May: Plant Based Eating

Welcome to May! I have long referred to this month as the countdown. We are weeks away from warmer temps, longer days, less clothing, and the official kickoff of summer…Memorial Day Weekend! Something seems to motivate us more when the calendar flips to May. Heath and fitness seem more urgent. In the spirit of summer, my theme for May is #shed. I am coming off of a professional opportunity that simply was not a fit. While I was grateful for the opportunity (one that seemed to be an answer to a prayer at the time) it left me feeling tired, creatively taxed, and simply not myself. That obligation came to an end in April, just in time to honor that May shedding deadline. It is shaping up to be a time to heal myself from the inside out. One of the best ways to improve your emotional health is to adjust your physical one. 

I am bouncing back into my old routine. One I not only love, but crave! One that brings me job joy and the satisfaction of helping others. Back to time split between both training clients and time with my computer. Back to a sun filled, sweat covered workout plan that is growing little by little each day. Back to a time of recipe experimentation. This time, I am blessed with a partner who will happily eat anything I cook and even gets as excited as I am for new kitchen challenges.

After a bit of research over the weekend (including a re-watching of Forks Over Knives), I decided to take my health into my own hands. It is starting in my own kitchen. I am opting for a high plant based diet. Aiming to shed any inflammation, puffiness, and of course extra weight that isn’t necessary this season. I am using this time as a refresh. I am letting go of the foods that simply don’t serve me emotionally or nutritionally. It is a bit of trial and error. Removing many items for now, and possibly adding them back in as/if needed. I am thankful for the time in my schedule to be able to dedicate the needed attention to this. My mind is reset. Recipes are getting re-invented.

What does this look like:

The fridge and pantry were cleaned out and restocked. No added sugar. No dairy. Removing the trusty go-to of string cheese and replacing with home made energy balls. Stocking up on hummus, veggies, gluten free crackers, fresh fruits, and munchies like shelled edamame. During this time I am sipping on lemon water and cold pressed juices. I even have cut back on my coffee intake. I seem to have lost the taste for it, which in actuality is disappointing. My mornings are occupied with green tea and earl grey almond milk lattes. Evenings have been spent spirit free up to this point. When I feel the call for a cocktail, I will opt for one as clean as possible with either vodka or organic tequila and fresh squeezed citrus, melons, and water. One that will be both refreshing and rewarding to the body.

Why Do It:

I am not sure how long this new nutrition program will last. Simply, I plan to listen to my body. By listening to it, I arrived here. It needs to heal. It needs to cleanse. It needs to settle. It needs to shed. This doesn’t necessarily mean weight. This shedding is just as much for my mind as it is for my physical body.

I do plan to eat fish and eventually add back in cage free organic chicken and grass feed beef. But for now, I am enjoying new recipes and protein in the power of plants. After just three days of this, Jason and I both feel better. We are lowering inflammation, fighting disease, fighting fatigue, clearing any lingering brain fog! 

To see what we are eating, check out my Pinterest board here.

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