The Difference And Importance of Wellness and Fitness

The concepts of wellness and fitness are not mutually exclusive. It’s important to understand the difference and importance of each concept respectively.

I’ve worked with many individuals and athletes over the years who are remarkable at their craft/sport. But yet they are nutrient deficient, under rested, over trained, and even injured. In other words, they are not well.

My understanding of the concept of WELLNESS:

Nutrient Dense Diet

Body Composition

Rest & Sleep Hygiene

Regular Mindfulness, Mediation, Prayer Practice

Regular Exercise Routine


Food choices

Beauty product choices

Personal relationships


Your wellness choices are habits that could translate anywhere at anytime.

When you’re living well, you’re not stressed by the thought of an event, a trip, or even warm weather months than require less clothes. It’s a sustainable way of living day to day, in any circumstance.

My understanding of the concept of FITNESS:




Esthetic Physique


Fitness is where physical goals exist. Common fitness goals include: gaining strength, gaining power, gaining speed.

For me wellness is: waking the same time each day, sipping lemon water, meditating, a daily exercise practice, conscious food shopping and prep, and even occasional indulgences like Chinese food, and binge watching Bravo TV to feed that soul! The way I currently live, eat, exercise is a realistic and sustainable approach for 5 years or 15 years ahead. I spend as much time devoted to my wellness list as to the fit list. It’s a concept. Currently my fitness goals are: dedicated cardio and strength training days, dedicated rest days, and one non traditional workout per week.

First and foremost I strive to educate my clients on the importance of being well. Nutrition, rest, overall joy sparking activities are ALL a part of the program. One must address those emotional aspects of the journey. When they understand the principles of living well, we then can layer in levels of fitness. A well foundation must be built first. By taking this approach, we are able to take them to a version of themselves that is not only achievable, but sustainable.

Be in it for the long game! Make a little room for a shift in your overall wellness game.



Athletes: Fit but unhealthy

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