Vision Board: My 5 Tips To Build Your Own

Goal digging, goal setting, chasing dreams….the possibilities for you are endless. You might have spent time earlier this month plotting out goals for 2017. Big wishes and hopes built upon a 12 month calendar year. You might even be nodding right now. I am big on setting goals and forecasting success for myself. I beleive you can decide to tackle a goal or a change whenever you are so moved, not just during the celebration of the New Year. Today is as good a time as any.  Besides, isn’t resolutions just a fancy word for goal?

cc2bde0990db531c0ebef023857c7677This past New Years Eve I turned down my party invites and stayed home to lay out…or slay out my vision board. Since 2016 brought me to my knees…and frankly to the floor…I figured I would break the cycle and start the flip of the calendar off on the right foot. I knew I would have the time in 2017 to put towards getting me closer to the place I wanted to be both personally and professionally. I also knew I needed to start from scratch. Start at the beginning, by rebuilding a foundation and remembering my own roots. I popped a bottle of Veuve, gathered up my favorite fitness and beauty magazines and began cutting and creating. I started by placing 2017 in the center of the board and navigated my way around it.  Steadily growing, expanding, and forming my network of dreams. I built my board differently than before. Typically I used pictures to represent individual victories I hoped to win. This year I started with words, phrases, and even some numbers. I worked from the outside in, just as I plan to do with myself. Phrases and words manifested. Ideas like travel, financial stability, new business ventures took shape.


My board is prominently showcased in my home office. I gaze up at it daily as I pound away at my computer keys. Weekly it acquires more inspiration…a champagne cork as a reminder to schedule more time for fun, a name tag from an event to represent business networking, a sticky note with my track workout splits on it to remind me to keep working on my fitness. All important elements of the board as a whole.

Want to get started building your own vision board?

Vision Board

Here are my 5 tips to get you closer to crafting the life you want and living out the dreams you deserve.

1. Just start. No rules, this is your free space to create your own masterful mess.

2. Observe what words you are drawn towards and see if you can identify why.

3. Represent all aspects of live. Include family, business, faith, and even fitness if that is important to you.

4. Display in a place you will see and appreciate it daily.

5. Celebrate your wins, they will come and each one deserves to be noted and honored.

For more on dream building and staying true to your roots, check out the WELL Workshop I am participating in this week. To schedule a personal goal digging session with me for business or fitness, email me at

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