Be A Believer

From a young age we are taught to believe. We are taught to believe in Santa, in God, and in the power of good. The irony of those is not lost on me. I have talked about my childhood many times on this blog. I will again today. I am so glad I grew up in a home that taught me to believe. One of the biggest things I was taught to believe in, is myself. My parents did such a good job of fostering this. I am fierce with it and fearless against my goals. From running to business, I believe I am capable of creating and crafting my dreams into fruition. It isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but even with the highs and lows and internal struggle against myself, I stay faithful in working towards these things.

When I started this site in 2011, I had a belief that the writing I was doing would help me heal. I soon realized the “little blog that could” was a place to share my gifts and talents. It was a space to in turn help others. I have faced many challenges, many trials, many growing pains. But thru the pains, there have been even more gains. New clients, new opportunities, new friends. I choose to believe that this is what a marathon might feel like. At times it hurts, you may cry, you may doubt.  You may loose things along the way. But it is the gains in strength and power that top it all.

I believe that I am constantly growing, learning, and morphing. I believe in the good that surrounds me.

Last Sunday I came across the OWN channel and was fortunate enough to catch Oprah interviewing best selling author and expert of food-weight-body image,  Geneen Roth. I wrote down the following quote.

“Choose to focus on what is going right rather what is going wrong” 


My interpretation: Be a believer of the good.

Even on my worst day, much more is in my favor than not: I am healthy, I have shelter, I am loved.

When it comes to our communities, we must believe in their purpose. If we didn’t, why would we want to be a part of them in the first place. I believe in the power of my pack, as I fondly refer to my running team. We share common goals of living, loving, and running…in that order. I believe in the purpose of the entrepreneurship groups I have the pleasure of popping in and out of. We share a common journey. A common struggle, a common desire to grow ourselves and our businesses. I believe in the good of others and the power of my tribe…as I so lovingly call my girlfriends. We all have scars, have wounds, have walls. But it is our belief in ourselves and in each other that stands firm.

 After spending the past several years pounding away at my keyboard, I still believe in the purpose of this site.  I believe in my purpose. It is to be a champion: for my teammates, for my clients, and for my friends. Today I champion you dear reader to believe in yourself.

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