What Happened After A Week Of Great Nutrition

Last week I posted a little food challenge on the blog. It was designed to do a few things.

Mainly for me it was to:

  1. Bring awareness
  2. Bust out of a food rut
  3. Monitor my macros

I was able to substitute so many of my weekly foods for leaner, greener, cleaner options. While counting calories isn’t something I’m a fan of (because who has time for that) I did bust out My Fitness Pal for a few days. Living by numbers is no way to love at all, however we do need to get metrics and a baseline in order to know where to go. Especially if weight loss or muscle gain are in your goals checklist. One of the features in the app is the macro counter. This was extremely enlightening for me and a few of my clients. It became evident we weren’t getting enough. This level of awareness helped us “beef up” our meals. By “beef up” I mean amp up the protein.

For example a smoothie or oatmeal can be a great example of clean eating. But it is a meal that could use an amp. This doesn’t have to mean animal protein. Adding a serving of nuts, but butters, chia seeds, or even protein powder can make the meal more complete. The same philosophy goes for your week day lunch salad. Fresh veggies are great, but where’s the lean protein?

Oatmeal Bowl with PB, Chia, and Unsweetened Dried Fruit

Toss on some tuna, a couple hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, 1/2 an avocado , or lean meats to offer a serving of protein that helps you burn fat, build muscle, and even stay fuller longer.

When it comes to carbs, try some new variations. During half marathon training white rice and pasta were a staple for us. Quick, easy, white starch. Instead of the rice, we now are eating quinoa which offers more benefits like protein, antioxidants, and lower in calories. 

Clean, Green Tuna Bowl with Quinoa

With warmer temps and more seasonal veggies available, I’m rediscovering my love for zoodles and new recipes that compliment. Check out the frozen food section of target or Trader Joe’s for a bag of the spiralized wonder.

After a week of implementing some new habits and actually adding more in than I took away, I had gang buster results.

  1. I had more energy.
  2. I slept better at night.
  3. I ditched the bloat.
  4. I lost 3 lbs.

    OVERALL… My foods were more powerful and purposeful. I ate more often. Weekend plans included a little champagne and cupcakes in the mix. Because it is NOT about giving those things up completely as it IS about making room and finding the spot to enjoy them! Sunday brought a 7 mile hike, fresh homemade smoothies, steak, and sautéed veggies. have always been my best guinea pig.

    There’s not much tweaking needed as I move forward. This nutrition style suits me as is. I’ve adapted and amped up my meals. My macros are more on line for my current lifestyle. I’m still enjoying all the things in life and have a healthy approach to how and when I do it.

    This is living the sweat filled life!

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