Shedding Weight Before Summer

Welcome summer. We’ve been patiently waiting for you. You bring with you a reminder…in case we needed one…it is time to shed. Shed all that is dead and does not serve us.

Our planet seems to know how to do this inherently and execute the process flawlessly. Quite seamlessly actually and often without much notice. We see it in nature with the turn of the seasons. Leaves fall, rains wash, and waves roll.

Leading up to Summer… this particular time of change… my body has been preparing. Uncertain yet promising future opportunities float through my mind restlessly bringing butterflies in my belly and sleepless nights. Somehow this summer I feel lighter and warmer. Qualities of nature take their shape in my spirit. The process is natural as seasons change around the planet and in our own life.

Today is the first day of summer. The first day of a new season. It is also the Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day. Perhaps another reminder. A reminder to be gentle with your spirit. A reminder to give gratitude to your surroundings and even to Mother Earth herself. A reminder to breath. We breath automatically but the need for deep, clean, calm breathes is something we must make an effort to do. Our bodies need oxygen as a nutrient. When we make an attempt to breath first, we remember to take care of ourselves. We remember to settle down. We remember to prioritize our health, starting from the inside. This will set the tone for the outside…be prepared for that results that will follow. It will rock your world.  Inhale deeply and take all that you need from the air, exhale everything that doesn’t serve you.

The pictures that Heidi captured last week, physically show what I have shed. Weight. The weight in my chest, the weight of the past, and because I spent time dealing with the weight of those things first…even a little weight from my psychical body was lost as well. Bringing me back to a healthy, strong self that I and my tribe recognize. Lighter in every sense of the word.

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