Strength Training Will Benefit You

The What:

As a trainer, I absolutely love to put my own body through fitness experiments. A few weeks ago I went all in and tossed my current workout routine out the window. I wrote about that decision here. One of the reasons I made the change was to build strength, gain stability, and increase speed in my muscles. I wanted to take time to do this before layering in a winter running program. Shamrock training starts next month and my eyes are set on a strong 8k in March.

But for now, November is in full force, which means the holiday’s are upon us. The season is all about sharing good food and creating great memories with those close to you. If you are like me, fitness pairs nicely with both of these. I am blessed enough to be able to share my passion for good food and fun fitness with many members of my growing tribe. I look forward to doing more of that over the next year. In order to do that, I need to be the healthiest version of my self which is another great reason for the switch up.

The Why: 

There are many benefits to pairing strength training alongside your running program. By dedicating time to supporting muscles like your core, your quads, your hams, and even your arms, you are able to become more stable and less likely to suffer an injury. Increasing strength also increases efficiency. You are able to expect more and get more out of your body in each workout. When you include strength in your weekly routine, you allow your muscles to function differently than they would in a run, in turn you become a more complete athlete all around. And in case weight is an issue for you while training for those long distance races, you will be able to better combat the scale by adding weight training. Replacing fat with lean muscle will increase your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories.

My Weekly Workouts:

I am keeping it short, simple, and low intensity. Most of the strength training workouts are completed before work in my den and last 30-40 minutes. Cardio is after work and on the weekends, when I can take my time and enjoy the adventure. Tips, tricks, and more on these workouts can be found on my instagram…#followme !

Strength Training Workouts| 30 Minutes,2-3x per week

Cardio Sessions| 4-5x per week: Steady state runs, fartleks, and SUP sessions.

Rest: 1 day/week

The Payoff:

It has been 3 weeks since upping my strength.  I am enjoying the workouts and the challenges they bring. My body is physically changing and my overall fitness has greatly improved. Did I mention I am sleeping better and I even lost a few lb’s, proof that my workout remix is paying off.

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