Shamrock 2019: Sweating For The Wedding

Who knows how you’re gonna feel after a week off” Jason told me earlier this week. I don’t think either one of us thought this would be the result. 

I was awakened Saturday morning by a little voice I have not heard in years. As soon as I heard it I knew I was in for a running adventure, one I had no idea I had any interest in right now. Who knows why this voice spoke up, maybe it’s because I was forced to take an entire week off from an epic cold. Maybe it’s because I have been tracking friend’s marathons for the past 3 weeks. Maybe it is because life is good and I have an amazing support system going into this next season. All these thoughts floated around in my head.

A  few expletives and a gulp later I crawled out of bed a little after 6 to get a mug of coffee and settle in for more runner tracking. It was Richmond marathon day and one of my besties/bridesmaids was running. She was the one I wanted to text first thing Saturday to tell her about being awakened by the little voice. I knew she’d understand and be excited for me. But that chat would have to wait 😉

Halfway to her 26.2!

I knew Jason would equally understand too, so I climbed back in the bed to wake him up. My first words to him that day. “I’m looking at half marathon training plans babe” his response: “Oh yeah, I like to hear that babe!”

I had just talked to him the night before about how I had been struggling with what to do for Spring training and that nothing was calling to me (apparently I spoke to soon).  I was bummed that I didn’t have any goals on the books and nothing was bubbling up. I was not excited and almost discouraged.

Moments later he joined me in the den and listened to me talk through my plan. I told him I woke up thinking about a half and all that comes with it. Almost instantly and instinctively I rolled out my idea for a training schedule. “If I commit I’m going all in with an achievable plan and one with no pressure”

Our wedding is in June and I wondered and maybe even gave myself the excuse that I needed to focus on that, verses running a race with any sort of goal. Was that a safe response? Nothing worthwhile comes from playing it safe. And with many of our wedding planning details wrapped up, I have more head space for training. I guess just having that conversation with him the night before released something into the universe. 

I am enjoying my current strength training schedule and having the freedom of popping into a spin class when I want. The reality of training for a half marathon is that there is actually enough excitement and achievement about just being in it. Mile for mile. Training with my friends, my fiancé, and our wedding venue as the finish line. I need to get out of my own head a bit and focus on something worth focusing on, like fitness. The goal is to stay engaged in a 16 week training program complete with strength, cross training, and recovery. I have already laid out a training template that gives me the best of both worlds.

There’s something mesmerizing about finishing another half weeks before our wedding, not to mention the finish line is at our wedding venue. Which is part of why we picked that place to begin with. Shamrock training is how we met and holds a permanent place in our hearts. Since Jason is already planning on running the half, how could I not do this?

I am looking forward to training with my friends and clients and even spending frigid Saturday mornings together. I am encouraged to know Jason will be on the same course just ahead of me. Not to mention, my future sister in law will be completing her first half at Shamrock too. Just call it a family affair:)

Her first pair of running shoes from Running Etc

While I love and respect the Shamrock 8k, I had become (too) comfortable with the decision to run it. I know when the little voice inside speaks up, you have to listen or it will roar louder. So on to 13.1…again!

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