Shrimp and “Grits”

Believe it or not, I had all these things in my freezer ready to go. I was originally inspired by some similar recipes I came across on Pinterest and after a day of screen time on Monday, I needed a break from the computer. I turned on my music and began experimenting. Thus my version of shrimp and “grits” was born.


Combine onion, ghee, turmeric in a large pan. Also include garlic/salt/crushed red pepper to your liking. Once onions are translucent, add the corn and toms. Simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add Shrimp (after it is defrosted). Continue to simmer until shrimp are perfectly pink. I served in deep bowls over mashed cauliflower. I buy this stuff by the bagfuls from the Trader Joe’s frozen foods section. It is microwaveable and makes for an easy, low cal accompaniment to many dinners. I added salt and pepper to taste and served alongside some sautéed garlic spinach.

According to My Fitness Pal, it packed 315 calories. We got 3 hearty servings out of this. That’s it! Let me know if you make it and how your family enjoys it.

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