Roka Phantom Sunglasses

WHAT I’M REVIEWING: These glasses may look pretty fierce, but they provide just as much functionality as fashion appeal. Roka just debuted their latest style in the way of eyewear, and these sunnies are perfect for fall. I could hardly wait to get my hands on them. The Roka Phantom Aviators arrived Thursday evening and by Friday I was wearing them on an afternoon walk. The real test would come Saturday morning. A humid, sticky, sweaty trail run was on deck.  I arrived to a group run as the sun was rising and immediately I began getting questions about the shades. As promised, here’s my review.

COMPANY BACKGROUND: Roka launched in 2013 with the mission  to equip, empower, inspire and ignite. Their eye wear hit the market soon after in 2016. Their products are visible on many world title athletes. This American based company was developed by endurance athletes, and manufactures products to withstand even the the most extreme training and racing conditions.

MY REVIEW: At first, I thought the reflective lenses may be a bit flashy for me. But soon after placing the frames on, I immediately got over it. They weighed nearly nothing. I could hardly tell I was wearing them. I mean who doesn’t like aviators?! And can we say hello rose gold!!! As I made my way through the sunny Virginia Beach streets to the steamy trails, the glasses refused to fog up. This allowed me to keep my pace up and focus only on my run instead of my lenses. I never once needed to adjust or slide the Phantoms back up my face. Runners to the right and left of me were taking off their glasses and wiping them off repeatedly. From the time I hit the pavement to well after breakfast outside hours later, I never had to clean them once. The Phantom features style and functionality in one sleek collection. For those of us on the go, this helps us stay on the move from a run through the trails to running errands.  At $260, they are pricey but with enough time til Christmas I suggest you start saving or start asking Santa.

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