Yoga Love: Studio Bamboo

I fell in love with yoga years ago, but have developed a true appreciation for it more recently from my May trip to the Wanderlust Festival.

Wanderlust, 2016

When I practice regularly, I physically feel better and emotionally I am more calm and clear. I find myself using elements of my practice through the day from breathe work to stretches.

Tuesday Instagram – Pre Sushi Dinner

 I have been fortunate enough to experience so many wonderful yoga facilities in Virginia Beach and beyond. One of my favorite places to unroll my mat each week is Studio Bamboo. I love Studio Bamboo because of it’s nearby location and expansive class schedule which make it convenient to hop in anytime of day. I appreciate that when I walk in I am always greeted warmly by name. The instructors are welcoming. They are intuitive and attentive to their students. They remember my weird hips and tight hamstrings and offer modifications for as me needed.

A couple of years ago, I was happy to learn that Studio Bamboo would be an official partner to the J&A training team, the group I run with regularly. My worlds were colliding for the greater good. Bamboo offer specials for our team and even provides team classes dedicated to postures and poses us runners need for recovery. Since May, I have made yoga a priority in my own weekly fitness schedule. I even created Yoga Monday’s on my calendar.  Spending time on my mat in a Restorative or Yin/Yang class at the beginning of the week sets a peaceful and purposeful tone to my own life flow.

This past month our team has had the privilege of attending a Monday yoga session taught by Studio Bamboo owner, Ann Stevens. These classes have been a blessing in my training and make my Track Tuesday workouts easier.  Taking a fitness class from any studio owner is a treat. It is time spent with the best of the best. It has been pure joy to get the expertise of Ann and the endless amounts of stretches she serves up each week. Even though we grimace and groan, she helps us find and hold grace with our bodies that at times appear broken.

Yoga Set Up. Yin Yang Class
Monday, Yin Yang Class Set Up

I encourage you to book a regular yoga appointment with yourself. If you haven’t yet tried Bamboo, go this week! Your body will thank you. There is a class for everyone in the family, even the kids.

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