TFP Growth: From My Point of View

Last month I had the opportunity to sit on a panel with a few other digital influencers to talk internet, marketing, and all thing entrepreneurship. Thank you 1701!  I was asked a question regarding the growth of my online audience and the direction of my business. It was phrased something like “aren’t you worried that your audience will change as you change and grow” The question keeps replaying in my mind because I think it is something that anyone with a professional brand reputation should consider. I have a few thoughts regarding the answer in my own point of view

  1. An emphatic YES, MOST DEF, OF COURSE! I hope it does grow and change, as I do. I have found the more I reflect myself, my values, my brand in my business- the audience and clientele I bring in is better matched. It weeds itself out. It is more qualified. This is why you won’t find me on Snapchat. As of now, it’s not where my prospective clients or readers are. You will find me on Instagram. For my demo, industry, and marketing needs – it is my favorite. Plus I enjoy it! #hashtag 😉
  2. As I grow and change, the more experience I acquire. I love to personally and professionally learn. The more I can in turn, educate others who may need my services, either in marketing of fitness. This summer I acquired an additional certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. As many of my industry peers, I am frequently brought questions regarding fuel and hydration…especially from my runner clients. Due to my new knowledge, I am better equipped to inform my peeps from my own journey and qualifications. For example, I’m engaged and will soon be a bride. I have a new appreciation for the concept of #SweatingForTheWedding and can reflect what I think that should mean and how it apples to me. In turn, relating to future brides…a new audience. 
  3. As business owners, we make choices everyday. Small or large, they equally impact our brand. This week I was invited to participate in an upcoming event. It was part social and part fitness. Immediately I felt myself feeling pressure to make my schedule work to accommodate the invite. But after I slept on it and talked it out, I realized that it really didn’t serve my demographic or marketing needs to attend. I respectfully declined. And while I knew it was the right decision, I still felt that cringe of “what if…”

I am challenging myself to remain on course with my business growth. Attention to what is necessary. This week, I went back to a true work schedule after 4 weeks of play! The mantra for the moment is….Spend time where, when, and with who it makes sense.

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