Half Marathon Training Week 14: Training Is Complete

This week served up a dose of stress (another blog for another day) or what I refer to as faith building. Perfect timing as Ash Wednesday feel smack in the middle of the week. I was thankful for that, because I needed the push to pray and repent.  Between that and the workout load, I slid into Friday completely worn out. 

Mindful morning with the pup Friday.

Monday: It has become a two part approach, 

PHYSICAL FITNESS: trained clients, lead a FB live workout for my client group, trained myself with a full body strength session using 15 lb weights, and a spin class 

SPIRITUAL FITNESS: I listened to another chapter discussion of A New Earth.  I made my worship plans for Wednesday. 

Tuesday: An upper body circuit with TRX, bosu ball, and free weights with Janet in her home gym in the morning. Recovery paced 800 meter repeats with Katy during her training circuit in an afternoon session. 

Wednesday: It would be a rest day in all forms of fitness. My weekly evening spin class would be substituted with a church service. But before that, I had a handful of clients to train. And one in particular that would include worship.

Ash Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the year. I think it may be one of the most important. I wrote about it in great detail last year. If you need to hear a story of faith, I encourage you to read here

As Wednesday approached I was invited to attend a Catholic service before training my client Mary. I felt honored and 100% on board to join her as a friend that morning. The service of prayer, healing, and peace was needed and left me feeling refreshed. I spent more of Wednesday in prayer, a true out loud dialogue with God. These days I am finding myself craving more time in stillness. More time in quiet. More time without media of any kind. I love the idea of the #latergram and #unplugging. I installed a usage tracker on my phone in hopes of abandoning it more. You may notice this on my media channels. My hope is that you witness more intentional, purposeful posts. That may also mean at times, less frequent. 

I am practicing being in the NOW. Being present. Observing the future and planning for it, without worrying about it or trying to control the how. I recognized Friday that by doing that, I am only underestimating God. How quickly we forget the miracles and blessings he has brought us. 

Jason is great at this. He isn’t on social media so he isn’t distracted with anything other than the moment at hand. When he’s talking to you, he has a way of making you and your words feel important. He is truly present. He is completed on this all the time. 

It got me thinking…

How can you translate that to your workout or well being? Are you present? Where are your muscles engaging? What is happening with your breath? What hurts? What feels strong? Can you abandon your burdens for a short time to refresh your body and spirt? To build strength?

I wrapped the day with a service at my home church with Jason and my parents.

Thursday: It was a wonderful day spent with my future Mother in Law working on our wedding registry. When it came time for a workout, it was the final Thursday night meet up for our training team. I had 40 minutes or 4 miles scheduled, whatever came first. I landed on 38 conversation paces miles with my girls. 

Jason had this waiting for me at home 🙂

Friday: I had plans to sleep. With just over a week until the race, sleep and nutrition are trumping everything. I spent the afternoon with my future sister in law having a healthy nutritious lunch and doing some shopping for Shamrock Gear. 

Saturday: I woke with all the feels. The final Saturday training run was here. I had 6 miles to do. The temps were cool and idyllic for running. There was a fair amount of wind, which worked in my favor on the tail end. Let’s hope next Sunday goes as smooth. Jason and I later celebrated that run with huge bowls of She Crab and afternoon naps. 

I loved having these gals run me in for my final training team run. Clients, friends, teammates, one in the same! #FitFam
Post run stretch of 35 minutes followed by tis breakfast at home.

I posed the following question nearly 15 weeks ago here.

Do you think a personal record or best can come in other forms than a race clock time? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I believe so. What about a personally best executed training plan. 15+ weeks of workouts, recovery, and nutrition. How would you feel? What if you shifted your focus to the here and now of your training instead of the finish line clock.

My half marathon training program is complete. It is a plan I wrote myself. It’s one with double digit runs. It’s one with great attention paid to strength training, stretching, and recovery. It is one that compliments my current season of life without over taking it. It is a plan that I built for a distance that I haven’t tackled in 3 years. I am so proud of this one and I haven’t even run the race yet. 

That is the accomplishment. That is something to celebrate in itself. I’m already fulfilled. I’m already satisfied. Next Sunday will be very personal for me. 2+ hours of running a course I enjoy in the city I love. And it happens to finish on the boardwalk right in front of our wedding venue. It will mark 3 months til I do and put a cork in 20+ Shamrocks as a Horton. A new chapter has started with new page turning adventures and challenges. I’m equipped, prepared, and excited to begin! 

