Are You Seeking Permission

I remember last spring hearing something from Brene Brown that had an everlasting impression on me. She spoke about permission and the concept seemed so simple but yet core shaking. I found myself sitting at my desk Wednesday morning Googling and re-watching her message.

Tuesday afternoon brought a text convo between one of my longest friend relationships. She was having all kinds of thoughts about her current running status and future goals. Here’s part of the exchange.

It turns out she knew what she needed all along, but it was almost like she was waiting for permission to do it. Or in this case, permission to not do something.

I love this movement. I do believe right now in our culture and country it is a resurgence of a movement.

Tuesday I think Alabama residents also were seeking permission. Permission to vote beyond party boundaries and permission to stand up for what’s right. The rest of the country flooded your state with support to extend that permission to abandon tradition and be brave. To all who did that, you should be proud.

In case you yourself are seeking permission, I’m giving it you now.  What will yours say?

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