Staying Fit On Your Beach Vacation

Have you found yourself with a recent change of fitness or health circumstances? If you’ve ever been injured, pregnant, or stressed, you know your regular wellness routine may change dramatically.

The same goes true for being on vacation. You might not have access to your gym, weights, or routes. Let the change in scenery open you up to a whole new world of fitness possibilities. Embrace the change!

It doesn’t mean you don’t workout. It means you find what you CAN do and you get excited about that.

Have no fear! It may just be the perfect time for a switch up. You might find a new form of exercise you enjoy just as much or even more.

If you are a typical weight room bandit, consider ditching that routine for a lower intensity, saltier, outdoor alternative. Take your cardio from the road to the water. Lucky for me I’ve managed to make a living from showing people how to do just this. Beach workouts are my jam!

Here are some ways we implemented that signature beach fitness style into our honeymoon.

Stand up paddle boardingAccording to SUP connect, you can burn 305-430 calories leisurely paddling per hour. I love it because it’s low impact, and total body. Not to mention a great way to even out your tan. If you venture into rougher waters, you’ll be sure to get some intervals in as you fight the current.

Open water swimmingActive mentions a burn as big as 400 calories for the average swimmer. I think swimming may be the unicorn of the fitness industry. All levels can do it. It’s low impact but can be high intensity if you choose. There’s total body strength, toning, and it’s fun!

Anyone up for a swim?

Beach walking – Women’s Day claims walking or running on deep, loose sand challenges your balance and engages more muscle fibers than when you are on a flat surface. I agree! That makes it a worthwhile vacation activity burning 30% than regular walking. An hour could zap 300-800 depending on terrain. 

Meditation time – We exert about 80 calories an hour just existing, add a few yoga poses in there for a little surge. You’ll deepen your practice, activate your core, and set a zen mood for the day.

To help you get started, here are a few new music picks for your playlist. 

Dan + Shay, All To Myself

Ed Sheeran, Beautiful People

Kygo & Whitney Houston, Higher Love

Mark Ronson (featuring Camila Cabello), Find U Again

Taylor Swift, You Need To Calm Down

If you need still more motivation or instruction for activities above, schedule a session or two! 

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