A Slow and Settled Sunday: Migraine Treatment

As our week wined down, and we got closer and closer to Sunday, I told Jason I needed a day where I did not leave the house. I literally just needed a day to settle myself back in to routine. And some time to get my prepped for a new project. This one was all about me…my health to be specific.

A new week was about to begin and with it would kick off a new nutrition program, complete with a new shopping list and recipes. Let me explain the change…

Since March I have suffered with vertigo. I literally have had some form of dizziness daily. It has worn me completely out. There have been countless doctor visits and tests. Finally, now we have an answer. As mentioned in previous posts, I have a migraine disorder. Learning about this condition has become a passion project for me. I have become enthralled with what causes it, what can trigger it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. Did you know migraines come in many forms and sometimes it is not even a headache at all? I am thankful my physician is working with me on a plan to avoid medication. My last doctor appointment left me feeling comforted and physically more comfortable. I had the epley manuever performed for the second time and I think it actually worked.  Before going to this last appointment, I took time to do a heavy amount of research. I am a believer in medication, but in this case, I felt there was more I could try before going that route. I believe foods can heal. At this time, that is the form of treatment I am choosing.

Before going in to more depth, let me remind you that this is my blog about my journey. I have always used this space to share info I find helpful. As with previous posts, I will stay within my scope of practice. I am not a doctor or a dietician. I am a trainer, a patient, a blogger, and health enthusiast. I am not going to share everything about my treatment as I am not pushing my course of treatment on to another, but I will share anything I think may be helpful. I have had a lot of inquiries regarding my treatment. Just like purchasing a new pair of running shoes is individual and personal, so is treating one’s medical condition. My advice is simply this. Do your own research, find an expert, ask questions, develop a plan, execute!

Over the next 28 days I will embarking on a nutrition program designed to help me battle this migraine disorder. There are elements that are paleo, gluten free, and dairy free. It will be an experiment. I am thankful to have Jason’s support and he’s even as excited as I am about some of the new recipes and food products coming into the house. We have a big and thrilling year ahead and there is no better time to be more mindful of our health. Truthfully, I think this is just a catalyst for both of us. We are just a few weeks away from our fall running team kick off! My fall fitness goals are simple: minimize or alleviate my symptoms, establish a weekly routine combining strength and running, hop into any race that sounds fun. Wish me luck and follow along on IG for weekly updates and food pics!


If you are interested in this, I suggest you grab this book and do your own research. It is packed full of educational information.


As I hit the keys this morning, I sip my coffee and watch Joel Osteen. He is talking about a messy construction site. “Isn’t that just like me?” I thought? As Joel mentions…and I am paraphrasing… “I have a fantastic architect and he is not finished. This is the next phase of building. A masterpiece in the making!”


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