Half Marathon Training Week 13: Race Day Strategy and Skinny Margaritas

The training is complete, the plan is made!

Monday: Total body strength training. Heavier weight and high rep count of 39 in honor of my birthday 🙂 And speaking of birthday, these gals surprised me with a post workout birthday party! 

Post workout at Mary’s office!
She brought cake!

Tuesday: Suns out, shamrocks out! By the boardwalk,  the dolphins were putting on a show. Pods up and down the coast which made my 37th st practice eventful. I left my watch at home. The goal was simply soak up the sun, practice the finish, and get a little turnover. I got that in the form of strides. 6 to be exact at the end of my run. My entire workout was 30 minutes. The test flight in my new shoes went well. I felt really light.  I am getting excited about the day!

Wednesday: I’ve been on a meditation kick lately. I seriously need it in my life like I need prayer. I decided to share the vibe with my clients. We did active visualizations this week as many of them wrap up final preparations for their own personal Shamrock races. Speaking of clients, I had a new client consult in the middle of the day. Another bride!!! What a fun time for a few members of Team TFP. There’s currently 3 brides sweating for the wedding, glowing and growing from the inside out.

North End Juice Co. Client Meeting

Wednesday evening ended with a date night Jason planned at the spin studio followed by take out. Oh that man gets me! He even rode in the front row with me.

Thursday: I took a personal day. I have only missed a couple of workouts this season and Thursday brought enough in the way of personal junk that I took the evening to be at home.

Friday: I woke ready to tackle the day. It was full on computer mode between a work project, wedding invitations, and registry. A good way to spend a gloomy rest day at home. Tackling my lofty to do list helped ready me for the last long longish run of shamrock training.

Saturday: I slept so hard I was startled by my alarm. Jason had to work so I headed to our team run solo. For some reason I had nervous belly but I don’t think the 8 miles ahead of me were it. It was cool and cloudy and by the time I got to the Oceanfront, it was drizzling…AGAIN! But the company I had for nearly the entire run was warm. I was with my pace group buds for 6 miles. As they finished I went on to my last two alone. I spent those final miles on the last part of the half marathon course. 37th street was waiting for me and once again it delivered a nice rush for a perfect finish to my negative split miles. It’s encouraging  for me to know I can run tired, especially after last weeks 11 miler. I’m ready for March 17 and I am feeling more confident about the day. Each Saturday I’ve managed to get a little faster the farther I go.

After Saturday’s fun, I had some time to kill. I enjoyed stretching by the Murphy’s fireplace and post run coffee with friends.

Tribe TFP at J&A Team Run
Sister In Law Selfie

The day continued with wedding cake tasting with Mom and Dad.

I wouldn’t mind a cake tasting every Saturday after our long run!

I sealed the weekend with an impromptu girls night with Sarah. The relationship I have with my future sister in law is so special. It’s such a gift that we have a relationship independent of the guys. It was a perfect evening of sipping and chatting all things from running to weddings.

Skinny & Spicy Margarita

Sunday: Rest, wedding errands, and regular weekly food prep.

My Race Day Plan: Based on my weekly long run average pace, I predict my race time to be 2:00-2:15 depending on weather conditions and other external factors. I have decided to start near the 2:15 pace group. My strategy is to negative split the course. I train this way. I find this way more enjoyable physically and more relaxed mentally than if I was to run a sustained pace. Us locals are fortunate enough to be able to train on the course weekly. And my expericne with this half over the years brings some learnings. I like to visualize this particular course in chunks. A 5k at a time. Grouping the miles like this makes my nutrition game easy to manage as well. Every 5k or nearly every 30 minutes I will take a few Honey Stinger Chews.  I will watch the weather for final gear adjustments. But as of now I plan shorts, tank, a toss away long sleeve, ear warmers, and gloves. My Nike pocket sports bra will hold my nutrition and extra glide. On my feet with be short Stance socks and The Shamrock printed Launch. I am lucky that Brooks makes this pattern in my training shoe!  I am ready to settle in for the Shamrock ride. I’m excited to participate in a distance I haven’t entertained in over 3 years. I feel completely relaxed and prepared. 

Here Comes The Bridal Fitness

I am less than 4 months out from the big day! It is time to redesign my weekly fitness routine. After spending my winter half marathon training, I am ready to incorporate all the others things I love about fitness that I have missed while hitting those miles. I have created an amped up version of strength and interval training! With a little redistributing of macros from carbs to protein, the change in nutrition will compliment my physical work in the form of toning and leaning out. Think body composition!

