Realistic Scheduling Tips

Over a month into 2020 and we all are working on mastering our routines. After years of the entrepreneurship game under my belt, I have the scheduling game down. I am confident in my ability to organize. Since my years spent teaching, I am quite good with time management. Making lists, filling up time slots in my day, and prioritizing – make me feel accomplished. During my years in the corporate world,  I had the opportunity to share my scheduling tricks in different workshops with colleagues. Over the years, I have had the chance to share some of those tips with friends and even a couple workshops. With so many things to accomplish in a week from work to workouts, designing a weekly schedule for yourself is crucial. Here are three of my tips for creating a realistic weekly routine you can stick to.

1.  DIGITAL VS PRINT Determine how you like to keep organized. Are you a fan of the cloud or are you better when you can hold a planner, turn the page and physically cross off your appointments? While I often send/receive calendar requests on my phone, I prefer to keep a written record of my day…week…month…year. The past few years I used a Passion Planner. This year I choose Create and Cultivate. I ordered it through Target. I like the smaller version for easy purse or toting. I like it for the hourly time slots per day and the weekly view. There is even room to journal, make to -do lists, or prioritize. If apps are more your thing, check out your app store and browse around for the components you need to stay organized.

2. RESERVE IT If it is important to you, reserve time for it on your schedule.  I mark every appointment personal or professional down because there really is no difference these days. Most people are living out their life as a handcrafted compilation of what works for them from fitness to financial responsibilities. Workouts, business meetings, lunches, doctors appointments, and even those regular massage or mani/pedi appointments get a space.  Dedicate certain days to accomplish certain tasks. Monday is full of brainstorming, social media posting, and all things creative.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are days spent out of the house conducting client meetings and prospecting/networking. Getting out of the house and hitting everywhere on my to do list is key to maximizing the day. Friday is a great day for errands, personal appointments, photo taking, proposal writing, and even getting a little bit ahead for Monday. I also keep Friday open for my grocery shopping.

If you are able to, working from home can create the ideal situation for a well balanced life schedule. There are some great opportunities to multi-task. Working from home can also create many distractions such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and even Bravo binge watching. If you work from home like I do, take the scheduling a step further. Wake up at the same time time every day.  Shower the same time each day. By getting up and moving, I fuel my spirit enough to stay on task. Routine is key for a productive week. By eating breakfast at the same time each day, I set the tone for healthy eating choices. With a little organization attention, I am able to have the kind of day that can accommodate a lot of productivity without leaving me feel worn out or like I am playing catch up. Bonus – getting up and at it early allows for evening dinner with friends or hitting that yoga class you’ve been looking forward to.

3. OWN IT This is the most challenging tip of the three. Run your appointment book like a doctors office, own it! When people ask to meet you, they are literally asking when you can meet. This gives you permission to set the schedule. Stick to the routine you previously determined in step two. It can be tempting to shuffle things around. Learn the difference between being accommodating and giving up the rights to the organization you have fought hard to implement.  By sticking to this new found routine, you will find more time for things you love. You will be living the sweatfilled, soulful life you deserve in no time.

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