Strengthen Your Personal Brand

As marketing professionals or even non marketing professionals alike, we spend a lot of time working on promoting the businesses we work for. Make sure you are spending an equal amount of time promoting yourself. You were hired for your position because you are an #expert and you beat out everyone else in the interview. Wrangle that! Empower yourself by that proof of your skill. Get a little swagger behind you, you are an expert! Act like one! Use your own social media channels and outreach opportunities to promote your personal brand. It is because of your personal brand, you have your job in the first place. If you aren’t happy with your job or what you are doing everyday, take time to #pause and reflect on your personal brand right now!!! What message are you putting out? My hope is that you are exuding #passion and #purpose.

I am not the all knowing expert in marketing, but over the years, I have learned a lot during my own personal brand building journey. It is something I take seriously and am proud of. The past several years have brought many twists, turns, and rewards.

I was excited and honored to receive the invitation to share part of my brand story at the PRSA Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. As a former teacher, I can appreciate the opportunity to engage with others from within my field.

A key nugget I have learned and in turn shared during my presentation was is in regards to professional paths. It doesn’t matter what your path looks like. What does matter, is where that path is going. Also, it is good to keep in perspective, the only person that needs to understand your professional path is you.

When it comes to personal brand building, there are so many creative options available and so many things to consider. Where, how, and why should I promote myself? My recommendation is to think of yourself as your own client. Take a pause and prioritize. Be your own champion, be deliberate, and make bold moves! Start implementing a few of my best practices now.

 Enjoy and embrace your journey. You might be pleasantly surprised if you stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Instead, start being strategic and consistent in your efforts!

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Crawlin Crab: The Decision to Run Happy, Not Fast

Oh Crawlin Crab you have managed to sucker punch a few times me over the years. Yesterday you served up a situation that could have rocked me too. But a few months ago I made up my mind that I was going to reclaim a win over you.

When it was first announced that Crab would have a half marathon relay I immediately knew I wanted in. What wasn’t as immediate was who would be my partner?

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Our OBX Getaway

The summer of 2017 was one for the record books, in more ways than one. With so many changes, it left little time for rest so the BF and I decided to pack up and head south for a few days of relaxation. Of course, we did get in a little adventuring too, after is what brought us together in the first place. Take this article as my little guide for how the active couple…who likes to eat can enjoy the OBX.

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Turkey Lettuce Boats

Ok I know that deli meat is not ideal…yadda yadda yadda…do not message me telling me how bad it is… sometimes you come home from a long weekend and you just don’t feel like cooking…enter the deli counter and Boar’s Head Smoked Turkey.

We ate everything and anything we could have wanted in the OBX and all I wanted upon returning home were fresh greens. I stood in the produce section Sunday evening and found myself suggesting turkey lettuce boats for dinner when the BF said he wanted sandwiches. To my surprise, he was all in. We packed the cart with veggies and fresh fruit and headed home. In a matter of minutes I had the lettuce washed alongside a massive fruit plate I was able to throw together. We devoured it. It was exactly what we needed. And ladies, if you think your guy wouldn’t like my lean green sandwich bread substitute, think again! Just serve them up a healthy portion of lean turkey and load up those veggies, these boats will  disappear.



1 bag romain hearts, chop the ends and wash

1 cup diced cherry tomatos

1 lb lean Boar’s Head Smoked Turkey, 60 calories in a 2 ounce serving

1 chopped avocado

salt & pepper

*mozzarella cheese, optional


Roka Phantom Sunglasses

WHAT I’M REVIEWING: These glasses may look pretty fierce, but they provide just as much functionality as fashion appeal. Roka just debuted their latest style in the way of eyewear, and these sunnies are perfect for fall. I could hardly wait to get my hands on them. The Roka Phantom Aviators arrived Thursday evening and by Friday I was wearing them on an afternoon walk. The real test would come Saturday morning. A humid, sticky, sweaty trail run was on deck.  I arrived to a group run as the sun was rising and immediately I began getting questions about the shades. As promised, here’s my review. Continue reading “Roka Phantom Sunglasses”

Making Room For More: From Runs To Roasts

Saturday’s run was short and oh so sweet. An ideal 6 miler through the trails with my runner tribe. The shorter distance left room to do more that day. A simple coffee date in the sunshine next to my favorite person. I have waited my entire life for moments like this, and they deserve to be savored.

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Live Your Best Self In The Season You Are In

Adjustment and the search for space in my new routine continues. The past few years my life has had very loose boundaries between my personal and professional Jess. The same girl, many sides. I think for the last  couple of months, I was trying to clearly define who each was. Setting a border around one to protect the other.

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