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Moments after she won Shamrock Full 2014!

Admit it, you spend hours in front of your tv or computer scrolling for the sport of choice as you watch athletes nudge out their competition to make the 2016 Olympic Team. Obviously I love watching and rooting on all running eventts. I also find it inspiring to watch the swimmers compete. Katie Lydecky…you go girl! Let us not fail to mention the special love we all have for those little gymnasts. Unreal! Simone Biles, I am a new fan!

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Ever wonder what it is really like to train like an Olympian? I got a little insight into that lifestyle a couple weeks ago as I interviewed my friend Joanna Zeiger for the really Truly Fit Podcast I cohost w Jim White.

I had the honor of meeting Joanna in 2014 as I served as an elite athlete host for the Shamrock Marathon on behalf of J&A Racing.  That weekend is my most favorite of the year not only because of the race festivities, but because of opportunities to meet amazing athletes like Joanna. She went on to gut out an amazing win in the Shamrock Full that year and qualify for the Olympic Trials. Joanna completed this past February in LA and it was a blast cheering her on as we all watched live from Murphy’s in VB.

Joanna Zeiger far right, Photo Credit- Runner's World

Joanna Zeiger far right, Photo Credit- Runner’s World

 Joanna holds several titles including Olympian, World Champion, and Ph.D.

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Jim and I asked her several questions about her experience during the Sydney games, her training, and fighting her way back on the road to recovery after a traumatic bike accident. Listen to the entire interview here.  This is one episode you won’t want to miss.

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