2017: A Revelation

The whole time I thought I was supposed to listen to other experts when it came to my fitness. It turns out, the only voice I really needed to hold value in was the one deep inside. Often I pull inspiration from other industry leaders, influencers, and friends. They provide amazing value with their tips and tricks. Content I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through daily. My hope is that they find value in my content as well.

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Christmas 2017: A symbol of big love, big light, and big adventures ahead.

Christmas 2017 that’s a wrap. Jason snagged this picture around 5:30 on Christmas morning. A little shot of our wonderful Christmas. A simply little tree that seems to symbolize a big love, big light, and big adventures ahead.

Christmas Morning 2017

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Are You Seeking Permission

I remember last spring hearing something from Brene Brown that had an everlasting impression on me. She spoke about permission and the concept seemed so simple but yet core shaking. I found myself sitting at my desk Wednesday morning Googling and re-watching her message.

Tuesday afternoon brought a text convo between one of my longest friend relationships. She was having all kinds of thoughts about her current running status and future goals. Here’s part of the exchange.

It turns out she knew what she needed all along, but it was almost like she was waiting for permission to do it. Or in this case, permission to not do something.

I love this movement. I do believe right now in our culture and country it is a resurgence of a movement.

Tuesday I think Alabama residents also were seeking permission. Permission to vote beyond party boundaries and permission to stand up for what’s right. The rest of the country flooded your state with support to extend that permission to abandon tradition and be brave. To all who did that, you should be proud.

In case you yourself are seeking permission, I’m giving it you now.  What will yours say?

Learning To Listen

A part of my spirit isn’t serving me anymore. A part of me needs to be put to rest. It needs peace.

Thursday morning all the feels came flooding in unexpectedly. Literally flooding in. I could feel a breakthrough was coming. I always know when something is about to bubble up, especially in relation to my writing. This time it was in regards to my own spirit, which turns out, had a small break. It is because I listened to my own self, that I now know this. I let go of the ugly feelings I was having about myself in the form of a good cry. I reached out to a friend, shared my struggle, and asked for specific prayer. This friend has known me since childhood. This friend doesn’t judge. This friend has come to me with her own struggles. This friend is a Christian. Right away she prayed.

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Creating Healthy Boundaries Not Resolutions

The word boundaries keeps popping up for me these days. For me, that word is so definitive. It is both bold and clear. It can be a tough word, either to hear or say. The action of honoring a boundary can be the hardest or bravest of all. I took to the internet to see what wise wordsmiths had to say about the topic of boundaries.

Work, finances, relationships, fitness, ourselves…and even who/what we follow on the internet requires healthy boundaries !!!

Sometimes we need to separate things from ourselves to keep a boundary. And sometimes, equally perhaps, WE need to be the ones to step away.

As per usual, my blogs come from real life situations or situations my tribe members might encounter. Lately some examples have looked like this: When a friendship becomes too one sided. When our usual and once enjoyable training isn’t fun anymore. When that restrictive eating plan is causing more stress than satisfaction.

We are creeping into a new year and December days comes in an ever changing pace of rapid motion or a long slow drag. As we get closer to those NYE celebrations consider this. What if instead of resolutions, we created healthier boundaries?

I’m taking on a few personal training clients virtually at the beginning of the new year. This month I am enjoying the time I get to spend diving deep with them. There is a wonderful space of growth and vulnerability I get to witness in a person right before they begin a new fitness journey. I find myself sharing a reminder to:

1. Give grace to yourself, especially over the next few weeks. Allow and Identify those undesirable behaviors and habits. Now is not the time to change them, instead be mindful of them. The time for change is approaching.

2. Create a healthy boundary for yourself. Don’t tell that neighbor to skip you on holiday cookie delivery this year. Her signature fudge or gingerbread is how she shows her love and appreciation. Don’t take that opportunity away from her. Have a cookie for heavens sake! By months end you will have grown tired of Christmas cookies and cocktails on your own and will be ready physically, spiritually, and emotionally for those sweat filled days to come.


Thanksgiving: My View of Food and Fitness During the Holidays

I headed into Thanksgiving as part of a couple for the first time in nearly 7 years and I could hardly wait for 4 days off with my favorite person, not to mention all the yummy holiday food in my future.

