Slay Your Vacay With These 4 Tips

Hello TFP Tribe! I am back. It was vacation week in my petite world. No time schedule, lots of family time, cocktails, late nights, cocktails, afternoon naps, pjs til almost lunch, oh and did I mention cocktails?!?! Even with the laid back vibe, I love taking a beat each day for a vacation workout, even a mini sweat sesh can work wonders. The change in scenery and company make it a great time for me to try out new combos and programs. Our family pier provides the best backdrop for meditating or deep stretching. I spent some time there in thought and gathered a few of my favorite vacay tips to help you keep your fitness going while away.

  1. Eat breakfast. Better than that, go ahead and prepare it for your family. That way you’re starting off the day in a healthy way. Make it something lean and clean. I love putting out a fruit plate and adding in a little cheese or a side of avocado toast. Another option is to set up a breakfast burrito bowl bar with all the fixings. Offer tortillas, scrambled eggs/egg whites, and chopped veggies like onion|tomatoes|peppers. You can include bacon and cheese as options so everyone is happy. It’s a great compromise for those who want to indulge. It’s the perfect protein/carb/sweet way to start the day. The added fat from the cheese and avocado make it completely satiating.
  2. Get your water on! With vacation mornings starting a little slower and a little more dehydrated, you have the time to sip more in the morning. Make a big glass of lemon water. Toss in a drop or two of apple cider vinegar for added immune boosting properties. ACV also aids in digestion. This helps keep tummies under control while away.
  3. Sweat! If you are anywhere on the East Coast, you know that just walking outside on summer mornings induces an instant sweat response. Amp up your vaca with a round of body weight boot camp or a long slow walk/jog. I love testing out new workouts on my family members during our time away. Free practice for me, free personal training for them! It is also a great way to get in some QT away from the crowd. Aim for 45 min. You have a better chance of making it into the fat burning zone.
  4. NEGOTIATE. This is my favorite word to tell clients as the head off for holiday. It is simply another way to drive home the concept of mindful eating. What I mean by that is this: An average vacation day comes with its fair dose of temptations. Donuts for breakfast, cocktails pretty much around the clock, and probably a dinner out followed by beach snacks galore at the ready. If portion control is a challenge for you, like it is me – go for the negotiation route. Ask yourself: Which one of those temptations is a must? Which is not necessary? July 4th is an annual big indulgence for me as it’s my family reunion complete with potluck. I started my day by knocking out the first 3 tips above. I passed over the donut at breakfast but absolutely went for my aunt’s homemade sour cream pound cake at the picnic. Because hello!

Being fit and fabulous is all about how you feel and how you fill your day. Bottom line is this: Stay off the scale and stay on the self care. While you’re enjoying a little time off, be sure to enjoy a little time for yourself. Pack in the family time. Be in the moment!

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