Purpose To Your Plate

Sunday’s are meant to be slow. A day of rest right?! A day of preparation for the week. A day of spending time with loved ones. We kicked off the day with coffee and the Hillsong Channel. We have a soft spot for Steven Furtick. His message Sunday was about functional faith -your job is to believe God. “Faith isn’t an outcome it’s an outlook” he said. 

I’m using this mantra on my journey. I’m not going to wait to accomplish the current nutritional change, the weight loss, the training until I begin to have faith. I’m going to have faith, so that I can conquer the change, the training, etc.

It’s been one full week of eating on the The Migraine Relief Diet. There are so many things to mention so I’ll get to it.

  1. More energy! I have not felt sluggish or slow once. I was able to complete every planned workout on my plan including running, strength, and even a pool day. No headaches and no fatigue. 
  2. No brain fog! I’m thinking clearer. My creativity is back and there is room in my brain for day dreaming, which is key for a creative like myself.
  3. Satisfied! The meals I made were satisfying and delicious. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and flavor. I looked forward to my meals and savored every bite. 
  4. No cravings! This was and is still my biggest fear around any change in my nutrition program. I love sugary things and I love starch. After making breakfast Saturday, something clicked. “There’s purpose to this plate” I said. In other words, mindful of what we are eating…and why we are eating it! I grabbed my phone and made a note of that phrase to come back to a blog later. Hence…here we are. These meals meet my macros. There are carbs, protein, and fat in most of these recipes. The match up of macros is what keeps the cravings down. My body is simply getting what it needs.
Purpose to my plate with this robust, colorful and flavorful breakfast. Fats, proteins, and carbs: antioxidant packed!

After one week, I am finding this way of eating just works for me. My body responds to it. I’m feeling good and while we are at it, looking good. I’ve noticed a sense of de-bloating. And my skin seems to be more glowy and hydrated due to the water rich foods I am consuming. 

I’m making my shopping list for week 2: beef fajitas, pancakes, and even a version of a mac and cheese I’m looking forward to creating. Meal prep Monday is coming. I invite you into my kitchen via IG stories tomorrow as I cook.

Fajita Goals! Thanks Pinterest for this pic. I love the overflowing plate of fixings and will serve something similar this week, using the leftovers for lunches.

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