The Week Of Saying Yes

The week of YES it was unintentional. It was completely unassuming in the way it overtook me, and yet completing consuming.

At times I am a guarded person, playing it safe…subconsciously knowing I will set myself up for an easy win by not deviating from my plan in business, fitness, and relationships. I am extremely…internally…analytical to the “what ifs” and often seek outside wisdom on this issue from a friend. She told me to be open. Be open, feel, and let things happen. I am a structured person, it can be a struggle to stray from my schedule, my routine or accept invites for week night activities, let alone send them out myself.  Maybe it was the full moon, but this week, the energy was palpable…but I empathically said yes to everything. And the after effects of that decision over and over again brought more than I could have ever imagined.

Run the trails…just the trails, take the long way, and charge the hills YES

Take an outdoor yoga class YES

Catch the sunset, stay on the beach after dark and soak up the light of moon YES

Jump into 5k speed sessions YES

Take a circuit class…at the brewery…stay after…drink beer…and eat pizza YES

When these questions were posed to me, something wonderful happened. I never doubted or even spent any time pondering anything other than yes. I felt open and accepting of these amazing opportunities the universe was sending me. I have been asking for them. I have been praying for them. It is abundantly clear the amount of energy surrounding me. I feel it!  My dreams are vivid, my creative energy is high! I am riding the wave. I know there will be a low. A valley that will come. I don’t say that to sound pessimistic, I say that to sound realistic. Life brings ups and it brings downs like waves and right now the high I’m on is amazing. I am not questioning it. I am embracing it. Leaning fully in. Feeling it. Allowing it with complete vulnerability.


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