Run What Makes You Happy

Businesses or training runs don’t have to be big to make you happy. When both are owned by you, you can decide if and when that changes.

Last week I wrote an article offering 5 easy tips to your first race. Full article here…check the highlights below. All easy decisions made by you, that will get you from start to finish.
1. Decide What You Want To Run
2. Determine How Much Time You Can Train
3. Get The Right Shoes 
4.Training: Solo or Team 
5. Register For Your First Race
 Well I’ve got the shoes, I’ve joined a team. While I am not training for my first race,  I am ready to get down to some workout specific training.
I began running because it made me happy. Something to do with dad. He never pressured me which is why I think I feel in love with it on my own and still feel love and appreciation for it today.
The same goes for my business. I created it because it made me happy. It was a chance for me to write about my running, my fitness, my health…all the challenges and triumphs. It was a personal channel that organically transformed into a business one where I was able to educate, encourage, and empower an audience of like minded readers. As it has grown overtime, I knew it could be something that would allow room for a family. The content has and will continue to reflect my season of life. It matures with me. It has blessed me by being a springboard to a career in fitness. As I head into this upcoming season, I kick off fall with a full client list, involvement with a new local non profit project, a couple content creating gigs, wedding planning, and plenty of room for some training of my own.
MustDashForACure 5k Training Team, #GotCUREage
That’s where my small goals come in. Not small in achievement, but small in miles. And small when it comes to the type of races I want to run, 5k – 10k. That is how I learned to race, and it is where my heart is at present. Being that I spend days crafting plans for others, I knew I was too close to this particular goal to attack it myself. I reached out to my friend and coach for some speed talk. Yes, I am an expert in the field of fitness,  and while I know a lot…I also know this:
  1. The smartest people I know ask for help
  2. The best leaders ask for advice from other leaders
  3. Once you stop learning, you stop growing

Over coffee, we chatted strategy. We were on the same page! Digestible, conquerable, confidence building workouts I can manage ranging in the 30-60 minute range. Workouts that are compiled of 2/3 strength sessions per week ( I would craft up) 1 speed (he provided) and 2 additional run days (1 longer-ish run and 1 short/easy). The program also included 1-2 days of rest. This is key for me in recovery. I spend a good amount of time on my body and using my body each day with my clients, so sleep and downtime are necessity.

The past 8 weeks I’ve steadily increased my workouts. After I mastered a weekly routine, I added strength, now is the time to layer on the speed and intensity. Lower mileage during the week is perfect for my fall fitness goals. I ended week 1 with a 4 mile boardwalk run. It was one of the best runs I’ve had in a while and the perfect way to top off a full week of strength.

MONDAY: Total body beach workout, weighted
TUESDAY: 4 miles, conversation pace
WEDNESDAY: Lower body strength circuit w high rep count | Prone paddle practice
THURSDAY: 3 mile, 5k effort boardwalk run
FRIDAY: Deep stretch, focusing on hip/glute/psoas
SATURDAY: 4 mile, conversation pace with negative splits |  a Prone paddle session 
I enjoyed a slow Sunday of rest, writing, and cooking…bring on week 2!

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