As it worked out, it would just be the two of us for the big meal. I knew we were going to be on the same page when it came to the menu and also for how we would kick off the day.

First things first, a workout!!! Coming off of race week (5k for me, 13.1 for him) we settled on a hike through our favorite park. Aiming to eat in the afternoon, I knew we had plenty of time to tackle the trails in a leisurely fashion…or so I thought. I quickly realized that while we were on the same page for exercising, we had different ideas of the pace. He’s a power hiker! Or as I found out, his friends lovingly tease him….a forced marcher. Before long I found myself running ahead and slightly teasing him to “come on!” The 5 mile hike was a blast. We charged the hills, took in wonderful views, and enjoyed plenty of photo worthy scenery. We even ran into a few friends, literally. We mastered the route and a few hours later we mastered our first Thanksgiving and the first time making a turkey.

Here are a few of the recipes I crafted up.

Full recipes on my Pinterest holiday board.

One of my favorite things about a long weekend is the extra time I get in my morning. Room for workouts that aren’t limited by time or space. No work on Friday meant time for a new workout in a new spot. Stadium miles were on deck and when I mentioned my idea to the BF he was totally onboard. Just another reason he’s my #solemate.

Stadium mile: laps around a stadium track while including the up and down of the stadium stairs on each lap.

A nice little challenge to shake up our usual run. No surprise, we prefer to attack the stairs much like the hills in the park…charge it! We kept the laps easy and opted for burst of speed up the steps. This created an interval environment which is ideal for fat burning post turkey day.

By Saturday we needed time on the water. The sun was shining which made the river clear enough to enjoy views of the bottom. We took the boards out for just over an hour.

During a leisurely paddle boarding session,  you can burn between 300-400 calories per hour. That is a bit more strenuous than a brisk walk and a lot more fun. We rewarded ourselves by picking up the most perfectly petite tree.

Small Biz Saturday at McDonald Garden Center

Sunday was back to basics. I woke early and tossed any remaining and tempting leftovers into the trash. I filled the kitchen with fresh fruit and simmered a large pot of turkey vegetable soup. I always find that when I allow myself to enjoy and indulge, I come back around to my healthy habits on my own time.

The long weekend brought a new repertoire of exercises. I like these types of workouts for the variety, the change of scenery, and the chance to work my muscles differently as well.

You may be thinking of trying to loose weight going into the holidays. I prefer to go with the maintenance mindset. Maintain motion! Maintain movement! The movement doesn’t have to be strenuous and it doesn’t have to be time consuming. It just has to be movement. This is the time of year to splurge, not derail but splurge. Live a little! It’s a time of celebration of/with/and family and friends. Sure, there are more opportunities to sip a cocktail or savor that homemade dessert.

The Bee’s Knees Cocktail, Venuto

I say go for it…but forgo the guilt. Stay off the scale, but more importantly stay active this season!

Pacer or Racer, There’s a Place For Everyone

In another life, not so long ago I started running with my team. If you’ve read this blog before, you may have heard about them. They make appearances often 🙂 And it is because these two right here saw something in me that fit what the Live, Love, Run vibe was all about.



Frosty Sandwich at the Surf N Santa 10 miler, 2013

In 2013 it all began. I finally had found my tribe. I was pacing a small but determined group of half marathoners as they set their sites on breaking two. The memories I have made through the years since then are priceless, the miles are too many to count and the relationships I’ve fostered are irreplaceable. My time as a pacer ended in 2015 but my place on this team never faded.

As we roll into race weekend and the end of fall training, I part chuckle and part choke up when I think of how it turned out. A year ago, I began my plan to run the Richmond Half. As summer unfolded and fall took form, the want for Richmond went away. It wasn’t as important to me now as it once was. The need to chase the clock isn’t filling my spirit the same way these days that a run chasing the sunset and crunching leaves does. Even though I’ve missed most Saturday team runs, I still know there is a place for me. I enter into race weekend as a 5k participant and team volunteer. When I picture Saturday, I picture myself running and smiling through the city streets (after all this course holds my half PR) with my tribe nearby giving cheers.

As for Sunday, it will be my turn to give encouragement. It’s something I do well and can’t think of a better group I’d rather support. To the #Wolfpack, even though you may not see me during your race (kinda like you didn’t see me this season) I’ll be there and I’ve got you. Charge those streets and know that you too have a place in this tribe.