Sharing My Other Passion: Marketing

It all started with marketing….well sort of.

I find marketing fascinating. From the most clever commercial during the Super Bowl to framing out a social media strategy for a new business, the who/what/why in both forms of messaging are crucial for success. If you are friends with me or are connected to me on any social media channels, you have witnessed my passion in the form of posts. Just as I am often asked about fitness, I am also asked about business…especially when it comes to social media.

A fitness girl by heart… but a marketing mind by trade. That is how I am able to leverage all of my passions into this little blog that could. I share my fitness struggles and celebrate the wins here on TFP, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other piece of my spirit. The marketing side of my soul plays a big role in my life. Before I chased the blog life full time, I spent my days working with small businesses in the corporate world. During my time in the advertising industry, I learned how to “go to market” and how to build customized marketing strategies based on the needs of a specific business.  I have used a combination of those same skills, some risks, and experimentation to promote my own brand over the past five years. In fact, it has turned into it’s own off brand of The Fit Petite. After years of freelance Relay Your Brand was officially formed.

Marketing is a constant in my own strategy as my brand matures over the years. Just like having a regular health and fitness routine, your business needs the same structure to stay strong and be the best version of itself.  I recently had the opportunity to combine both of my loves in a workshop themed for fitness marketing professionals.

Flex Your Marketing Muscle
Photo Credit: Nicole Law, Real Flexi VB

There is more to owning a business/brand than being an expert in your craft. Now more than ever you have to be equally skilled in mastering your own marketing. With media choices changing daily it seems, being on the forefront of where/when/why can become a fulltime gig. That is where my passion can come into play.

Friday typically is a rest day for fitness and usually for business as well. The day is spent in my home office decluttering the previous week and organizing the start of the coming one. In a unique scheduling twist, I found myself booking a client meeting for this past Friday at one of my favorite coffee spots. I was excited to meet with this business owner. A fellow creative bossbabe who has a passion for her own craft. But as I need a coach for for my own fitness from time to time, she needed some coaching for herself in the form of business.

Like most clients I work with, they are industry leaders of their field but can not seem to articulate their own business description. Good news for entrepreneurs, you don’t have to master your marketing game…you just need to find a master to market you! Within a matter of 60 minutes and a few rounds of word play…our creative was energy flowing.  We had clearly identified some gaps when it came to her brand description. From there we were able to articulate a strong narrative for her business that she can use in her marketing strategy. As a business owner, there is something refreshing that happens when we step out of the teacher role and into the student one. I was thrilled to be able facilitate for her on this particular day. She is building strength in her brand and in herself. I can’t wait for our next session.

Master Marketing

Coaching Session, Rev
Finishing a coaching session at Lynnhaven Coffee.
Photo Credit: Becky Vasquez, owner Rev Creative.

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