I am kicking things off this month with a challenge. Follow along or better yet, join me and my tribe all month long beginning March 4. We will be tackling this over the next few weeks with the goal to simple move more. Tag @TheFitPetite and use #TFPMoveMoreMarch

Here is what you need to know…

  1. Incorporate 4 basic moves into your daily wellness routine.
  2. These mini sessions are not in place of your workout. Let it compliment your existing healthy habits and fitness program.
  3. Consider stepping up each exercise. This is a great time to play with a heavier weight. Make your squats more powerful with dumbbells instead of body weight. For more intensity, and if you are injury free, consider making them jump squats.
  4. Integrate this challenge as a pre-shower sweat. It is also ideal as a post cardio finisher!
  5. If one of the suggested exercises isn’t for you, swap it for one of your favs! That’s the cool thing about fitness, you can make it work for you 🙂


Want to learn more or grab a plan tailored to your big day? Email thefitpetite@gmail.com

Half Marathon Training Week 12: Longest Run

It was a major week of enlightenment. The week of my birth per usual shed light on my growth and new perspective. I made the decision to keep all of the learnings under one post so when I reflect back on this time, it’s all here.

After a little mini retreat in OBX last weekend, it’s time to buckle down and power through the final few weeks of Shamrock Half Marathon training. It’s the time in training where I’m tired. It’s the time in training where I’m starting to crave: new workouts, heavier legs days, and less carbs. That’s how I know I’ve trained well. I’ve been pretty diligent with routine. Only a few weeks left before I flip the switch.

Monday: I upped the weight. I’m now playing with 15 lb dumbbells during my upper body circuit. The bump will burn fat and coupled with my lean protein diet, will build some lean muscle mass helping me redesign my body composition…because wedding and honeymoon goals! My strength training workouts these days are between 20-40 minutes. I have enjoyed participating in a spin class from Cyclebar on Monday’s as well. I’m proudly using the heavier bar during the arm track and as far as resistance goes, I’ve held steady on the climbs the past two weeks in double digits! Another non scale victory !!!

Tuesday: I woke really wanting to do a weighted leg day. But I’ve pushed much of that to the side the past few months. It’s too much trauma on my hip while running more miles. Strength has been more about mobility and muscle engagement instead. But the sun was out for a brief moment in the week and the temps were ideal for a run. Time for 37th street practice once again. And wouldn’t you know, as soon as I finished my 4 miles and began my cool down walk, the epiphany came like a lightning bolt. It was a complete shift in perspective. I love running. I love it when I can negative split like I did that day, in the wind, and see finishing numbers sub goal pace. It’s a feeling of fulfillment. That being said, race times don’t serve me the same way anymore. Or at least right now.

I’m running 13.1 in a few weeks. It will be on complete feel and day of energy. I know it will go great. 2+ hours of party time on the pavement. From that race, my success or joy isn’t just measured by my time on the clock that morning. I have 5 clients, 1 fiancé, a couple of besties, my dad, and my sister in law hitting the road. The spiritual fuel I get from them is indescribable. With 20+ half’s under my belt, the sub 2 time has lost it’s luster as a personally accomplishment. Been there, done that, twice.

Bigger and bolder things to do lay ahead. Things I’ve never done. I’ve stopped thinking small. I’m expanding. Going big with goals for home, family, business…all the while allowing fitness and health to stay a complimenting sidekick. Like my faith, it’s a recharging and power source.

I’m focused on new high value targets as Mark Divine would say. When I feel healthy and strong, I can hit those targets.

I signed up for this race for all the right reasons. Fitness, grounding, bonding, and structure. The closer I get to that finish line, the closer I get to the isle and to that exciting uncharted territory ahead.

I use to think that my performance as a trainer was judged by what I personally would accomplish, how clean I ate, how fast I could run, what my abs looked like. Boy was I wrong. It’s by what my clients, friends, and family are saying about me. I believe my passion makes me good at my craft. It’s probably because I’m not the fastest or strongest that makes me really understanding with clients. I’ve had dozens of injuries and setbacks. And now I’m embarking into wifehood, which will bring it’s own set of circumstances and priorities. I want to feel good, look good, and have energy for the life I’ve cultivated and prayed for. I think many women want just that. They want to learn skills and tricks to keep fitness in their life while their obligations and relationships ebb and flow.

