Stay Faithful and Remember Your Worth

There’s something magical that happens when we put our prayers and dreams into words. Putting them down in printed black and white is even more special.

I came into my office tonight to just simply be. It was clear earlier in the day some writing was manifesting, but what shape the words would take was unknown. As I came across these journal entries from early 2017, a flood of emotions hit me hard. These beaten up pieces of paper and pieces of my soul brought me to my knees. Sitting childlike in the floor of my office I began to write.

I have been faithful in prayer to the items listed. As mentioned in previous posts, over the past few months, I have become closer to God and closer to my own needs than ever before. I have become rooted in my worth on every level.

2016 came crashing to an end, following the wake of having to make some bold decisions in regards to finances, fitness, and business. The 2017 New Year began with a quiet night in strategically mapping out the dreams and desires of the single girl. The last 6 months have been dedicated to rebuilding my philosophy in those areas. The purest form of blind faith one can imagine. I made space and I surrendered to new possibilities and opportunities in all areas. This season of change proved to be one that was soul shaping and is now coming to an end.

Including recognition for the little blog that could. After 6 years of pouring my soul onto this site, I was thrilled, honored, elated to find out I was a recipient of the CoVa Biz BOB Award.

Staying on track for a love of all things marketing and social media, a new position meet me head on in my path. I am excited to announce I have accepted a position with Cox Communications as the Event Marketing Specialist. Something I never even knew existed, let alone knew I wanted. Aren’t those serendipitous moments the best anyways?!

 With my hands still firmly planted on this blog keyboard, it is an exciting time to expand my brand and share my gifts and talents for all things marketing and social.

The Summer of 2017 has surely changed me. I have transitioned into a new chapter and tonight I was reminded just how much more I am receiving than an award or a job title. More than I prayed for or journaled on this paper. More than I even knew was a possibility or an option.


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  1. Danielle Rodier

    This is a powerful testament to His will! Thank you for sharing. Best of luck in your new role!!


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