Switching Gears After Shamrock

Well Shamrock is over and I’m tired and ready to change gears. It has been 19 years that I can remember of Shamrock runs and it is always one of my favorites. A race that started out as a tradition with my dad in 1994  lead me to join a Shamrock Training Team in my adult life. That allowed me to create fond memories with amazing people and meet my ultimate fitness partner.

Life has brought more blessings into our lives over the past several months than we can even begin to count. But even good blessings can make one tired. With that being said, we didn’t have as much time to train leading into race weekend as we normally do. Combining our lives, schedules, and juggling our regular work obligations left little room for a regimented training program. Even still, we were looking forward to two fun filled days of running, watching, and eating. I ran the 8k ( it was a complete blast by the way) and took part in all the pre and post carb-loading with the BF as he set up to run his best half. Proof that sometimes being a little undertrained with fresh legs can pay off! Yeah J !

A few weeks ago Jason mentioned using Shamrock as a way of kicking off our next training cycle. He couldn’t have been more right. Before Shamrock weekend came to an end we had signed up for 2 more races this spring.

Blue Ridge: him the half, me the 10k.

Valor Run: him the half, me the 10 miler.

It’s a cool thing to find someone who shares your passion, pushes you further in to it, and even will help you chase every mile of your race with you.

As Monday began, I found myself brainstorming and jotting down new workout ideas. With 5 weeks til tackling the Blue Ridge 10k…aka… a mountain (2000ft climb) I knew I needed to be mindful. No need of cram train or become obsessed, but I do need to put a little thought into building up the butt. Pairing that with some hip, core and even mobility exercises.Cranking up a couple lower body circuits I’ll rotate in along with some hills and a slight weekly mileage increase. Pace is not of concern and my only expectation for this next race is completion…be prepared for live Facebook video and posts during my climb. This is gonna be fun!!!! April 21st!

So long sweet Shamrock once again you were great, bring on the big rocks of the Blue Ridge!

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