Wednesday: trained 3 clients using their heaviest weights yet, not to mention the plank circuit they are mastering.

Thursday: 4 evening miles with the team. Intentionally left the watch at home.

Friday: Rest and an early dinner with my future in laws.

Saturday: I was scheduled for 11. The forecast was scheduled to be cold and wet. Any veteran Shamrocker knows what that means. Once again I mentally prepared myself for a solo run. With the rain forecasted, I knew it would be a no go on the playlist. Nothing like a little mental toughness training for two hours right? I’m at the point now where I know I’m tough already and don’t feel the need to keep proving it. However, I wasn’t willing to move or reschedule my long run just because of a less than desirable weather report. That morning temps were low 40’s. Drizzle was light at the start. It was a shorts, jacket, and trucker hat kind of day. Our team was running to the boat ramp in the park. Locals know this route, it’s usually not one of my favorites. But for some reason Saturday, I found it peaceful and refreshing. The uneven pavement took its toll on my body and miles 7,8,9 weren’t pretty. I had to stop for hip openers twice. By the time I hit the 37th street turn, as I had hoped, my body and form returned to normal. I was running! Actually keeping a pace! I now know I can run 11 miles surprisingly easy. It was just after mile 10 Jason came up behind me. He was finishing his 12+ mile run in 8’s! He ran with me for a bit hen cut me loose. I finished and with .17 to go my friend Jen ran me in. Cue the confidence!

  1. My longest run in 3 years.
  2. Was still talking at the end
  3. Had enough in me for a strong finish
  4. Didn’t need music

I feel so good about March 17. The completion part of the program should be no problem.

Post run we grabbed the biggest coffees Starbucks had and headed home to get warm. I think Millie knew I worked hard and was cold b/c she curled her head up in my lap. The evening brought dinner out with Jason, followed by martinis at home with cheesecake. Thanks Jonathan and Sarah <3

Sunday: Grocery shopping, meal prep, fridge organization, and an afternoon curled up watching A Star Is Born.

Bridal Beauty and Birthday Lunch

All the countdowns are on. Birthday, Shamrock, Wedding! With that comes all the prep, planning, and celebrating! After another fabulous wedding dream last night, I woke with anxiety and worry over the silliest of things. My personal beauty routine if you can believe that.

Some of my collection

According to Pinterest and every bridal checklist… the 4 month til #IDo mark is the time to start ALL of the beauty appointments. Facials, nails, hair, waxing, tanning, injectables, teeth whitening, etc…information overload! Wait am I not good enough, pretty enough, or glamorous enough to be a bride? I’m planning on some of those things the week or two before the big day…but 4 months! Many of those suggestions aren’t even things I do now. It seems crazy to me to consider adding in something new to my routine that frankly isn’t even me. I stay on top of my highlights, I get pedicures in the off season from long runs, and I thought I had a pretty good daily skin regimen. After some breath work and prayer, I let it go in the form of this post!

My personal thoughts: 

  1. I have a great routine in place for my weekly beauty. I have practiced DIY home facials and mani/pedis every Thursday since college. I enjoy this time and look forward to it weekly like a good run or stretch session. When and if I miss this time, I feel anxious. 
  2. Who has time for all these suggested appts? Why do ALL brides need them? 
  3. Holy cow, who can afford all these appts/services/procedures?
  4. Why is this important? Doesn’t the groom love the bride just as she is? This is the message we should be sending girls.

Remembering who I am at the core and standing firm in that is uber refreshing. I got engaged in the middle of a sweatfilled, salt filled, make up free, sunny 8 mile trail run for crying out loud. I am appreciative to be an older bride who can identify this messaging gap. I am sharing my expericne here to remind women that you only need to add things to your fitness or beauty routine that #sparkjoy Just KonMari the heck out of it!

When it comes to participating in drastic beauty treatments, it is kind of like going on a crash diet or something weeks before your big day. Isn’t your wedding about being the best version of yourself and exuding LOVE…including some for yourself. The best version meaning, the most healthy and happy YOU?

I’m turning 39, I run a business, I run a small household, and I run myself. I’m remembering that happy girls look the prettiest and I can’t imagine being more happy than I will in the middle of June. During this wedding planning process I’ve learned that being in the now is important, but allowing yourself to determine what’s worth savoring and possibly swapping for forward thinking is KEY. Don’t miss out on the moments.

