TFP Nutrition Mission: Back To Basics

Time for a nutrition update. We are in week 1 of TFP Nutrition Mission. Going back to basics with a few simple clean ups and cut outs and I’m feeling phenomenal. Less fog, more energy! My workouts got ramped up too. But today, I am sharing a little about what I am eating and what I am limiting. It is simple, it is sustainable, and it is applicable for anyone. 

Before our wedding I was in great shape. A healthy weight, with plenty of muscle tone to show off my open back dress.

Dancing the night away!

I felt confident in my curves during our honeymoon. My nutrition was full of clean, lean, and green.

Day 1 in Bermuda and feeling great!

Another reason for the sweating for the wedding, was to get in a great pre-pregnancy shape. It worked! After I found out I was pregnant, I added in more dairy, eggs, and in general a few more macros to account for my gestational nutrition needs! And while we did get pregnant quickly, it didn’t work out like we had hoped ( have no fear, God’s got this), so I am going back to what works for me on the regular. I am not cutting anything completely out, but really monitoring white flour foods, dairy, sugars – including alcohol, and overall a leaner, cleaner menu. The reason for this is simple. My health. Baby or not, I deserve to be my best. My health is up to me and I am attacking it from the inside out. No dieting. No weekly weigh ins. No strict calorie counting. Just awareness, common sense, and some new education put into practice. I am sharing all of this with my clients!

#InformationOverload and they are eating it up!

We are diving in deep..from the fridge to fast food and everything in between.

My clients are jumping in and embracing my weekly wellness and nutrition rituals too.

Meal planning, grocery shopping, and prepping!

Already there is proof of success. I am sharing daily Facebook videos, a recipe share, accountability coaching, and of course some workout inspo. I opted to launch this in October to create some healthy habits BEFORE heading into the holiday season.

Meals are as fancy or as creative as my mood strikes. But there is plenty of planning and I am loving the goal of keeping my weeknight cooking to 30 minutes.

Back to basics begins each Sunday with recipe planning. I map out 3-4 quality dinner recipes. I put together a grocery list and try to double some of the recipes so Jason or I can have a leftover lunch or two. I write everything down in my planner and share the weekly menu sheet on the fridge.

It is so easy!

I love to set up the slow cooker or a big pot on Sunday afternoon while Jason watches football. It is such an enjoyable task. I turn on some music and take my time. A simple form of meditation really. The house smells so good and it is a subtle reminder that we are gonna fill our bodies with quality fuel. Speaking of mediation, we enjoy doing that in the evening as well. I love sharing the silence with him. Here is one of the industry leaders we like to follow. We still eat out 1 or 2 times a week, and we are more conscious as a couple when ordering.

I share this as a hopes to inspire you. Try one of the above mentioned tips. I expect you to feel as good as we do. Need more information, click here.

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