Vision Board How To

Every December I build a vision board. I lay out a mix of mantras, travel plans, $ goals, fitness challenges, professional development, and even ways to better relationships with myself and others. The way I’ve done it over the years has evolved. The ritual begins with my favorite old cork board, magazine clippings, saved swag from races, bibs, random gift ribbons, pictures, and my personal hand written goals. The perfect blend of crafting and cultivating for the upcoming year. This is the blueprint for building that life you want. To living your best life! 

The fantastic thing about this project is that there is no wrong way to do it. But there are a few tricks I have learned over the years to make the process more effective. As much time as we spend sweating, I feel attention should be paid to dreaming about the goals we want to achieve through fitness…as well as the other elements of life.

Being in the entrepreneur game, allows me to do amazing activities like this with my clients. I had discussed the idea with a couple of my clients several months ago. When they asked about doing it earlier this month, I opted for a tribe wide get together. I believe gathering around a table filled with amazing food, bubbly champagne, and stellar friends made the night pretty epic!  We are a #fitfam, so it makes sense to share not only the night together but our goals and accountability with each other as well.

Before we dove in, I tossed out a few things for us to consider. Here are my tips to bringing that board to fruition! 

  1. Be Realistic. Instead of saying I want to run a race. Phrase it this way. “I want to run Shamrock Half Marathon!”
  2. Determine Why. Give the goal context and identity “I want to run this half because I’ve fought my way back to this level of fitness and want to celebrate it!”
  3. Be Specific. Be Conscious. Be Deliberate. Instead of saying I’ll train a few times a week. Say “I want to run this half under 9:30 pace. I will incorporate 3 runs into my week. 1 will be speed, 1 will be long, and another will be tempo”
  4. Identify the Amount of Time. Speak Intentionally. “I will complete 3 runs/ week on given days, 2 strength training sessions on given days, 1 yoga class, etc”
  5. Prioritize. I remind myself and my clients that fitness should not be #1 on our boards. We are not professional athletes and even though fitness is my job, it doesn’t rank #1. Elements of your life such as family, faith, and even finances might be in the top. Take it a step further in each a category and prioritize the goals under each. For example, if you have a financial goal to buy a new car and pay off credit card debt, which one would be priority? 

You’ve heard me talk about prayer here before. You probably even know I pray about my fitness and wellness. God is big enough to help us with any and all things. I learned a few years ago to take everything to him and man has my life changed since doing that!  A few years ago I spent New Years Eve at home with a bottle of Veuve building my board. I laid a massive prayer over each thing. If you want to know how that turned out read here

Lastnight, we shared that same experience gathered around our table. That’s the amazing thing about this tribe. We truly share a vibe. We invited God to oversee our goals. We asked him to use us for his will and align these goals in his purpose. Know we can use our own boards as a prayer starter and have plenty of meditation mantras at the ready.

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