My Year Of Yoga

It was about a year ago I was coming off of a hefty fitness training cycle. Just as it came to a conclusion, I hit the road and headed to Snowshoe, West Virginia on a quest to find relaxation at the Wanderlust Fitness Retreat. Little did I know how much this trip would change my life. Not only would I get to share the trip with my mother and our good friend Janet, I would also be immersed in the yoga lifestyle, in nature, and in gentle living. Wanderlust is a sort of fitness festival for adults. Top talent is brought in to teach and instruct one of a kind experiences like yoga, mediation, slack lining, and an amazing hike that was lead by my dear friend and running Coach Ryan Conrad.

You can read more on my experience with Wanderlust 2016 here.

Wanderlust 2016, On our way to the lululemon party
Wanderlust 2016, On our way to the lululemon party

During the weekend long experience I could feel my life changing and my spirit developing. I carry the memories made in the mountains deep in my heart and think of them often. I learned a lot about yoga and myself on this trip. It was abundantly clear how much I needed yoga more regularly in my life. It was then that I made a new fitness goal of making it to my mat an average of once a week.  I also vowed to change my entire philosophy of healthy living and I redefined what it looked and felt like.

More of what the body can do than what it looks like.

More of who you share miles with than how fast you run them.

More feeding your spirit than worrying about the amount of calories you feed yourself.


The year of yoga is complete and my practice will live on. I am proud to say I have upheld my end of the bargain from the goal set all those months. Weekly sessions of uninterrupted time are enjoyed, valued, and necessary. It is a time for intuitiveness towards my physical body and emotional needs. Studio Bamboo has become a staple and the instructors are a gift. As well are the unique pop up programs offered by the Bhav Brigade.  Since January, I have also been enjoying my visits to Restorative Therapy Co which is where I practiced tonight. Immediately following the yin class, I walked next door and picked up Chinese takeout…proving that I now can appreciate and surrender to exactly what I need on and off the mat. This is yoga!

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