Find Your Team

One recent Sunday afternoon, I spent laid out in the sunshine with my eyes scrolling through yet another book. This one spoke about the power and value of a team. A group. A collective. Specifically, it spoke to the necessity of each member.

The winter was both healing and harsh. It was also a happy season that brought a full doss of solo adventure for the single girl…pushing me to brave the world and leave my team behind.  In business it came in the form of a successful launch of my own marketing 1 woman operation. The rewards from fitness came in large part from a running trip to Albuquerque where little did I know, would mold me and help me grow the wings I would need for spring.

By the time this summer started, I was in full flight. June brought sunshine and mile after mile alongside people who pulled out my inner Jess after months of hibernation. I have a couple of handfuls of great teammates and they each play their own pivotal roll in my day to day grind. They are honest. They show and share strength. They push or pull me without hesitation based on the need. One thing they all do is love me for me and I in turn them.  My strengths are attractive to them and my weaknesses are overlooked. We grow and accomplish much together. Each making the other stronger. Each member as important as the next. We may not share the same goals, but we do support them all. My team. My tribe. My squad. They were there with the clouds. They are still here now in the sun. In fact, they are the ones holding the sunscreen.

As part of my latest adventure, I find myself on a new team. With that, I had the opportunity to visit the ODU stadium and tour the facilities. As I made my way from the team locker room to the tunnel, I thought about the concept of team. A football team needs a QB, a kicker, and a tackle. All have set rolls and responsibilities. The success of one is dependent on how well the other does their job.

 Do you have a team? Picture those people now.

How do they make you feel? What is their purpose? Do you smile when you think of them ?

 Things to consider when you are fostering relationships among your own team:

 1. Check in. Texts, calls, emails for no reason seem like little things but bring big bonds. These gestures are ways for YOU to show YOUR commitment to communication.

2. Take down your own walls in an attempt to get in theirs. Being vulnerable and in turn being yourself is the basis for a great relationship. It’s true trust.

3. Talk up team mates when they aren’t around. This is another way of saying don’t talk bad about them behind their back. But really think what is does to show your conviction, belief, pride, and loyalty to them when you praise them in the absence of their presence. My team mates are strong and accomplished individuals in their own right, so they give me plenty of material to brag on them about. It fosters their brand and yours by doing this.

4. Recognize and acknowledge their life challenges. Work, family, relationships pull us all in many directions. By understanding those demands from your team, you are more capable to support and receive support in turn when you are challenged.

 I am learning to settle into my roll..on this new team. But the support from my personal one lives close to my heart. I will grab onto my own advice and foster these new relationships, making me and in turn the mission better for it.

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