Spring Shakeup: 3 Reasons To Craft A New Workout Routine

Now that the half marathon is over, I have more freedom in my schedule to shake things up. I get a little squirmy when I think about switching up my routine, but I get equally excited. I spent some time this week comparing class schedules at local studios and pool availability with my current work schedule. I do this every 90 days or so. This deliberate allotted time period works well when moving towards crushing goals. It is the perfect amount of time to train for a race, a vacation, or life event and have noticeable realistic results.

The last 3 months were devoted to my half marathon training. The next 3 are designed with bridal fitness in mind. A tad leaner, slightly more muscular, and definitely more tone. Take note I didn’t mention weight loss. I truly am focusing on body composition, not a scale number. With this change to my physical plan comes nutritional amendments as well. Less consumption of starchy carbs, more focus on lean proteins, and I will continue monitoring my sugar and alcohol intake…with the exceptions to wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and weekly date nights!

Friday Date Night, Havana. Skinny, Spicy Margarita

Nothing is off the table 🙂 This makes the plan achievable and enjoyable!

I am a big believer in keeping the body guessing. I find it equally refreshing for the mind. There are major benefits to change up your weekly routine. Here’s why I recommend it for myself and my clients regularly:

  1. SWAP YOUR SESSION. Changing up the routine breaks boredom. If running on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday is your thing – take those weekly blocks and swap for another low impact cardio option like swimming or spin class.
  2. STAY INJURY FREE.  You have pushed hard for weeks or months. If you’ve been grinding out high miles for a race or heavy weights for a competition, give your body a break after the big day arrives. To insure you stay healthy, let  your body recover by adding in a yoga day or bootcamp class instead of the regimented workouts you’ve been putting in.
  3. OPT OUTSIDE.When looking for Springtime exercise options, think outside the gym or home! Give your body the chance to soak up the sun and all of natures surroundings. Strengthen your body and spirit by choosing an outdoor setting that suits you while enjoying the seasonal mild temps. Your muscles will work in a different way outdoors on new terrain.  You can get the best of both worlds (cardio/strength) in a small group setting or personal training appointment at the bay, boardwalk, or trails.

Have fun with your shake up. If you find yourself needing some help with your own wellness re-design, read this and contact me!

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