Pacer or Racer, There’s a Place For Everyone

In another life, not so long ago I started running with my team. If you’ve read this blog before, you may have heard about them. They make appearances often 🙂 And it is because these two right here saw something in me that fit what the Live, Love, Run vibe was all about.



Frosty Sandwich at the Surf N Santa 10 miler, 2013

In 2013 it all began. I finally had found my tribe. I was pacing a small but determined group of half marathoners as they set their sites on breaking two. The memories I have made through the years since then are priceless, the miles are too many to count and the relationships I’ve fostered are irreplaceable. My time as a pacer ended in 2015 but my place on this team never faded.

As we roll into race weekend and the end of fall training, I part chuckle and part choke up when I think of how it turned out. A year ago, I began my plan to run the Richmond Half. As summer unfolded and fall took form, the want for Richmond went away. It wasn’t as important to me now as it once was. The need to chase the clock isn’t filling my spirit the same way these days that a run chasing the sunset and crunching leaves does. Even though I’ve missed most Saturday team runs, I still know there is a place for me. I enter into race weekend as a 5k participant and team volunteer. When I picture Saturday, I picture myself running and smiling through the city streets (after all this course holds my half PR) with my tribe nearby giving cheers.

As for Sunday, it will be my turn to give encouragement. It’s something I do well and can’t think of a better group I’d rather support. To the #Wolfpack, even though you may not see me during your race (kinda like you didn’t see me this season) I’ll be there and I’ve got you. Charge those streets and know that you too have a place in this tribe.

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