Self Reflection: A Bitch To Begin With A Blissful End

Self reflection, it’s a bitch ain’t it. It is on the other side of it that is truly blissful. Those moments where you feel humbled and maybe even humiliated. You find yourself in an audible conversation with God.

Those moments when…

You’ve had a disagreement, you botched a project, you yelled at your kids, you ate a bag of cookies, you skipped your workout.

The messy, uncharted territory inside ourselves we haven’t ventured to before. Those deep, dark…damaged books and crannies. The space, if we we choose to go there, in which we grow. When we reflect, we identify areas of improvement. It doesn’t feel good. It hurts. It may even bring elements of fear. That’s where we become better. We consciously decide change.

The same goes for running. Those ugly miles make us pause. We gulp and force down the lump in our throat. It provides time for us to get honest and evaluate our discipline and training.

Having the time to be slow allows us to identify those areas of the body and the mind that need work.

In life and running, during this time of search we will find one of two things.

  1. Sometimes we find it is ABSOLUTELY us! Good news, bad news?!?! Perhaps it is something we are not doing…or something we are doing too much of.
  2. Sometimes we find that we are ABSOLUTELY doing just fine. Those bumps we hit in life and in our run aren’t a reflection of us at all. Our training is just fine. We know this because we are able to easily navigate around those rough patches and continue on. Those outside factors we simply can’t control.

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