Plyometrics and Fitness Personalities

A buzz word we are hearing a lot lately is plyo or plyometric training. Per wikipedia…

Plyometrics: also known as jump training or plyos, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength).

Not only is it a hot topic in the fitness industry, it seems that everyone on the internet is talking about it. And by everyone, I mean everyone from certified trainers, professional athletes, and many fitness personalities with no formal training at all. More thoughts on both plyometrics and those fitness personalities below.

First, a little about the past weekend.

It was relaxing and even included a few hours off the grid!  Tribe TFP has been on a nutrition mission for just over a week. That includes Jason too. We are eating clean!

We built in a splurge day Saturday when we knew we’d be in the OBX. It’s one of our fav places with some of our favorite foods. We enjoyed some cold pressed juices from a new spot, the OBX Parade of Homes Tour, a seafood lunch overlooking the sound, a walk on the beach in Corolla, and I particularly enjoyed half a beer and chips and salsa on the Duck Boardwalk.  Little choices have lead to large shifts. We both feel fantastic!

The extra energy and an unexpected opening in my schedule due to the holiday today afforded me the opportunity to add a few miles to the books.With cooler temps and some clouds, the Oceanfront was a perfect place to put my plan into motion. I knew I could utilize the Boardwalk benches in my strength set too.
Monday is typically a strength day. It still was, but with a twist. My plyometric power circuit included 400 meter repeats on the back end of a lower leg intensive. The boardwalk benches were a fabulous sub for the step/box I usually use. Why 400’s? Because 2 minutes (my current 400 meter pace) of sustained heart rate pushes me into interval training. And shorter sprints shred the legs! More details featuring the bench workout in my IG story highlights!
If you’ve been comfortably killing it on a flat floor, it’s time to elevate yourself! The benefits of plyometric box training range from increasing your level of balance, muscle group targeting, and of course more POWER!
I love my plyometric box! And because I am a mobile trainer, it is always in my car 😉 That repetitive landing causes the entire leg muscle group to contract, aiding in overall muscle definition.

Who should do plyometrics:

Versions of plyometric training can be excellent for the right populations. I say versions, because a lot of that bombastic, quick motion is not right for everyone. But two groups I would recommend it for are 1. healthy runners and 2. experienced individuals with a strong fitness base.
Healthy Runners should use plyometric style training in their routine to build speed and power. Several gyms and studios offer such classes around town, all taught by certified trainers. For those non runner healthy athletes, plyo training can be a way to bring in high intensity interval training into your program. This type of training strengthens tendons. And strong tendons means fewer injuries. Furthermore, the benefits of plyometric training will be evident in your overall life either lifting a child or reaching for something at a higher level.
*Please execute caution when performing plyometric work. If you are unassisted, I’d suggest starting on a small step or flat to start. Balance and core strength are utilized during these type of workouts.
This leads me to touch on those online workout videos we see filling our feeds. I think online fitness chatter is a great thing! Hello, blogger here! This past weekend my feed was filled with Chicago Marathon highlights. There’s not a more positive post! I would much rather read that than political rants.
I often take part in a workout I find on Pinterest, IG, or Facebook. I particularly love The Fitness Marshall. I mean that choreography gets me moving every time! Also, Tae Bo (Billy Blanks y’all) and Buns of Steel, got me through college! Who doesn’t love a good workout video. However some of the online fitness advice we see out there can be confusing and irresponsible. I mean who’s gonna check your form when you’re following along at home? Or who is going to notice you have a nutrient deficiency or food sensitivity? There is something so special and important about in person interaction and connection that only a professional can provide.
In the first few years of the TFP blog, I never posted or recommend workouts. I wasn’t yet certified and felt very strongly about the ethics and scope of practice of the professionals. It is a major reason why I did go through the ACE Certified Personal Training Program. It’s also why you won’t see me draft a meal plan for a client. It’s not in my scope. That’s what dietitians are for. Suggesting certain nutritional habits can become a dangerous health issue for a client and a liability for the trainer if you’re not careful. However, as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I will educate you on eating clean, how and where to shop for real foods, and even share fabulous recipes to get you healthy, well, and fueled appropriately. Most of the time, thankfully, this is all most individual needs.
When scanning the internet for that #fitspo #inspo advice,  keep these things in mind:
CERTIFICATIONS: Look for the professionals. Not just for fitness brand ambassadors (although many CPT’s are those as well) or internet personalities. If they are certified, they proudly have it listed in their bio or page descriptions.
Certified Personal Trainers – CPT
Dietitians – RDN
Physicians -MD
SALES PITCH: Is the person selling something other than their knowledge in the video. Such as a supplement or gear?
FALSE CLAIMS: If the post promises to do X, Y, or Z keep scrolling! You may see this a lot in those detox tea ads or juice cleanses.

Here are just a few people I am currently enjoying who meet the reqs.

Want to get added to my fav follow list, reach out!
*Keep in mind, many people are simply sharing their own experiences and things they are passionate about. A food post, workout, or gym selfie could be just that. That isn’t necessarily a recommendation for you. To that, I say go on with your bad self! 

The bottom line is this. Soak up motivation from whoever and wherever you can! Take advice with a grain of salt and always lean on professionals for major changes to your health or wellness.

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