Did Someone Say Vaca: Tips To Get You Trip Ready

What is it about booking a vacation that stimulates the drive for optimal fitness ? Is it the idea of looking your best, feeling your best, or simply showing your best in those vaca insta pics?! Whatever the reason I think booking a trip can be a great time to kick things up a notch. I have some ideas to keep the budget and calorie count down weeks leading up to your next adventure.Because burning the extra cash and calories while you visit that city will be worth it.

The past several months have been INSANE. It has been the busiest season of my life and the most fulfilling. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ve seen evidence of a new season of life that included a new relationship, new job opportunities, new freelance projects, dog training, and a recent move. I also feel back in love with cooking and sharing those crafted meals with my BF. This current schedule has called for lots of computer time…aka…sedentary sitting during the day and little time for fitness. The toll it has taken on my body and mind is a sad one. #tired Lots of adjustments, all at once!

Hence the reason for booking a little road trip, sending us on an adventure a little further south and a little warmer. With an April vaca date set and booked, it leaves several weeks to prep. It doesn’t hurt that daylight savings is this weekend as well…hence more after work fitness time!!! It is a warm welcome for fitness to take up more time on the weekly calendar…and an ideal time to break out the grill. A different way for us to enjoy cooking together in a bit more healthy way. Below are a few additional easy things I am doing to prep my body and bank account for my trip. I’ll be sharing my journey on insta over the next few weeks. If you need a little extra help, reach out. I would love to help you live the sweatfilled, soulful life you deserve.

1. Live and eat by a weekly grocery list that includes specific meal planning. Use seasonal fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to fill that list. Stay on the perimeter of your market and avoid processed foods.

2. Make fitness dates! With longer days, this makes for perfect post work meet ups. Schedule some out door cardio time your best fitness friend or bae!

3. Don’t eat out…during the week. Save those calories and coins for your trip. The extra cash you save will allow you to pick up some new swag to hit the road in style.

4. Sip away. If you are stuck at a desk the up side is you can get suck with a water bottle or a mug of green tea. Flushing fluids like these can help keep the body clean and things moving. This anti aging tea is a favorite in one of the worlds blue zones, Okinawa Japan. Boosting properties such as lowering the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s. It also improves memory and may lower blood pressure. Several studies have also shown that the flavonoids and caffeine can help boost your metabolic rate.

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