Headphones are a staple in my gym of work bag. I absolutely love cranking up my latest playlist and dropping into the zone for a blog binge or a sweat session outside. But let’s face it, sometimes those pesky cords get in the way when striding.

I was thrilled to start my TREKZ TITANIUM Sweat Pink product test. They seemed to pair nicely with my lululemon Pace Perfect Bra, holding my phone securely so I can walk, run, and sweat hands free.

CHARGE – It took no time to plug the cord in and let them juice up. I let them charge first thing in the morning while I did chores, knowing I wanted to use the headphones in just a couple hours for a run.

PAIR & CONNECT – Easy as 1,2, 3 ! A simple hold of a button combined with accepting the paired device in my phone settings. I was ready to roll!

THE SWEAT TEST – Playlist made, volume up, and run on! Running never sounded or felt so good. The comfortable open ear design doesn’t cover your ears, allowing you to remain mindful when hitting the pavement solo. The headphones loop gently over the ear and do not interfere with sunnies or hats. Being petie, I opted for the mini design. The smaller size works perfect on little female ears. While the sound is phenomenal, my favorite feature has to be the wireless design. How many times have you been on a run outside or on the treadmill and that arm swing whips the cord leaving the most unattractive panic and fumble!? You know what I am talking about. No more!

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