By Releasing We Gain Strength

How Do We Release One Thing Only To Gain Another?

When you start the day with sweat, salt, or prayer…you know it will be a great day. Monday I stacked the deck and went full throttle on all three.

Last spring I attended the Wanderlust festival and as mentioned here, it completely cracked me open. Always strong in my faith, but I left there somehow more clear of exactly how to channel it. I knew exactly what I really wanted to remain faithful for. Knowing the how and knowing the what are answers to two very different questions. Thus began my year log quest of weekly yoga practice. It was a conscious effort to strengthen my spirit. I gained that strength in myself and I didn’t realize just how much I would need it for that upcoming year. I had a new found appreciation for what I held dear. Even things I didn’t have yet.

During that festival I had the privilege to experience a meditation Guided by Biet. It was spiritual to say the least. It was physical at times too. It’s hard to put that day into words. Only my dear friend Janet can fully appreciate it, as we experienced it together side by side. The 90 minute session brought us completely to tears. It was joy. It was a release.

Monday morning I began to close out my most recent chapter of life. I was on the boardwalk early. Opting for a workout before catching the release of some rescued sea turtles. This is something I have always wanted to see. As I set one foot in front of the other, my body craved speed, sweat, and strength. The circuit manifested itself organically without a plan. It went something like this.

O Canada! O Canada! (1)

Post workout I grabbed a coffee and headed for the sand. I found an untouched spot by the coast and as I often do, I wrote my prayers in the shoreline. This prayer ritual helps me turn it over to God. I have been fortunate enough to share this expericne with several friends this summer. It is truly a release from fear, judgements, worry. As I turned around to talk to God about what I had just written, a fleet of dolphins swam by and music by Biet came through my headphones. It was a sign. And without warning, just like the meditation from the year before, I was moved completely to tears. It was peace. It was joy. It was God. It was release.


The joke was on me. I thought I was making my self stronger with the boardwalk circuit I had just completed minutes before. But instead, my strength had indeed been developed on the inside.  I have completed the most rigorous of training cycles over the past 52 weeks.

 It’s a skewed view when you judge someone from how big their physical muscles are. It’s their prayers muscles that are most important and the most accurate indicator of how strong they truly are.

As I watched those turtles, I noticed how they just go…forward…even if they don’t understand how they got there or recognize their new strength. They trust and they know they are in the right place upon release. They are now strong enough to face whatever the waves bring.

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