Yax Yoga Concepts Retreat, Finding Balance

Yax Yoga Concepts, Day 4


Today I awoke feeling that my mind was rested, but my body was still a bit tired. Late yesterday afternoon I managed to get in an easy 3o minute run along then beach here in Nosara. It was amazing. I was thankful for the time to be able to do that, and equally thankful to give my legs a little shake out. They desperately needed it and felt better almost immediately.

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This morning, as I climbed the “stairway to heaven” as I have unofficially nicknamed the path to the yoga room, I noticed my calves were feeling a bit crampy. After my climb, I settled into a spot in the yoga room for meditation and felt as though I had a successful session. My mind wandered some, but I didn’t move my body out of posture for the duration of the practice. I did notice that my foot had fallen asleep halfway through and my entire body from the waist down felt very fatigued.

I drank extra fluids at breakfast in hopes that my hip, knee, and leg stiffness would soon seize. Halfway through the 90 minute morning yoga practice, my hips and legs began to lock up. I muddled through and by lunch knew that my plans to practice yoga again this afternoon needed to be changed.

Each day, Sarah Yax shares a phrase with us on the white board as we enter the yoga room. Today I noticed this mantra as I exited the morning session.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind”

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I felt that this was true and appropriate of how my afternoon would go. In a normal week, it isn’t unheard of for me to have anywhere from 4-7 workout sessions and usually only 1 of those is yoga. It occurred to me that over the last 4 days, I had exercised 6 times and 5 of those had been yoga. I decided to take a hot relaxing shower and rest in my room before afternoon practice. It was cloudy, which made it easier to rest. At that point I had made the decision to give myself a little balance and a little break.  I knew I would not actively participate in the next yoga session.  I marched up the hill again late this afternoon and instead of practicing, I became the observer and the photographer. I enjoyed being a bystander as I witnessed people merge into the beautiful poses and postures before me. There was something beautiful about every single student and every single body in class. It was truly something to admire and witness what each individual was capable of. The way they each moved their body was a true balance of both grace and intensity.

After class, I pushed myself against the wall for some deep hamstring stretches. The balance of stretching and resting this afternoon is becoming noticeable as the tension in my legs is slipping away.

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The leaders of our trip, John and Chris Yax gave a talk tonight on Witnessing The Presence of Pure Awareness. They discussed how we as individuals can get wrapped up at times in our sense perceptions or even our own emotions. A sense perception is something that we may believe to be true.  We may sense something to be true about ourselves based on something we perceive.

For example, a couple of years ago faced with the same situation of a tired body just as I had been today, I may have still chosen to not participate in the yoga session. I may have also perceived others to think I was weak or a “slacker” for not practicing. But now after much soul searching and prayer, I am more comfortable with my decision.   I was able to install a little balance into my life by giving my legs the rest they were asking for. The perception based on nothing factual could have eaten me up inside. It could have produced feelings of inadequacy or guilt. Often with those feelings, our minds continue down a path of negativity and we may even begin reacting to something that may not have even been reality in the first place.

Just as we need balance in our physical body, we need balance over our mind as well. The daily mediation helps gives our minds a break and stop.

Treat yourself like the poses and the postures and install some balance.

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