Proactive Verses Reactive: Plant Based Living

When it comes to our health, what if we stopped being reactive to chronic illness and disease and instead became proactive in preventing such conditions in the first place? I believe the medical community is trained to treat verses prevent chronic disease and conditions. The CURE for cancer. The CURE for heart disease. The CURE for fatigue. What about prevention...

Friday night I nestled in early and cozied up to see what I could find on Netflix. I’m a sucker for a documentary, especially when it comes to healthily living, fitness, or food. What The Health did not disappoint and provided answers to my concerns on the concepts of CURE mentioned above. I know I am being moved by a message when I start taking notes before it is over. I was moved in particular by the story of a woman who was slated for a double hip replacement at age 61. She could barely walk and was ridden with pills and depression.  Just after two weeks of plant based eating, she tossed her walker and pills to the side and reversed her condition. She made a complete recovery and was able to extend and increase her quality of life.

As the documentary progressed, I was intrigued once again with the benefits of plant based living. I couldn’t help but feel completely disgusted by the images in the film of meat production: fish, chicken, and beef. I found myself toying with the vegetarian lifestyle. Could I do it? I opted out of red meat several years back after watching Fork Over Knives and participating in a Meatless Monday challenge from my local Whole Foods Market. More on that in some old posts here, here, and here. I’ve since added red meat back into my diet with the idea of being more mindful of the source, the way it is killed, and how it is prepared. Coming from a family of hunters, this is a more sustainable way of eating at family functions. I will say… nothing is more organic than venison straight from the wild. This practice of mindfulness falls right in line with The Daniel Plan as well. A philosophy I recommitted to this summer.

Being just weeks away from a new fall training cycle, nutrition (protein in particular) will be crucial in keeping energy up and recovery in check as I add mileage.  I am not giving up meat. But over the next couple of months of meal planning and prep, there are a few things I will consider when crafting a new recipe and monitoring nutrients.

1. Does eating this support my beliefs?

2. Plants are a sufficient source of protein. More often than not, animals get protein from the plants they are eating…in turn transferring those proteins to us when consumed. Consider cutting out the middle man.

3. Become animal like, by eating less animals. Some of the strongest, most muscular creatures on the planet eat a plant based diet.  

4. The vegetarian lifestyle is extremely affordable and more environmentally sound. 

For more on what I am eating, check out my Pinterest Board here.

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