Spicy Salmon Roll

I love sushi! I could probably eat my weight in it. The spicy salmon and tuna rolls at our local sushi bar are my favorite! Those ready made grocery store tuna bowls are one of my temptations and sometimes a pretty good go to. Not to mention the fresh made poke bowls from North End or Aloha. Often times though, those aren’t convenient or calorie conscious options for me. Today I am sharing one of my favorite lunches. I crave this spicy salmon roll. It is cheap, easy, protein packed, and it takes no time to assemble! I try to keep the ingredients on hand at all times. All can be found at Trader Joe’s. Next time you go, stock up on and try this for yourself.


3 ounce smoked salmon

1/2 avocado

Everything But The Bagel Seasoning

Coconut Aminos

Thinly sliced jalapeno

DIRECTIONS: Separate salmon slices. Slice avocado into equal pieces or chunks. Place 1 avocado piece in the middle of each salmon. Roll up. Top with sliced jalapeno, seasoning, and coconut aminos. Enjoy!

NUTRITION INFO: Calories – 260 & Protein – 16g

Fancy up the roll with a piece of mango or even add a shrimp, even some fat free cream cheese or cucumber. Get creative and enjoy.

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