Ash Wednesday: My Proof of Faith

Last year at this time, at the starting block of the season of Lent, I sat in church with a full head and a heavy heart. It was Ash Wednesday, my favorite worship service of the year. It always sparks something special in me. Each year this service has a way of awakening parts of my soul I never knew existed. It’s a refresh and it always falls near my birthday. This year the service falls on Valentines Day and for me it is so poetic. Especially when I consider what the past year has brought me in the way of love.

At the end of this service, there is a time to express a prayer need to our pastor. As I approached him last year, I wasn’t sure what my ask would be. And then almost suddenly, yet naturally it came out. Poured out. Something like “I want financial stability and I want a family” I wrote about that experience here. Ye (me) of little faith how much God was already working on that and just how close he was to showing me his work.

Just a few months after the service…by late summer, an influx of financial blessings flowed. Around that same time, my eyes and heart were opened to a person I would come to learn was my solemate, my soulmate…my person.

I spent years building my dreams and those same years battling challenges beyond measure in both areas.

Here I am a year later from that moment. The very things I faithfully and boldly prayed for I now have. This is no accident. This, is what I know to be my proof of faith.

A comma sits in a bank account that once showed much less. More valuable than that, is the love and life I am creating and sharing with someone who values the same prayers and beliefs I do.

Ash Wednesday is next week. I plan on being in the same church, at the same service once again. I still have prayer needs, but I have a massive prayer of gratitude as well.

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