Sweating For The Wedding: 4 Tips for Wedding Wellness

Ok I’m emerging from my cave. This engagement bubble has been bliss! But I’ve missed writing and feel ready to now share some details of the big day with you and exactly what all this means when it comes to my health and fitness.

It was earlier this month, we set out for what I thought would be a rather routine, long, slow,  Saturday run. A favorite activity for us and one that we share a deep love for because that is exactly what brought us together. It was an extremely humid day so J opted to carry a hydration pack for us. Not anything too unusual, especially since we were hitting the trails. I’ll keep many of the details to myself, but long story short…in the middle of an 8 mile run on one of our favorite trails, he got down on one knee and pulled a ring from that pack for the most wonderful proposal I could have ever dreamed of! The run may have been 8 miles, but trust me…it took me quite the journey to get here. 38 years worth the wait! 

It was the most perfect run, with the most perfect partner, and the most perfect proposal for me.

After some celebrating and heavy duty bottle popping (on my part), I took a pause. It became clear I can’t live solely on a champagne diet for the next year, but I refuse to miss any toast worthy moments due to calorie counting. So here’s what I decided to do.

  1. Hydrate: That 40 ounce water bottle is not far from my side these days. Perfect for flushing out those post weekend cocktails or to fill with electrolytes on those sweaty summer days.
  2. Skin: After running out to buy a heavy duty eye cream, I lined up and re-committed to my skin care routine complete with daily sunscreen. A healthy, fit skin regimen will get you everywhere! Show that bridal glow!
  3. Cut the Calories: This is the one that I will take lightly, literally. I’m opting for shorter, speedier miles  this training season coupled with HIIT training (my fav) which means I won’t require heavy carb loading. I will remain extremely active and will fuel appropriately to withstand my lifestyle and livelihood. I’m focused on real, whole, fresh foods and several small meals a day. With many upcoming celebrations around this spectacular event, I’m negotiating my nutrition. A cake tasting here, a cocktail there. It can add up quickly and while calorie counting is the last thing I want to do, I am making the decision to be conscious of calorie intake. Ignorance would not be bliss in this case.
  4. Enough: Remembering I’m fit enough, blonde enough, thin enough, stylish enough just as I am. I will be putting my best foot forward during this process, but I won’t be morphed into some unrecognizable version of myself.  After reading these four tips, you might notice they all go together nicely. Basically, my tip is to focus on feel good foods and fitness routines. Make it manageable and stay focused on your upcoming marriage with prayer, God’s grace, and gratitude. YOUR wedding will be magical because it is YOUR day with YOUR fiancé to celebrate how YOU see fit! Cheers to you, celebrate on!

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