Focus on the things that you and your guests will remember! Maybe it’s the dress, maybe it’s the vows, but it certainly won’t be the amount of facials or manicures you get before hand. Self care is a fundamental part of my belief system. I crave it. I need it. But when it becomes my focus, that is problematic.

As my Thursday morning continued, I began the weekly ritual of face masks and nail grooming. I prepped myself for a lovely lunch with friends. These two wonderful souls wanted to celebrate my birthday. We met at Leaping Lizard and ordered all of the phenomenal food. Soups, salads, quiche, and even cake! Could you imagine if I had missed out on that opportunity? 

Half Marathon Training Week 11: Light on the Run, Heavy on the Love

You may have noticed over the last 11 weeks that training for a half this time around has been equal parts mental growth and physical strength from the inside out.

I think it’s kinda cute that people think they are gonna train for a race in hopes of bettering their fitness. I was there once and was blissfully unaware of how much I would be bettering my emotional and spiritual well being as well. I feel honored to witness that moment when new runners realize that running is actually strengthening all the muscles they can’t see. And I believe that’s why people continually sign up for more. For me it’s that way. “Look how strong, stable, and grounded I became before. What will happen this time around?”

Word to the wise, if someone close to you is training for a race…Don’t ask them how fast they are running. Ask them what they have learned along the way!

Monday: Sticking with the theme: growth in wellness from the inside out. I’ve been following along with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah every Monday for the past 6 weeks. They’ve embarked on a weekly podcast discussion series of his book, A New Earth. It is one of the most important pieces of work I’ve come to know. In turn, it’s brought some of the most important self reflective work I’ve come to do. I first learned about Eckhart 9 years ago from time I spent time with a phenomenal therapist. She was the most kind, enlightened, and encouraging soul. She planted little seeds of wisdom in me. I’ve let those continue to grow slowly and surely over the years to further mature my spirt and skills. When I heard this series come about on Oprah’s site, I was immediately drawn on. I highly URGE you to commit and listen to this weekly shared dialogue. If you’ve suffered any sort of struggle, if you carry pain, and if you have ever have had anxious feelings it’s for you. Basically if you are a human, you need this. As far as my physical fitness for the day, I got in a great spin class and completed a short shoulder/bicep circuit at home.

Tuesday: I wake the same time each day. I have my coffee and some morning, I send up prayers or mantras to kick start the day. I am a firm believer in keeping routine. I am also a firm believer in sleep. With that I allowed myself to sleep in an hour. As I reflected on Monday’s learnings it was one to run. It’s the time in this half training season to practice the finish. Whether I’m racing or not, I annually practice the 37th street turn to the boardwalk as race day approaches. That spot holds a fun memory of my cousin Brittany’s Beach Bach party. Ironically, it marks the space where I will kick it into overdrive finishing this half marathon at my own wedding venue along the beach. Finishing a race is completely mental. It’s visual. It’s soulful (sole). If I can practice running tired and tough there for the next few weeks, I believe that on March 17 my body will go into autopilot and take me home. First finish practice went off without a hitch. A 5k negative split provided a great workout setting to run tired. Wouldn’t you practice a big presentation or sales pitch before going in cold? I was taught to believe if it’s important to you, you practice it.

Wednesday: Mid week motivation via spin. My legs had no turn over left. I sat on the bike. I covered the monitor. I stayed in the saddle more than normal and added a few extra pushups while dancing to the beat.

Thursday: Valentine’s Day! By mid morning I had a large vase of roses, a heartfelt card, and plans for a surprise weekend mini retreat to OBX. It was an ideal pairing of exactly what I needed. I love that man! I had been craving some down time and my body new it too. My hip was in full fledged lockdown mode. I knew enough to take the day off from running and found joy in my upcoming weekend plans instead.

Friday: After taking Thursday as an unplanned rest, I woke wanting movement. Cardio wasn’t an option as my hip was worse than the day before. I grabbed my mat and free weights and went all in on a core focused circuit with attention to upper body. I rain through a lower body stretch session as well. Additionally, I loosened the rains on my nutrition and enjoyed a small glass of wine at lunch and chocolate covered treats in the afternoon before tackling more wedding prep.

