Sweet Sandbridge

Oh sweet Sandbridge….The end of the beach where things move slower, produce grows bigger, and things are a little saltier. But don’t be fooled, there is fit living on the south end too.  The Pungo and Red Mill areas are booming with boutique fitness studios, farm stands, and more.

Recently I received an email from a reader who was looking to vacation in Virginia Beach, Sandbridge to be exact. She was looking for a few fitness recommendations in that area and while I know VB fitness pretty well, I needed to do a little research. Luckily for me I knew where to look. Before long I had made my own Sandbridge Summer hit list that I want to start tackling right away.

sandbridge letter


Taking front and center in this blog is Surf and Adventure Co. Friends of mine own it and they are my go-to for knowing everything about that part of town. With all things boards to bikes, Surf and Adventure Co. has all your rental or touring needs. Whether you are running to riding, hitting the trails at nearby Back Bay is a must. See what my friend Karen had to say about touring the refuge by way of running shoes here.

Back Bay biking with the girls.

Above is a shot of some Back Bay biking from last year. On another adventure, we settled onto boards and took to the water for some paddling. Karen and Rob were wonderful hosts and guides. The 4 mile journey lead us directly to dinner at Blue Pete’s. I highly recommend taking a spot by the picnic tables. Be sure to cool off by ordering one of their hand crafted mason jar drinks!

Photo Cred: Breath of Sunshine Blog

Be sure to check out the Surf and Adventure store. It is packed full of local fashion to have you living the casual beach lifestyle in no time!


The views at Baja are certainly instagram worthy. I hear the coffee and cocktails are favorites of Sandbridge residents but equally worth the drive for North End locals as well.

If brunch is your thing then you will want to head straight to The Bee and The Biscuit. Did someone say Mimosa flight?

 Another insider tip for sweets in Sandbridge is the market. Don’t be fooled by the unassuming site. You will want to get the donuts!


Grab your coffee and head for a slow drive in the country. Local produce straight from the source! Here are a few of the farms my Sandbridge peeps recommend.

Cullipher Farms

New Earth Farm

BayBreeze Farms




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Photo Cred: Breath of Sunshine

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