featured on on Social Media by @TheFitPetite)
3. TAG @TheFitPetite and @FancyFontsVB in each pic

#HollyJollyHealthyHoliday Find out how to have a Holly Jolly Healthy Holiday HERE

Saturday December 6 - Reindeer Rally 5k and 7k 
Sunday December 7- Busch Gardens Christmas Town Dash 8k 

December Events
Complimentary yoga in the lululemon store!
Sundays 10:30-11:30 this month!
Sweat with me at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios !!! 
Click HERE  to schedule a complimentary consultation
J&A Shamrock Training Team
Click HERE for details

Busch Gardens Christmas Town Dash 8k – December 7

Santa Claus Shuffle 5k – December 13

Tacky Sweater – December 13

Holly Jolly 5k – December 13

Toys Run 5k – December 14

Jingle Jog – December 20

Seashore 50k – December 20

J&A Surf and Santa 5 Miler December 20

New Year’s Day

Hair of the Dog 5k 

Norfolk Botanical Garden - 2.015 Fun Run

January Events 

Frosty 5k – Jan 24

Freezer Burn 5k – Jan 25

Mud In Your Eye Distance Series Jan 10, Jan 17, Jan 31


Looking to stay detoxed this season? Check out my thoughts here in this post from

Eat This, Not That



Click HERE for a full list of fitness events or to REGISTER for the races listed above.

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