This Summer Starts With A Little Sweat And A Lot Of Gratitude

I have had a definite feeling since the early Spring, that the Summer of 2017 was going to be one that would change me. I have worked for it. I have dreamed about it. And most importantly I have prayed about it. It was today when I went to say my morning prayers…which I often do while blowdrying my hair 🙂  it truly hit me…

I start my prayer time first by acknowledging my blessings and reasons for gratitude. Today, I realized I was saying more prayers of thanksgiving than prayer requests. And because my prayers have been answered more than I ever could have dreamed, I must share part of my story with you to encourage you to stay faithful in your routine and pursuit as well.

As you know if you have been keeping up with this journey, the past few months, I deliberately stopped chasing things I couldn’t catch and starting paying attention to the things that were chasing me. I realized if I wasn’t catching something, chances are I wasn’t supposed to. Stopping the chase did not mean I was giving up on my dreams or goals. It meant realizing what the universe was lining up for me in a bigger and better way than the thing I was chasing!

SUMMER 2017  Week 1

Day 1 | Wednesday was the Summer Solstice and if that day is any indication for the tone of the summer, I am in for a treat. The best way I can describe the day is with the words warm, safe, settled. Starting with coffee in the morning and wrapped with yoga on the deck of the Lesner in the evening. I have so much gratitude for Studio Bamboo for being one of my safe spaces from the past year. The staff greets you by name accompanied by a friendly embrace. They remember and are in tune with your unique body idiosyncrasies and they selflessly offer their gentle hands in a welcome and encouraging assist as needed. The hour under the sky nestled between 100 other yogis, many friends, left me feeling grateful.

Day 2 | Beginning the day with all things good including a decadent Morning Bun and Burnt Honey Latte from Commune. This slower, sweeter pace is one I am savoring these days. On tap for end of day was a group run with members of my bad ass lady gang as we celebrated Global Sports Bra Day. I am finding value in bookending my day with people and things that bring me joy. It makes that middle not as messy.

Burnt Honey Latte, Commune


Day 3 | Popping bottles and drinking champs! I have been off of the bubbles since January but when you receive good news, great news, excellent news in a matter of a few days…more to come on that…there is only one thing to do! Break out the Veuve! Thankful for a friend who insisted on doing just that this past Friday to help me celebrate some landmark wins!


Every summer has a story…and this one is just getting started!

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