The Royal Chocolate, Town Center

Saturday: With Shamrock only a month a way, I know that rest and injury prevention trumps any additional mileage at this stage of the game. I was scheduled for 10 miles. I did something some would call radical. I scratched the entire day. I stayed in my robe til mid morning. I drank coffee by the mug fulls. I watched Weekend Today.

Loving my Rae Dunn Bride Mug

We took our time getting ourselves together before heading off on our 24 OBX trip. Dressed in our best cozy clothes, we were there by lunch and I was craving shrimp. We stopped by a local fav on our way to the hotel and grabbed an amazing munchie. 

Cravings, Shrimp and Chips Basket


Valentine’s Gift from Mom, Target

Dinner at Agave Roja was exceptional! One of the best margaritas I have ever had.

Sunday: I naturally woke before the sun completely refreshed. By 6:00 am I had opened the blinds, propped up my pillows and Jason and I watched the sun creep up over the ocean through the clouds. Seeing this view is one of my favorite things. It was worth the trip just for that. Before heading back we explored Corolla’s Historic District.

My body and mind were completely refreshed and relaxed. We spent the afternoon prepping for the week, juicing, and snuggled with the pup.

We are loving our new Harris Teeter. The unique, fresh produce section is on point. Check out this watermelon radish that I sliced for veggie sandwiches later this week. So beautiful!

The entire week was filled with love. The weekend of non running and indulgent eating served me more than a long run could have. I’ll be ready to ease back in and rally for double digits next Saturday, with our training team, which will also be my birthday. I can’t think of a better way to ring in 39!

How To Redesign Your Wellness Routine

I am excited to announce a new service available immediately! Personal training is fabulous and transforming, but before we anyone can begin the how portion of a training plan, we have to identify the why. One of the first things I do with a new client is conduct a wellness interview. I provide a free space for you to get honest and raw with yourself. You will be given permission to leave all previous beliefs about yourself behind if they don’t serve you. We will talk about goals. We will discuss your current routines and habits in nutrition, sleep hygiene, and workout frequency. I help you identify what you want for yourself in the form of fitness and wellness. We will distinguish why these goals are important. As a team, you and I will determine the appropriate amount of time you will need to spend each week/day implementing some new habits. I will guide you in establishing what resources may be needed in terms of monetarily and spiritually. Welcome to the Wellness Redesign

From there, we determine the best route to take. I thoughtfully design a program that we share responsibility for. 

  1. What part will the client own
  2. What part will I own

Together we agree on pre-set check ins, meets ups and next steps. More often than not, the program includes personal training appointments with me. But other times due to geography, budget, or time constraints, a different approach may be more appropriate.

Here are some notes and recommendations from a recent re-design appointment.

The Circumstance: A 40+ female. She is single, she is a mother, and she is already a lover of fitness. She reached out to gain motivation in the form of a wellness shake up. Her routine has become boring, monotonous as well as cardio heavy. Her health routine has been stuck on auto pilot and functions by convenience.

Her goals:

  1. To feel more energized.
  2. To implement strength training back into her schedule.
  3. To wake up earlier.
  4. To become more vested in her weekly nutrition program, grocery shopping, and cooking.
  5. To gain more confidence.

What she needs help withAccountability. Fresh, original workouts. Recipes that are easy and energizing.  Scheduling suggestions. 

The first item of business was to re-design her current workout schedule. The goal was to swap out some of the cardio for a routine that reflects more strength training and some interval training. Both of these types of workouts will help burn fat and change the appearance of the body. You can see my notes below for swaps and additions to her current program.

Monday: 60 Minute Spin KEEP 

Tuesday:  3 Mile Run and Spin – SWAP The Run For A 30 Minute Toes To Nose (total body) Strength Circuit, KEEP Spin

Wednesday: Group Fitness Meet Up (combo of strength and cardio), KEEP 

Thursday: Group Run Meet Up: KEEP, use that opportunity to run pick ups. Intervals are fabulous for fat burning! 

Friday:  Elliptical or Rest Day. SWAP For Upper Body Strength

Saturday: Group Long Run Meet Up. KEEP

Sunday: Optional Run, SWAP For Rest Day and use the time towards nutritional planning for the week 

This re-designed workout schedule moves away from a cardio heavy program with low intensity to a complete fitness routine that incorporates strength, easy cardio days, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). The fabulous thing for her is that there is NO additional workout time is required. A simple re-design!

I am excited to announce these goal setting appointments as a new offering.  Who’s ready to redesign their wellness? Email me thefitpetite@gmail.com