From The Workday To A Workout


Can I juggle my existing workout schedule while managing the work day…that was the big question floating around like a cloud above me Sunday morning. Truth be told I was scared. Would I be able to hang on to this little life I had fought so hard to carve out? Would I slip back into the exhaustion or over exertion I clawed my way out of in December? Instead of being afraid of it, I decided to take a step back and opted to search for what I could learn from it.

As I prepped and readied myself for a return to the world of a more structured routine, I couldn’t help but wonder how I would balance it all. The setting of a more formal workday paired with my new desire for easy, slower living…

After much thought, I finally realized sometime Sunday afternoon that the only thing I needed to ready was my mind. Food prep and workout schedules didn’t matter. Coming to terms with being off of my routine for a few days did. By letting go of expectation, I immediately got lighter. A little less afraid. The pressure to cram it all in was no longer a problem. I had removed it as an option.

I must be stronger because I don’t feel the need to justify my health and fitness choices to myself or to others. My fall race schedule light this season is a deliberate decision. Shorter races and more races fueled by fun. In a year from now I won’t remember the time I ran Saturday’s 5k in. I will remember this season of change and how instead of fighting the clock I embraced it and I never put my running shoes away. Lighter, less intense workouts are on deck for the next few weeks. Keeping it simple and relaxed keeps me in love with it. Another re-route on my journey doesn’t mean the trip is canceled. It means I am simply getting there a different way.

Ending my first day back early left enough time for a workout. But I am realizing that sometimes the idea of doing absolutely nothing except savoring the sweetness in the slow down is the best option. Learning from the past and remembering the value in rest for both the physical body and spirit.

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