The Game Changers: Netflix Movie Review and Our Food Philosophy

After a couple days of swirling buzz regarding the latest Netflix documentary, The Game Changers, I sat down to watch it. The film opens with an up close spotlight of pro athletes celebrating victories and the first scene is a hands on combat fighting demo. The premise: a movie about plant based eating, protein, and strength. The movie is produced by the award winning James Cameron who, with his wife, has gone completely vegan after seeing similar Netflix docs. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a part of the project and is featured in the film. I paused the video and waited for the next opportunity Jason and I could watch it together. I knew he would want to see this.

Saturday night after a sushi date, we snuggled in and watched The Game Changers. From the first few minutes, we were looking at each other and nodding. We both saw the value of the information and knew we wanted to immediately incorporate what made sense for us.

I am a Netflix documentary junkie. I will include a list below of what I consider to be thought provoking and educational finds when it comes to the power of food. Years ago, I came across Forks Over Knives and ended up giving up red meat for a few years. I don’t think it has to be so drastic these days. I now am able to discern what nuggets of information are helpful for me and applicable to my personal values and nutritional needs.

We spend the majority of our weekly household budget on food. Quality is key, even when dining out.  We are conscious in our decision making and consider these to be important decisions. Not to say we don’t enjoy a good burger or pizza. We do, we just enjoy it with quality, clean ingredients! The importance of the investment into our health is there. We dip our toe into the vegetarian lifestyle often. We’ve done it for weeks at a time and often enjoy a few non meat recipes each week. In short, our philosophy includes the humane treatment of animals. Consuming only wild, free range, or organic when possible. In our house, we steer clear of mass produced meats in turn we are able to avoid the added antibiotics and hormones most are given to improve growth. Our produce is purchased in much of the same way. We often shop local farmers markets and when in the supermarket, we opt for organic – non pesticide items.

It might seem overwhelming to think of going no meat or consuming less of it, but take it in steps. I’m certainly not sharing this blog to convince you to become a vegetarian or vegan. I am not even committing to that for myself. I’m sharing this blog to open your eyes and educate you on the dietary options that exist other than the current possibly low grade nutrition you are consuming. With so many resources for information now a-days, it is so easy. You can’t keep your heads in the sand any longer. It’s a matter of wanting to know and wanting to change. Jason and I love learning, especially when it comes to health and fitness. One of us is always reading/listening to something new in smaller digestible chunks like books, blogs, podcasts, or online magazines. To me, Netflix offers some of the most powerful positions when it comes to eating. Films open up an easy to understand dialogue about food preparation, consumption, our biological response to varied nutrition programs, and even food culture.

I share this not to get a pat on the back or even an eye roll. I share this because I firmly believe this is why we usually feel well. I look at grocery shopping and meal prepping as a serious job for this family. I am thrilled I have the time to dedicate to it. It is a mission each week to fuel us with nutrients and nourishment. We love food, so the recipes I choose have to be good.  Consider taking ownership of your food, your nutritional intake, and even your food preparation. The benefits are tremendous and are available to everyone immediately! Simple, sustainable, and applicable. 

Learn More About The Power Of Food And Your Health

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: Suzi Cameron One Meal A Day
Forks Over Knives – learn about processed foods, obesity, diabetes
Heal – stories from spiritual leaders and physicians discussing the power of human thoughts and human health
Cowspiracy – factory farming and how it is destroying the planet’s natural resources
Cooked – how culture plays a part in what we eat and how we prepare it
What The Health – examines the direct correlation of diet and disease
The Magic Pill – the use of a nutrient rich diet in eliminating disease

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